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  1. Reggie Kray

    Smiths/Morrissey shirt collection

    Thanks Chris, I have a ton more even that I acquired after this initial post. I'll try and take some pics and add :)
  2. Reggie Kray

    The Smiths - Recollections

    Damn these are excellent for all of us proper fans. Appreciate it! Love the booklet treatments...
  3. Reggie Kray

    Selling: Live at Earles Court 2LP

    Still have this? I'm interested!
  4. Reggie Kray

    4 tickets for May 11th

    price for the three?
  5. Reggie Kray

    Smiths/Morrissey shirt collection

    Hello Everyone, I've a collection of t-shirts (mostly official) and wondered if we'd have a place to share what we have and photos of the shirts. I'm trying to track more down but it's not too easy here in the USA, and without great expense. Just wanted to share the photos here for a bit and...
  6. Reggie Kray

    REQ: 8/7/2002 - Phoenix, AZ Celebrity Theatre Bootleg

    Dear friends, Used to have this (my favorite bootleg from over the years...) My HD storage piece finally gave out, and didn't get a chance to grab this and other shows needed. Anyone have this and willing to upload again? Thank you!
  7. Reggie Kray

    Moz 1991 Tour T-Shirts for Sale

    Did that weeks ago, still no reply! thanks though :)
  8. Reggie Kray

    skinhead girls shirt

    I sold mine on eBay this summer for about $180 I couldn't believe how much it went for!
  9. Reggie Kray

    Moz 1991 Tour T-Shirts for Sale

    FRANKLY MR SHANKLY still available? would love that [email protected]!!
  10. Reggie Kray

    Selling some vintage Tour T Shirts

    Hello all Selling off some of my vintage Tour Shirts on eBay. The Kill Uncle Edith Sitwell, Our Frank, Original Smiths Tee and others are on here... take a look
  11. Reggie Kray

    Under the influence request

    How amazing is this whole compilation? None of the other ones in this series even came close to the reach that this one has...Moz is a true Music Fan and has a great knowledge of it all. I bought this way back when and it still gets played constantly
  12. Reggie Kray

    Req: Lifeguard On Duty & Happy Lovers United MP3

    Stoked to have this! thank you very much! Always in the hunt for a great quality recording of BTH or STWAD...when I get home i'll hurry to listen to the 'new' songs!
  13. Reggie Kray

    Singles to be Cremated With

    Thanks Kewpie, though that download link is still "valid" it didn't work...there was an error thanks for the playlist info!!
  14. Reggie Kray

    Singles to be Cremated With

    Hey there Anyone have this? that old Download Link causes an error....very interested in this compilation Cheers!
  15. Reggie Kray

    New Smiths t-shirt website

    I appreciate what this 'stitch to wear' site is bringing back, as in the old tour shirts and the like. The new merch from the 2000 tour on isnt quite up to snuff as with the shirts from before. It's cool that they are becoming available to people now, though I'm more inclined to grab an...
  16. Reggie Kray

    2009.03.29 - House of Blues, Boston, MA

    can't wait to listen to this thanks!!
  17. Reggie Kray

    Morrissey cover album

    "The Crystal Lake" Grandaddy "Panic In Detroit" Bowie "Lighter Shade of Pale" Procol Harum
  18. Reggie Kray

    Sway - NYC - Sunday Moz/Smiths Night

    I have been going on and off for the last three years. Sometimes they play less Smiths and Moz than other nights, but it gets crazy when they play a bunch in a row. really a fun time. Gets crowded though, be prepared!
  19. Reggie Kray

    Suedehead Live 2007 now on You Tube

    i was at this show. amazing... thanks for the upload!!
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