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  1. typicalgenius

    Morrissey ranks #166 in Rolling Stone's Updated List Of 200 Greatest Singers

    All rankings of music and art are silly: nibblets meant for easy consumption and maximum umbrage. Their only contributions are sales and clicks. Let's move on.
  2. typicalgenius

    The Smiths A-Z: "Heavy Track"

    Of course, comparisons to "Draize Train" are rightly unavoidable. Clear lines can be drawn backward through the catalogue connecting this demo fragment with "London," "How Soon Is Now," "What She Said," and even "Miserable Lie" -- any of which might have begun in a similar way. It's not...
  3. typicalgenius

    'Autobiography' as an authentic source

    Is any person's autobiography more "authentic" and less subjective? If a person feels that that he or she deserves an autobiography, isn't that sufficient evidence that person isn't equipped to be objective? And why would we want objectivity from an autobiography? In fact, biographies are...
  4. typicalgenius

    Which record label should release "Bonfire Of Teenagers"?

    A wildly informative and creative post; thank you, Dario!
  5. typicalgenius

    The Most Important Band In The World Right

    Seventeen year olds have eloquent notions about the most affecting, important music -- and they're just as right as I was at seventeen. The most important music, right now, is the music that reminds you of having life.
  6. typicalgenius

    eBay callouts thread

    It's a signed item: its sale value is arbitrary. The seller can legally and ethically charge any amount. Even if it weren't signed, the seller can happily charge any amount. The most you might do to oppose would be not to buy it. Instead you're giving helpful exposure here?
  7. typicalgenius

    Talkhouse podcast: Idles singer wouldn't support Morrissey (May 28, 2020)

    But then how extraordinary that the fellow spends the entire video flashing the well-known white supremacist hand gesture?
  8. typicalgenius

    Billy Bragg: “Morrissey has broken the hearts of a lot of people” - The Big Issue (26 June, 2019)

    Stop. Please. You're embarrassing yourself. I could be a Muslim scholar. You know so little and you're furiously determined to beat your dead, ignorant horse for us all to see. Retire from self-abasement.
  9. typicalgenius

    "Lady Willpower" c/w "Rainbow Valley" - physical single release (available Aug. 23, 2019); artwork

    I wondered the same. While "b/w" ("backed with") is most common for records, apparently "c/w" ( is appropriate to denote "combined with" or "coupled with" and is used with 45s and singles.
  10. typicalgenius

    "All The Young People Must Fall In Love" (Bob Clearmountain Mix) released (EU Apr 20, UK Jul 6 2018)

    Your response is a stock internet reply. Nothing interesting and shows no creativity.
  11. typicalgenius

    Bad news - Philadelphia postponed "due to illness in the touring party"

    I'm sorry, Frosty. I live in the city. I feel, as a sign of comfort and hospitality, I should buy you a drink or something?
  12. typicalgenius

    Jack Kerouac on the cover of "Live in Boston"

    Well that's the answer, isn't it: English-speakers don't know the word "bulbous." They assume it means "like a bulb." Which of course it does.
  13. typicalgenius

    Jack Kerouac on the cover of "Live in Boston"

    I don't think it has escaped Morrissey that his solo records have a markedly different design aesthetic than his Smiths covers. I'm sure this has been discussed around here ad numbingly over the years, but I have to assume that Morrissey decided from the first moments of his solo career to...
  14. typicalgenius

    Album preorder tour codes?

    The one kind thing I can say about Mporium: I requested a refund for my CD purchase and they provided this immediately and without any difficulty. I then purchased the $5 digital / presale option and received a valid code immediately.
  15. typicalgenius

    Album preorder tour codes?

    I DID order my album today. Must I have ordered it AFTER 10am?
  16. typicalgenius

    Album preorder tour codes?

    Did you buy just the album or a bundle?
  17. typicalgenius

    Album preorder tour codes?

    Is anyone having success with their pre-sale codes? My order confirmation number isn't working!
  18. typicalgenius

    Morrissey inspired "Doctor Who" comic cover

    You make some strong points. What those points are remains a mystery.
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