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    Morrissey's tie or save someone who is being crushed?

    Haha, I was front row, right in the middle, me and my best mate. Two 18yr old lasses being crushed by lots of older men that should really know better. But its all part of the fun really :) & you're right, the hull gig was an absolute corker!
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    Videos from Hull Arena

    Watching them again, made me abit emotional ha thank you so much for uploading them all so I can relive that night whever i want to :)
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    Hull Arena Pics and Vids

    I'm sosososo happy you filmed the introductions and "I,I,I,me,me,me,I,I,I" etc :) chuffed to bits thanks for sharing them!
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    22/05/09 Tickets on sale again (seems all gone now)

    why not get a ticket for leeds or sheffield?
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    Photos from Hull gig

    did anyone get any pictures of when he took his shirt off, not that i'm a perv or anything ;) mearly for ermmm educational purposes:blushing:
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    Hull Ice Rink

    Word's can't even begin to describe how good it was, one of the best nights of my life. What a cracking introduction to Morrissey for me.
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    Pickpockets at recent gigs

    Jesus christ! Thankfully cos i was right at the front security at the front let me put my bag and phone down next to the barrier, but doubt i'll be taking my phone to future gigs. I didn't ever even think that people would go to a gig especially to steal phones but thats really low, scum!
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    Leeds 2009 tickets presale (20th May)

    Re: Leeds 2009 tickets presale now Same about buzzing from hull last night, But also bought the leeds tickets today but i got that FastTicket thing where they send them straight away and you get a barcode printoutable ticket and i've now got them so i'd say they're guarenteed, the tickets...
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    Pickpockets at recent gigs

    if anyone lost a passport, it was handed into security :)
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    Hull Ice Rink

    i think that was me :lbf: gutted
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    Leeds 2009 tickets presale (20th May)

    Re: Leeds 2009 tickets presale now AMAZING :D i've got mine, i hope there's not seats infront of the standing but and I can get bang centre again like last night which was AMAZING wow :) still buzzing from it, although veryvery sore it was worth it ha
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    Hull Ice Rink

    Todays the dayyy :d!
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    Reschedule of RAH & Brum plus added dates in October 2009

    leeds oh myyy, I hope I manage to get a couple for that!
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    Hull Ice Rink

    Thanks for the info :) I'll try me luck at the front, nothing to loose eyy
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    Hull Ice Rink

    depends what your favorite is :)
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    morrissey tshirt, creativity is failing me

    thanks for the ideas :) much apprectiated
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    Hull Ice Rink

    is anyone getting there early tomorrow to que and fancy letting me in :) i cant get there till half 4 due to alevels iknow its INCREDIBLY cheeky but worth a try :) i'll bring you sandwiches, drinks etc :)
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    morrissey tshirt, creativity is failing me

    customising a oversized union jack tshirt for the hull gig tomorrow but after the past few days of mind numbing revision creativity seems to be failing any one got any ideas on any really good quotes, lyrics etc that would be fitting this is the top i'd apprectiate any ideas ta :)
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    lift back from hull to west yorks

    where are you wanting a lift too, i'm getting back to the heckmondwike area? what time are u getting to the concert?
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