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  1. dunya

    The London riots - any thoughts/explanations etc?

    ^^ At last. The first sensible comment on the current situation I've read, and it takes the long view.
  2. dunya

    2 x Palladium tickets Upper Circle

    Still available. Make an offer. Will sell seperately. :)
  3. dunya

    2 x Palladium tickets Upper Circle

    Face value - £37.50 each. Prefer collection in person. PM me if interested.
  4. dunya

    Amy Winehouse is dead

    Re: Amy Winehouse dead @ 27 Sad to hear this. R.I.P.
  5. dunya

    Good riddance to the News Of The World

    It seems to me, that the whole thing should have been dealt with a lot earlier. The reluctance, by police and politicians, to properly investigate the allegations beforehand suggests it served their interests to sweep it under the carpet. A mutually beneficial "Don't ask this and I won't tell...
  6. dunya

    Morrissey BBC4 24-06-11 Glastonbury

    Thanks for the information george barker. :)
  7. dunya

    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    Hope you start to feel better soon, CG.
  8. dunya

    What's Everyone Reading At The Moment?

    Great Expectation is ... great! Must go back to a Tale of Two Cities. But today... Christopher Marlowe, :thumb: great villains!
  9. dunya

    I Will See You In Far Off Places - an appreciation

    Always liked this one. Good album opener. Thanks for the review. :)
  10. dunya

    The f*** My Life Thread

    Tonight my housemates were laughing about someone who had shared something personal - they though he was weak. (Actually they were reassuring themselves that they were better-off, despite their insecurities.) I thought "That's me". I won't share stuff with them, for sure.
  11. dunya


    If you want to write just do it and don't bother about the rest. You learn how to do it by doing it. And re-doing and re-writing and throwing it in the cupboard and fetching it out three months later, and tuning it all inside out and starting again. Me, I've been doing some "tag" fiction...
  12. dunya

    Morrissey or JLS?

    :lbf: I too heard a lot of Dylan. Imagine, then, how different the world of pop music would have turned out if Dylan had been blessed with an appealing voice.. the number of aspiring musical teenagers who'd have sighed, and turned back to the train set, so to speak.
  13. dunya

    The f*** My Life Thread

    You are leading the Thread ashtray...stick to the whinging, please.
  14. dunya

    please help me watch less TV

    Sabotage. There's so many ways to terminate a TV. Channel changer in the trash....Ooops! What are all those programmes, anyway? How do they improve your quality of life? What would you rather be doing? And why are you asking other people to find the solution for you?
  15. dunya

    The rant page (aka things that piss me off constantly)

    Hope this sorts it our for you CG. I had root canal this week, but the dentist promised it wouldn't hurt once it was done.
  16. dunya

    The rant page (aka things that piss me off constantly)

    Well, some fool has given her the key, 'cause the connection speed has slowed to the extent the page keeps timing out. How can I have a proper rant when I can't even keep connected!
  17. dunya

    The rant page (aka things that piss me off constantly)

    Twenty past ten at night and I'm washing some dishes. Some guest walks into the kitchen, wrapped only in a towel, doesn't introduce herself (never met before) and asks for the password for the internet service. I say, "I don't remember, as it's a string of numbers, but I've got it written down...
  18. dunya

    The f*** My Life Thread

    I got a laptop defragging on my right, two books yelling to be read on my left. The stereo blasting, a dollskin to stuff, a DVD to watch and a cat demanding attention. I'm flitting round several forums as a distraction. It's not easy avoiding the important decisions.
  19. dunya

    What song are you listening to right now?

    In the shadows of better men - Dan Shears can't get enough of it. :)
  20. dunya

    Happy New Year

    Happy new year! :flowers:
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