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  1. Jim Rome

    Converting AVI to DVD

    I just downloaded some Grindhouse-style movies that aren't on DVD. Problem is they are in AVI format and i'm trying to get it into DVD format so I can burn it. I usually use WINAVI but for some reason I can't get it to work with these. Anyone know of another free program that doesn't have...
  2. Jim Rome

    Need Now I Am A Was Please

    Re: Now I am a Was... classic!
  3. Jim Rome

    KY will not tour w/Moz

    Guess the phrase - "IF YOU OPEN FOR MORRISSEY EXPECT TO HEAR IT JELLY!!" was too subtle?
  4. Jim Rome

    KY will not tour w/Moz

    Say what you want about the so-called "A-Holes" that scream for the hook when she comes out, but they have every right to say it now. By putting Moz on blast like how she did can she really not expect it? I felt bad for her when she was just "The Bjork Identity" trying to crack jokes. She...
  5. Jim Rome

    My Dearest Love :)

    Mr. Reynolds. You are officially a Jungle Legend! Thank you!!!
  6. Jim Rome

    L.A. Smiths/Morrissey Convention Sunday 3/20/08

    Read the rest of the quote. I'm not hating on the convention. Just bringing out the fact that i've been there - done that. If you're a first-timer then it's worth it to go. But it's all downhill from there. And Gary Day doesn't excite me enough to make it out when he'll be doing the same...
  7. Jim Rome

    L.A. Smiths/Morrissey Convention Sunday 3/20/08

    I don't know...maybe wash my laundry...drink beer...the things i'm usually too busy to do on other days since i'm out.
  8. Jim Rome

    Gary Day at LA Smiths Convention

    Why doesn't this guy play with Moz anymore?
  9. Jim Rome

    L.A. Smiths/Morrissey Convention Sunday 3/20/08

    Some of you are actually looking forward to this? You gotta be freaking kidding me! First of all, I don't mean any disrespect to my man Jay for posting the flyer. This is a Moz site, and any contributions of the ilk, are appreciated and expected. Having said that, you mean to tell me...
  10. Jim Rome

    london tonight...

    It's been posted many times before how to tape live shows. Bite the bullet and make a Radio Shack run.
  11. Jim Rome

    Greatest Hits Promo

    I second that. Stop hating on the person that posted this, as most of us are aware of what's on the torrent sites anyway, and this release is a sham. If it was Moz's next full-length studio album full of new material then i'm right there with you. The only attraction to this release are the...
  12. Jim Rome

    Greatest Hits Promo

    I've been telling you clones ever since he first started singing it live: "All You Need Is Me" is Moz's best song in many years. Now all of you realize it because of the studio version. 'Nuff said.
  13. Jim Rome

    On A Friday (Radiohead) Demo 1988

    My God Peter! Thank you!
  14. Jim Rome

    Looking for: I Have Forgiven Jesus B-Sides

    You can't first post something like that. Try to swing in the Jungle and you will get run. Come back after your 100th.
  15. Jim Rome

    A much needed and difficult request to be met

    This is a cool band. I hope someone posts an album or four soon!
  16. Jim Rome

    Dave Matthews Band - Lillywhite Sessions Demo Tracks

    I know this sucks but it's all I could find. Downloading it now:
  17. Jim Rome

    Rockabilly Christmas Music

    I'll still take it if you have some! PM me if you would like something from my "vault". thanks,
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