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  1. Black Eyed

    Mike Joyce & Salford Lads Club: crowdfunding help wanted

    Isnt the 'Money Changes Everything' the Morrissey writing font? :)
  2. Black Eyed

    'I Wish You Lonely' next single...? Update - Official Lyric video posted

    I actually liked this track from first listen, but that changed when I heard the lyrics "tombs full of fools who gave their life on command". As someone with two members of my family who died at very young ages serving this country, I take offence, neither of these men were fools. I must be...
  3. Black Eyed

    "Spent The Day In Bed" official video; London, LA pop-up shops; UK and Europe dates TBA - NME

    I sort of feel wrong for loving it so much ;) I actually laughed out loud when he falls off his chair at the end though :0
  4. Black Eyed

    Morrissey on Graham Norton tonight - Mando Instagram (Oct. 5, 2017)

    Listening to the Graham Norton programme on R2 yesterday and just before he played "Spent the Day in Bed" he mentioned that Morrissey would be on his show in a couple of weeks. In his words "not chatting, just singing and his voice sounds great live" so this points that it has been recorded...
  5. Black Eyed

    Morrissey on "Berlin Live" ARTE tv stream (Oct. 11, 2017) reminder / reports

    Loved Home is a Question Mark. World Peace is None of Your business now, sounds great :) Oooh he's talking to the crowd now !!!
  6. Black Eyed

    "Spent The Day In Bed" - new single debuts on BBC Radio 2 / The Chris Evans Show (Sep. 19)

    Normally hate Evans but after the new single , he is now playing Heaven Knows ! Two Morrissey in one!
  7. Black Eyed

    Hardback Peepholism for sale

    I have a hardback version of Peepholism that I am willing to sell. There is a tear in top right hand corner of the dust sheet and the inside first blank page has some very light brown staining. Other than this it is perfect. I have searched for others for sale but cant find any so have no...
  8. Black Eyed

    Vinyl and cassette collection for sale

    Hi all, I advertised my vinyl collection a while back but the only interested parties were abroad and as my collection (without packaging) weighs over 13 kg it is unfeasable to ship it. I have sold off 99% of the rare pieces but there are still some collectables left. I have a list for...
  9. Black Eyed

    Manchester 1 seated ticket available

    My friend just rang to say she cant make the Manchester gig, so I have a ticket going for what I paid for it £82 and I will post it next day delivery at my cost. Its lower tier block 102 rowP seat number 2. Please pm me if interested.
  10. Black Eyed

    Ticketmaster message regarding Manchester gig?

    Very pleased to say that I got my tickets in the post today.....phew....panic over :)
  11. Black Eyed

    Ticketmaster message regarding Manchester gig?

    I got an email from Ticketmaster today and am hoping it isn't something to worry about, is this a normal thing to happen? Morrissey - Manchester Arena Hi there, Just a few details about dispatching your tickets... The event organisers are still working with us on a few final details before...
  12. Black Eyed

    Elvis / Morrissey photo's

    Being a longtime Elvis fan as well as a Morrissey fan, I sometimes get deja-vu over some photographs. These are a couple of examples :
  13. Black Eyed

    How to sell 100 plus pieces of Smiths/Morrissey vinyl

    Long story short.....other reasons and the fact that I need some cash and I need space, I want to sell my Smiths/Morrissey vinyl collection (about 130 pieces) . The majority of the really rare pieces have gone over the past year or so and I dont want to go down the route of selling one piece...
  14. Black Eyed

    Strange/unexpected Moz references?

    Charles Dance reads from List of the Lost Shocked while watching "Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2015" on Channel 4 to hear Charles Dance read an excerpt of one of the sex scenes from LOTL with the panelists then having to guess who the author was and they all got it right!
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