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  1. Harsh Truth

    Is it too soon to talk about IANADOAC?

    I haven't done cocaine in about a decade (and likely won't again, given my advanced age of 49 and the prevalence of fentanyl in everything exotic), but SHOULD there ever be a time, I will definitely refer to it as white mosquito before, during, and after.
  2. Harsh Truth

    London - Eventim Apollo (March 19, 2023) post-show

    Easily one of the best live Morrissey photos I've seen in a long time. With such energy on display, it could pass as a photo from the 1990s. Except for all the mobile phones, of course.
  3. Harsh Truth

    London - Eventim Apollo (March 19, 2023) post-show

    Agree that is a bit of a slog, but much better than this run of mid-show songs that was featured for nearly three years! World Peace Is None Of Your Business / Morning Starship / If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look At Me / Munich Air Disaster 1958 :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:
  4. Harsh Truth

    Antwerp - Stadsschouwburg Theatre (March 15, 2023) post-show

    I say "Everyday is Like Sunday" should be put back on the shelf entirely. He didn't play it from 1995 - 2000 and everything was fine. Many other early songs could use a chance to shine, so to speak.
  5. Harsh Truth

    Is it too soon to talk about IANADOAC?

    I'm in the process of revisiting older Morrissey albums and collections, and this is on the list. I can't say I've listened to the album straight through since 2020. As I'm sure many do, I associate this album with the start of COVID and all that meant due to the timing of the release. From...
  6. Harsh Truth

    Let's talk about 'Beethoven Was Deaf'

    Sometimes, yes, but in this case the packaging specifically states that the songs were all from one specific date.
  7. Harsh Truth

    Let's talk about 'Beethoven Was Deaf'

    I listened again today, and YES. Why shuffle the songs the way they did? Obviously Morrissey knows how he wants to present a concert, so why just turn that on it's head and present the songs in the order they appear on this release? "Seasick....", in particular, just comes out of nowhere and...
  8. Harsh Truth

    Paris - Salle Pleyel (March 8, 2023) post-show

    "Sunny" was played in 2018 and 2019. Not that long ago.
  9. Harsh Truth

    Paris - Salle Pleyel (March 9, 2023) post-show

    Wouldn't have thought Alain would still be having periods at age ~55.
  10. Harsh Truth

    Without Music the World Dies (live) unofficial vieo

    I just listened for the first time through: -Upbeat with some interesting musical hooks -A few catchy lyrics -A few clumsy, inelegant attempts at being controversial Yup. Sounds like something from modern-day Morrissey. At least it's upbeat.
  11. Harsh Truth

    Antwerpen March 15 gig help needed

    Have you considered a cheap overnight stay and an early morning train home the next morning?
  12. Harsh Truth

    Crystal Palace Park, London & Millennium Square, Leeds shows announced - July 9 & 12 (Leeds support by The Slow Readers Club)

    Most people at Morrissey shows do not want to hear an excessive amount of new or unreleased material. Several songs, sure, but I've witnessed chit-chatting, boredom, phone checking, yelling out of "hit" song names, rushes to the toilets and beer stands, and even heckling when Morrissey tries to...
  13. Harsh Truth

    Let's talk about 'Beethoven Was Deaf'

    Love it and I am stlll kicking myself for turning down an opportunity to buy this on vinyl for a steal in about 1995, when I was a bit off of Morrissey for a time and also when vinyl was somewhat out of fashion. I think it was $10 at record shop in Madison, WI. I didn't want to be bothered...
  14. Harsh Truth

    Morrissey Central “BONFIRE DOUSED” (February 7, 2023)

    Not much "cool" about Morrissey recently, I'm afraid.
  15. Harsh Truth

    Fiona Dodwell: "Why An Unsigned Morrissey Proves A Lack Of True Diversity In Music" (February 5, 2023)

    I simply cannot read the "article", but does it mention Morrissey being a complete pain in the ass to work with as possibly being a factor in him being repeatedly labelless?
  16. Harsh Truth

    When did M’s career go tits up?

    I'd say having World Peace is None of Your Business deleted by the record company mere months after release surely signaled he had a problem when it came to maintaining positive working relationships within the recording industry.
  17. Harsh Truth

    Top 3 Songs of 2022

    1. Martha: I Didn't Come Here to Surrender [Everyone please listen to this song] 2. Wilco: Falling Apart (Right Now) 3. Lenny Lashley's Gang of One: It Got So Dark
  18. Harsh Truth

    "Rebels Without Applause" gets another spin on Sirius XM

    I played it last night on my show on WSCA-FM Portsmouth, NH.
  19. Harsh Truth

    "Rebels Without Applause" gets another spin on Sirius XM

    I'm playing it tonight on a small but mighty community radio station in New Hampshire. I'll be upset if I don't get a Central post out of it.
  20. Harsh Truth

    Morrissey Central IG: Salt Lake City & Denver (Nov. 22, 23) cancelled due to band illness (November 22, 2022)

    Boz Boorer once played a tour with a fractured arm, and I also recall him on stage with a surgical mask for a few dates years back. That's the right mentality.
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