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  1. Raquel

    Russell Brand - Why I love The Smiths

    This interview just confirms that he is a fan like the lot of us, and not afraid to admit it. I met him 3 years ago and it was the same story.
  2. Raquel

    All New Misheard Lyrics

    Loved seeing a long row of Tizer at Ian's Fish and Chips shop on Eastenders, it does exist!
  3. Raquel

    Google & Morrissey

    Ha! I watched nearly the whole youtube clip before I noticed the belt buckle, cute!
  4. Raquel

    Ultimate List of Celebrity Moz Fans

    OK, surely a surprising fan, but nonetheless, according to USA Weekend (an insert in some Sunday papers), Tory Burch is a fan, and chose a Smiths song for her compilation CD!
  5. Raquel

    Ultimate List of Celebrity Moz Fans

    From the front page, Lady Gaga:eek:
  6. Raquel

    Ultimate List of Celebrity Moz Fans

    From the front page, in addition to Benicio, we have Bono, who has perhaps been mentioned in previous pages of this thread...
  7. Raquel

    All New Misheard Lyrics

    Very cool! Love the title of the article-Sweet Slips of the Ear
  8. Raquel

    Morrissey Rebel Without a Cause photos

    Thanks for the treat! After reading this interview, I simply cannot wait for a Morrissey autobiography, I have a difficult time believing it will actually be written and released...
  9. Raquel

    Oakland Photos, Dec 2 2009

    Simply gorgeous, looks like you had a great position in the audience!
  10. Raquel

    Ultimate List of Celebrity Moz Fans

    From the front page, Stella McCartney, but not a co-shoe designer by any means!
  11. Raquel

    All New Misheard Lyrics

    I was thinking about the lyrics for Ask and I have to think Morrissey intended for the confusion between bomb and bond, he's so clever!;)
  12. Raquel

    Smiths/Morrissey Baby Songs

    Excellent, if somewhat disgusting titles, cheers!
  13. Raquel

    Ultimate List of Celebrity Moz Fans

    Leigh, you are a lucky one! 2 heroes in 1 night!!! You and your friend are adorable, and Russell, what a dream... I met Russell in 2007 at the Los Angeles airport after seeing Morrissey at the Bowl, and spoke with Russell about Morrissey, such a kind, smart, lovely man, Russell AND Morrissey...
  14. Raquel

    Smiths/Morrissey Baby Songs

    Do you have any suggestions for songs that would be fun and appropriate to play for infants and toddlers? The only one that comes to mind is Ask, merely because I had seen a youtube video of a baby dancing in his high chair to it. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  15. Raquel

    Ultimate List of Celebrity Moz Fans

    From the Strange/Unexpected ... thread, a new one I believe for the list~Joey Fatone!
  16. Raquel

    Strange/unexpected Moz references?

    Had 2 unusual references today! Was at the Barnes and Noble in Pueblo, Colorado, and saw this gift for sale: Doesn't our Moz simply despise Jamie Oliver? Interesting choice of slogan Jamie! Was...
  17. Raquel

    Did you know that Morrissey was once in an episode of Camberwick Green

    Speaking of points, looks like a little extra yarn got lodged in the groin area!
  18. Raquel

    Ultimate List of Celebrity Moz Fans

    From the front page~~~Tom Hanks!
  19. Raquel

    Cyndi Lauper & Morrissey

    Thanks so much for putting this up! I had a few good snickers :):)
  20. Raquel

    Oakland show cancelled

    Re: Hmmm One more to add, but unsure of the date. In the late 90's, early 00's, he was to play the Alice Radio concert (with Duran Duran no less!) in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, but had a last minute cancellation.
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