Years Of Refusal released (UK - Feb. 16, 2009)
posted by davidt on Monday February 16 2009, @02:00AM

Years Of Refusal is out now in the UK (standard and deluxe editions).

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Truly disappointed (Score:0)
It's such a shame that this one is so average that I feel that I'm already having to skip it until the next (hopefully more interesting) album comes out.

Preferably with NEW songs on it rather than one with songs from his greatest hits album on it. I heard at least 4 of these songs over a YEAR ago when he played them live.

And incidentally the reviews have been AVERAGE to say the least and not good as some people seem to believe. 3 out of 5 stars is nothing to get excited about.

Anonymous -- Monday February 16 2009, @02:06AM (#321274)
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    Refusal Week. Rejoice! (Score:0)
    I disagree with the first post above.

    It plays more like an album than Quarry...
    Better songs overall than Ringleader...

    It's his best since... OK, Southpaw.
    First listen I thought 3 stars.
    By third listen I thought 4.
    Now, I'm thinking 5.
    Years Of Refusal is a GREAT Morrissey album.
    Anonymous -- Monday February 16 2009, @02:31AM (#321276)
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    Good luck Moz! (Score:0)
    Forget about all the naysayers, which includes some of your 'fans' - it's 2009 and you're still releasing great records. We're pleased you're still here, still making great music. Nice to see that the reviews for the LP are largely positive, and the songs should play well on the road too. You're a one-of-a-kind and we're lucky to have you.

    All the best with the LP and tour!

    Terence Stomp
    Anonymous -- Monday February 16 2009, @02:35AM (#321277)
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    It takes guts to be gentle and kind... (Score:1)
    I don't really "get" why some people are so negative about this album.

    I've been doing the Morrissey "thang" since 1991...I attended every gig on the UK leg of the "Kill Uncle" tour. I've enjoyed "Your Arsenal" and "Vauxhall and I". Hell, I even loved those albums. I liked bits of "Southpaw", "Maladjusted", "Quarry" and "Ringleader" but I have to say that "Years of Refusal" is the first album since "Vauxhall" that I have loved from start to's a corker.

    Well done Morrissey.

    Kimura-san -- Monday February 16 2009, @03:55AM (#321284)
    (User #21832 Info)
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    reviews (Score:1, Insightful)
    I too am in the camp mentioned above, where upon first listen I thought, hey-ho, another Moz album in the mould of the last two(which i wasn't so keen on) but on further listening the album really grew and grew on me.
    It's a lot more cohesive than the last two and the sound is a great modern take on the classic punk sounds of Buzzcocks and the Jam.
    It does hark back favourably to the Southpaw period and features some great vocals/lyrics from the Moz!
    I really like the record and think it stands up very well well to its contemporaries.
    Well done Moz and enjoy the touring!
    Anonymous -- Monday February 16 2009, @03:57AM (#321287)
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    This Is Really Good (Score:0)
    Got mine today thru the post, I hadn't heard the download as I didn't want to spoil the first proper listen as to how it should be.
    I think it's a great listen, the voice is full of emotion, the production great. I hope Jerrys' family are very proud today on it's release.

    Lots of artists preview their new tracks before the album release, on tour, that is why Morrissey sings this so well now.

    I really hope it does well in the charts, as it matters so much to him.
    Anonymous -- Monday February 16 2009, @04:19AM (#321293)
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      Not impressed (Score:0)
      This is an OK album - nothing on it apart from 'Carol' really excites me musically, though lyrically it is very good.

      I'm far more excited about the Southpaw reissue next week.
      Anonymous -- Monday February 16 2009, @04:27AM (#321295)
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        Vintage Whine (Score:0)
        I love Moz, but he is human, though he's loath to admit. He's just one of us and people get old. People are acting like this album is going to save the world, maybe it will, their world. He means so much to us that we dwell way too much on is this a good album or bad one. He's still making music and come on people, face the truth. This album is decent. It's a rocker in a SouthPaw Quarry mix, I even see hints of Maladjusted. So Stop this Moz bashing and the talks of him losing 'it'. I still find him to be a very witty charming crooner whose poetry makes people somehow feel better. He's matured.

        Also the fat thing, he's fifty and it's called a middle aged spread. That's right Morrissey grew up and he has a dad's build OMG! Bloody Hell if he had gone all plastic like Madge then people here would be attacking him for that.

        However I do think a good jog everyday would do him good. That's just in the interest of good health.
        Anonymous -- Monday February 16 2009, @06:56AM (#321301)
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          Skull (Score:0)
          After hearing the recent live renditions of "Something Is Squeezing My Skull," I'm amazed as to how great Morrissey's vocal is on the studio version.

          It's a great song. Musically, it's gonna be great live. I just don't like how Morrissey sounds uninspired while singing it (BBC Radio). It's like he didn't even want to.
          Anonymous -- Monday February 16 2009, @07:19AM (#321303)
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            Not That Good (Score:0)
            Okay I am going to buy it but.... it's not a very good album. A friend of mine downloaded it for me last week and the songs are just not that good. 'Paris' is good and 'I'm ok by myself' is good. Other than that it's 'Years of Crap'! And what's with two song from 'Hits' being on this album. I have tickers to see his show in Austin and I hope he plays a lot of old stuff b/c this new stuff just is not that good.

