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    Ranking The Moz Studio Albums

    Arsenal Viva Vauxhall Uncle Maladjusted Quarry World Peace Refusal Ringleader 21st century Mozzer has not thrilled me.
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    TTY: Morrissey shirt by street wear label Raw Wonders

    Smiths era song, solo era pic. That niggles.
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    Single/album released under different name in Australia ?

    I always though Education In Reverse was a great title. His mind was cleaver sharp back then. It's a shame it never inspired a lyric.
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    Morrissey on Top of the Pops

    Top 20 wise He didn't appear with Ouija Fatty LMKY Jesus Or anything post-Quarry. Can't remember when TOTP died. Suedehead and I Drug were promo clip form. Vaguely interesting adjunct, Mozzer makes a mistake in Autobiography. He claims that He performed EILS on TOTP when it...
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    Morrissey on Top of the Pops

    He was scheduled to appear on TOTP with Piccadilly Palare, in with a slightly soggy bullet at number 18. I was sat, video poised on pause and record the whole programme. It was one of his no-shows, a less frequent occurrence back then. Grrr. Next week it was 38 if I recall.
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    Great bass moments in Morrissey solo songs

    Bedders did some sublime work on Kill Uncle. Our Frank, Mute Witness, Sing Your Life, Found Found Found, Asian Rut are all great bass lines.
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    Songs that make reference to The Smiths or Morissey

    Lloyd Cole - Seen The Future. It doesn't appear to be youtubetastic. From his 1994 lp Bad Vibes. It's an agreeably tongue in cheek T-Rex soundalike which contains the All The Young Dudesque line 'Man I need TV when I've got my Morrissey'.
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    Favorite solo albums in order?

    Arsenal Viva Vauxhall Uncle Maladjusted World Quarry Refusal Ringleader Southpaw
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    Has Morrissey influenced or shaped who you are today?

    Being vegetarian, having a flair for language and rather than being ashamed of it actually relishing the opportunity to unleash it, writing about what is true to yourself and his dress sense (83-94). Oh, and his falsetto.
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    Why Maladjusted 2009 version just doesn't work

    Roy's Keen is a decent song and melody stained by the grimmest Mozwordsmithery since the King Leer 'knee/knee' couplet.
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    The Moz/Smiths Top 100, Part 265: SATELLITE OF LOVE

    3. A perfunctory rendition of a beautiful song. The lyrical alterations are uninspiring but at least the released version avoids his curious disdain for George Alagiah.
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    The Moz/Smiths Top 100, Part 263: ACTION IS MY MIDDLE NAME

    When Mozzer used to deal with carnal matters it was with lashings of wit and intrigue. Nowadays it's cumbersome and creepy. And I abhor his phrasing of 'interest' and 'confuse'. A 3.
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    Death At One's Elbow - Is it really Glen?

    Re: Death At One's Elbow - Is it really Glen??? Den is short for Den(n)is, so it is a name. And was well known in the eighties due to future keyboard warrior Leslie Grantham. The 4th time he sings it might just be Glen, but the first three don't sound like it at all. Maybe the slap back echo...
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    Death At One's Elbow - Is it really Glen?

    Listening to the remasters I am convinced that he sings either 'Den' or 'then' as opposed to Glen. Someone please confirm or deny this woefully trivial matter. And don't just quote the lyric sheet. As it is littered with inaccuracies.
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    Could you win £11,000???

    Boasting a touch, but I got all three. But I'm a bit of a freak. I also got three pointless answers this week when the question was Frank Bruno opponents. It's a great show. Shame that the presenter is Countryside Alliance. And on a mildly Mozzerian front, do you know who the stats man Richard...
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    Would Johnny Marr have vetoed latter Mozzer lyrics?

    Another query - where would he have stood on the Union flag waving?
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    Would Johnny Marr have vetoed latter Mozzer lyrics?

    If the Smiths had continued, do you think Marr would've stood firmly behind the Bengali/Asian/N.F triumvirate? Of course Bengali existed in the immediate post-Marr Ivor Perry desperation, but I would wager that had Rick and Bruce offered any resistance that they would've been roundly ignored by...
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    Songs that have directly inspired Smiths/Morrissey tracks

    Clearly the 'borrow a coat' is a lift, but look at the rest of these little pearls - Outrageous, alarming, courageous, charming Seen at the nicest places where well-fed faces all stop to stare They'll love us, won't they? They feed us, don't they? Could be well accepted...
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    Songs that have directly inspired Smiths/Morrissey tracks

    The Simon Smith lyric is dripping in Mozzerisms - I may go out tomorrow if I can borrow a coat to wear Oh, I'd step out in style with my sincere smile and my dancing bear Outrageous, alarming, courageous, charming Oh, who would think a boy and a bear Could be well accepted everywhere...
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