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    Rebels Without Applause released as a single track - initially on some region's YT, now to buy & stream (November 24, 2022)

    Played both the YT and Spotify versions back to back thru my vehicles excellent sound system. The YT version definitely has a fuller, deeper sound than the tinny Spotify version in which the drums come thru as a 1983 Casio keyboard drum kit . The song itself is a decent , not great pop song . 6/10
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    "Suedehead" (Original Instrumental) posted by RetroMusicWorld / YouTube (March 13, 2022)

    wonderful to hear....Viva Hate is still my favorite Moz album precisely for the music....I still get goosebumps when Alsatian Cousin kicks off with such energy and rage with Moz screaming out his "We're you and he lovers?" .....perfection.
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    Article: "World Peace..." reviews (The Quietus, Consequence of Sound, Chicago Tribune, Boston Herald

    Re: Article: "World Peace..." reviews (The Quietus, Consequence of Sound, Chicago Tribune, Boston He At first listen I didn't get all the positive reviews for this cd. I put too much focus in every facet of the music rather than just let it play. After roughly 3 days and about 11 or 12 full...
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    US tour dates announced

    I still can't believe he's playing in my hometown of Flint! I can see Detroit or Ann Arbor but Flint of all places. I'm so excited.
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    Years of Refusal is utterly mediocre

    Re: Who dislikes Yor The first few days I listened to it I really disliked it. I sat picking apart the guitars, vocals, and lyrics with a fine tooth comb. Then one day I took it to work , turned it up and just let it play without a microscope and it finally came together very nicely. I let go...
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    Years of Refusal is utterly brilliant

    I agree DIP, you summed up my exact feelings...I've been struggling with how I feel over YOR for a couple days now and I just think his delivery, the bands limited talent and some real uninspiring work are glaringly apparent on this CD. Its got some catchy tunes but I think Moz is best with more...
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