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  1. Sleepy lifeguard

    Sold - Manchester Apollo standing

    As per title one standing (stalls) ticket for sale. I will send this only through Ticketmaster's ticket transfer portal. I have never used this before but it looks quite easy and secure and provides security for both sender and recipient. You will need a Ticketmaster account and an email address...
  2. Sleepy lifeguard

    Co-op beer launch - look closely

    We brew and package it. Not sure why SLC featured as a Manc. landmark above many others but there you go.
  3. Sleepy lifeguard

    Co-op beer launch - look closely

    NORTH WEST COMMUNITY BRANDS LAUNCH FIRST MEMBER BEER - Robinsons Excerpt: Leading community retailer, Co-op and the historic, family-run brewery, Robinsons, have come together to launch a brand new range of craft beers. Co-op has launched three own label craft beers, in store today (13 March)...
  4. Sleepy lifeguard

    Grim O'Grady Fund - The Spartans FC

    Donated just now. What a shame, truly lovely people. Drove me halfway across Manchester after the Opera House gig in 06. Met many times in many places, stay strong. Gerry
  5. Sleepy lifeguard

    Morrissey's Autobiography / Penguin Books (UK) deal [updated] -

    That can't be the cover can it? Why Penguin Classics? All very odd, I'll read it when it's out. Shockingly badly managed situation as per the last few years on and off.
  6. Sleepy lifeguard

    Most Elusive Item

    Ah who'd be a collector eh? Well not me I gave up last year! Hard to justify the expense for some things but equally hard to resist having a gap in your collection. Probably broke even after I'd sold my collectables. Enjoyed the chase though.
  7. Sleepy lifeguard

    Most Elusive Item

    That's an even better deal. Well that makes 9 that I know about. It is a very nice promo, I nearly didn't buy it but was big into collecting then and the harsh memory of the No One Can Hold... promo was fresh in my mind! Thought there'd be loads of them too, until there wasn't!!
  8. Sleepy lifeguard

    Most Elusive Item

    That WAS a great price Walkers!! I was once very proud to have managed to get that one and from eil no less! For £15 at the time (2005 I think)!! Not often I manage to get a bargain from them! Glad you're still enjoying it, it hasn't aged a bit!! G PS I have only ever seen this item for sale...
  9. Sleepy lifeguard


    Whilst Wikipedia-ing Warren Ellis (Nick Cave collaborator and genius) I stumbled across this: Struck a chord. Regards S
  10. Sleepy lifeguard

    Looking for Moz "You Ate The Curry" CD

    That's not the one I have then. Sorry!:tears:
  11. Sleepy lifeguard

    Looking for Moz "You Ate The Curry" CD if it's this Green Energy you mean on LOSTDOGS label, I have one you can buy. It's called Green Energy, when I read your post I thought you were looking for the Blackpool concert as that's where I remember him referring to Quarry as that. It...
  12. Sleepy lifeguard

    Poster for sale!! I have this poster for sale if anyone is interested. I'm not looking for anything like £75. Make me an offer. In Manchester so collection...
  13. Sleepy lifeguard

    Your latest Morrissey/Smiths buy

    I have a a copy of the oversized Quarry album on cd. My only explanation for this release is that it is in the same dimensions as a vinyl LP. The cd itself is in a plastic sleeve like a vinyl record would, (the regular release came in a card sleeve) while the booklet is the same as the Jewel...
  14. Sleepy lifeguard

    Peepholism for sale!!-softback.

    Hi everyone, just a quick note. I am putting my finally located, PEEPHOLISM softback in near mint condition on eBay tomorrow afternoon. I am willing to take offers but please be sensible. Let me know if this interests you otherwise check out my other stuff on eBay. I will add PEEPHOLISM tomorrow...
  15. Sleepy lifeguard

    Lots of my things on eBay. Thats some more items on today, cheers and good luck if you want to bid, cheers G
  16. Sleepy lifeguard

    Lots of my things on eBay.

    You're welcome Matti! Not got around to Smiths Vinyls as yet Dave. Will let you know when I get them on eBay if that's the option, cheers G World Of LP on today. Thanks G
  17. Sleepy lifeguard

    Lots of my things on eBay. A few other bits and pieces on eBay today, cheers Gerry
  18. Sleepy lifeguard

    Lots of my things on eBay.

    Vauxhall LP on now! Vauxhall LP on today, thanks! G
  19. Sleepy lifeguard

    Lots of my things on eBay.

    This lot on now too! And This too, cheers G
  20. Sleepy lifeguard

    Lots of my things on eBay.

    The Boy Racer 2 cd set UK 1995 on eBay! Just put this on today, cheers G
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