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    Why do we allow anonymous posts like this?

    *Facepalm* It wasn't humorous, let alone actually funny, the first time you said it (years and years and years ago) and it certainly hasn't become funny with repetition. You're no Stewart Lee. It's actually almost more tedious than the endless posts you make about Radio 2 airplay and your...
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    Classically Smiths - details following cryptic tweet in MEN article

    So no Rourke? Perhaps significantly, he is the only one of the three still on good terms with Marr (and not on awful terms with Morrissey). I'm envisaging there's been a communication. 'Andy, old bean - Steve and I are probably going to perform again together in the next 18 months and we'd like...
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    Classically Smiths - details following cryptic tweet in MEN article

    What a flipping cheek! They didn't write a single note of music in the Smiths. I guess, technically, anyone would be allowed to do this. It's like another covers band. Presumably they didn't need permission from the people who composed these songs to go in and grab all this glory. On the plus...
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    U2 new album enters UK chart at #5, then drops out of the top 20

    My post was tongue-in-cheek. We have an exceptionally dimwitted troll in our midst who claimed that if Morrissey couldn't outsell Willy Gallagher, he could no longer be considered an icon. I have (rather enjoyably) debunked out troll for the deluded, ignorant f***wit he truly is on many...
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    U2 new album enters UK chart at #5, then drops out of the top 20

    Is it all over for Bono and the boys? They haven't sold as many records as the new Liam Gallagher album - guess that means they are no longer icons?
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    Morrissey's December Speech 2017 - SER / YouTube

    Johnny Marr hates Joyce Michael almost as much as Morrissey does. Neither wants nor needs to get back with him. I've got a lot of time for Marr. Seen him live 5 or 6 times. His first solo album was pretty good (3 or 4 excellent songs) but his second one was awful. You don't expect great singing...
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    If Morrissey could work with any current band to record an album?

    He doesn't really need to work with a new band or songwriters. They're the best he's had since the early 90s - so much better than the Southpaw to Years of Refusal chug-rock era. He could probably do with some help with the lyrics, though, as they often really let him down these days. The...
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    Morrissey on Politics, David Bowie, What His Fans Taught Him - interview in Rolling Stone

    Oh joy of joys. Finally, we get a thoughtful, insightful, witty interview. And, at last, a comment about Bowie (and a rather sweet one at that). Thanks for posting.
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    Low In High School drops from number 5 to 46 in mid week chart

    You are an absolute f***wit on so many levels. I am forced to debunk your utter fraudulence and make a complete fool of you once again. When Morrissey played the Albert Hall the last time, the date sold out and he issued a specific message to the media. "The Albert Hall concert has sold out...
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    Low In High School drops from number 5 to 46 in mid week chart

    It will inevitably plummet from the chart as all albums of acts with a fanbase the size of Morrissey's always do. No surprise there at all. Of the 10 previous solo albums, 8 plummeted from the album chart never to return. Only Quarry and Viva Hate went back up due to the success of their second...
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    "Jacky's..." official video out on Thursday 30th Nov.

    It's all a bit pointless really. None of the radio stations are playing it. I expect they feel they've promoted him enough recently, especially given all the bad publicity (largely his fault). They should hold off now for a good month or two, and then maybe release a live version of All the...
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    Absolute Radio - still playing 'Spent...' two to three times a day

    It's an odd one. Radio 2 and 6 Music probably felt some kind of obligation to a-list Spent the Day in Bed. Radio 2 because they were given the world exclusive, and 6 Music because they had the live concert. But Absolute Radio a) was under no obligation and b) is a commercial station. Radios 2...
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    Juliane Liebert (Der Spiegel interviewer): "The recording [of the interview] is available"

    There are indeed. They're almost as bad as the absolute loons who hate Morrissey yet spend hours on this site every single day. What a way to live one's life.
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    Taylor Swift - new album Friday 10/11/17

    Must admit, I wouldn't say that I either loved Taylor or big Steve. But I do like a lot of their songs. Still struggling with Reputation - where 1989 had about 8 great songs, this new one feels like it might only have 3 or 4. That could still change as I've only listened to it about 5 times.
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    "Low In High School" enters the US Billboard 200 chart at #20; cracks U.S. Top 10 Albums Chart at #9

    I think that's par for the course - normally sells a few more in the UK (25,000 in week 1) than in the US. Guessing the total worldwide for the first week will be around 80,000.
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    "Low In High School" reviews (Spectator, NZ Herald, Hot Press, AllMusic, LV Weekly, Belgium/Finland)

    Ooh, looks like a lot of love from Finland with 4/5s all round. Maybe the next album will have a Finnish theme. "I am asked to leave this club in Helsinki'? Hmm, must be a better rhyme...
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    Poll: Who wrote the best music on Low in High School?

    Four different songwriters - I think that's a first on a Morrissey studio album. Putting the singing and the lyrics to one side, who came up with the best pieces of music?
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    "Low In High School" enters at #5 in UK album charts

    Wow - 37% better sales than World Peace despite considerably worse reviews. The public must have loved 'Spent the Day in Bed' and just ignored the critics. Remember the world's twattiest trolling loser imploring everyone to 'Boycott Low in High School'? Your campaign failed, little f***wit...
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    Amusing/witty/original reviews of LIHS songs

    Top marks for this YouTube comment about 'The Girl from Tel Aviv': "I love a jaunty, piano tune from Mozz, it's so unfamiliar but seeing a teacher outside of school or a dog walk on its hind legs." Brilliant!
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    Mando Lopez - best surprise new addition to the songwriting team since Spencer Cobrin wrote Lost?

    I've pretty much lost track of who's who in the Morrissey band since the Years of Refusal era. Boz and Jesse have obviously stayed in it, and I know there were some brothers, one of whom left. Not even sure I'd heard of Mando Lopez before this new album came out but I'm guessing he's been the...
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