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    Goodbye To Morrissey: An Essay On Art And Morals by Volkmar Mühleis

    I came to this thread hoping to get perspective on this Goodbye to Morrissey I immediately find it unreadable and overwrought and discursive to the point of reading like some obscure doctoral dissertation. It's mostly just over idiosyncratic philosophy jamble and every now and then Morrissey's...
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    The Telegraph: "No record label will touch Morrissey – and that’s the music industry’s loss" (June 4, 2021)

    REBEL WITHOUT APPLAUSE That's genius RIGHT THERE NO ONE CAN TOUCH Morrissey has more range than Sir John Falstaff, than Dylan , than Picasso, than anyone I work at a prominent museum in north America, and we have been marveling about this all day . . . We get the villains and...
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    Morrissey's music isn't for women

    Sad veiled bride please be happy, handsome groom give her room one of the best lyrics, and addressed to a woman
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    Morrissey Central "ELIZABETH ANNE DWYER" (August 8, 2020)

    Said a most ernest prayer for Elizabeth and sending positive thoughts and healing energy and more to come later from Houston, Texas -
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    Viva Hate reaction

    Yeah I watched him rate the first Pavement record and panning it also the world needs more hot take vloggers who film their first millennial-splain reactions to music in real time and to echo gordyboy9, i had to listen to Viva Hate probably over a dozen times before it fully kicked in
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