            Anonymous -- Monday February 16 2009, @07:40AM (#321304)
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            Another winner! (Score:1)
            OK, I've been living with this record since January (nudge nudge...) and I still love quite unreservedly. "Paris" is best single since the last best single, etc etc. So much to love here, people...forget the haters, you gotta go with your heart.

            Here in Holland, they give the CD comes with a free 7-inch!
            Ramon -- Monday February 16 2009, @07:50AM (#321306)
            (User #2577 Info)
            "I'm all over a vulture, like impending death"
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              Now I understand... (Score:1, Insightful)
              Now I try not to stereotype people, but I've read the disappointed, naysaying comments on these sites for a little while now. And I'm envisaging people who spend their time adapting the lyrics of Seasick Yet Still Docked into anime comic strips, or sit up late painstakingly animating the cover of Kill Uncle for their forum avatars.

              In other words... twee Morrissey obsessives, god bless them all.

              Personally, I rather like the new album. I'm happy that Boz doesn't attempt to jangle like Johnny. I enjoy the direct lyrical style. I'm entertained by the relaxed, camp interviews. I'm pleased that his heart is still in it.
              Anonymous -- Monday February 16 2009, @07:55AM (#321309)
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              • Boz..... by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday February 16 2009, @09:08AM
                • Re:Boz..... by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday February 17 2009, @05:08AM
                  • Re:Boz..... by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday February 17 2009, @07:30AM
                  Half B-sides, Half proper album (Score:0)
                  I'm sorry to say that I am quite disappointed with this album. The two singles should really have been left out. Several of the songs sound like average b-sides. Lyrically, there is precious little to admire on this record. Hopefully, the next release will see a return to form.
                  Anonymous -- Monday February 16 2009, @09:27AM (#321316)
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                    Not his best , but good in places (Score:0)
                    There are songs that I enjoy on the record - Skull, Mama, Carol, Farewell - though the drums on Carol are overpowering and unnecessary.

                    You Were Good In Your Time is outstanding. It's Not Your Birthday is good too.

                    Too much bluster and thud, though. Black Cloud and I'm OK are particularly cacophonous. Paris is still a weak tune, and People Grow Up is awful. The studio version of All You Need Is Me lacks the pop swing of the live version we initially heard.

                    "My Dearest Love" was excellent and better than many of these songs, and "Because Of My Poor Education" has beautiful piano work and a delicacy lacking on many of these tracks. Alain should write more on piano - he's good at it!

                    Morrissey's voice and phrasing are outstanding as always, and the lyrics, with the exception of "Grow Up", are never less than fine.

                    Main message? He needs a new band. Let Alain keep submitting some songs, but the rest need to go and he needs to find someone who loves a good melody. I'd like to see him do piano/acoustic/string songs with beautiful melodies - like "Why Don't You", "I Know Very Well". "Seasick" etc. It would befit his beautiful baritone. The odd musical addition like the harp on "Succession" or even the accordion on the otherwise dire "Grow Up" indicate how great the results could be if he adapted them wholeheartedly instead of using them as window dressing. Also, think of the accordion on the live version of "Find Out For Yourself".

                    Enough of the musical sturm und drang now. It is time for the next album to replace volume with elegance and depth.
                    Anonymous -- Monday February 16 2009, @09:45AM (#321319)
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                    • Also by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday February 16 2009, @09:52AM
                      It Came today...... (Score:0)
                      I had to buy 3 copies; 2 ordinary CDs and 1 Deluxe version. I've been waiting for this day for a Long long time. I woke up happy & excited this morning and went to the local HMV during lunch time. The bloke there said they've been selling loads.
                      Anonymous -- Monday February 16 2009, @09:48AM (#321320)
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                        Morrissey CD (Score:1)
                        The cheapest I have seen "Years of Refusal" for is 6.99 including delivery. Not sure If I'm allowed to post a link or give the name of the site.
                        robbbi -- Monday February 16 2009, @09:51AM (#321321)
                        (User #21985 Info)
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                          Honestly.... (Score:0)
                          I'm really beginning to wonder if people who slag off this album have actually listened to this 'all the way through'. This is way up there with his best - streets ahead of ROTT. What more do people want? It's almost like they're comparing it to a perfect album that never existed in the first place. This album is borderline stunning, but you need to give it a little time.
                          Anonymous -- Monday February 16 2009, @09:54AM (#321323)
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                          • Re:Honestly.... by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday February 16 2009, @10:15AM
                            • I cried, too by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday February 16 2009, @10:56AM
                          NME & Observer reviews. Calvin Harris! (Score:0)
                          NME gave it 8/10 which is quite surprising.

                          The review on the Guardian/Observer website was clearly written by an 18-year old who doesn't know anything about any music. It said the album is an "OK" piece of boring guitar-rock and suggested Morrissey goes with Hot Chip or Calvin Harris for the next album!

                          I mean, there are Zillions of half-baked "electronic" stars out there already. So why all of a sudden Hot Chip or Calvin Harris are seen as "modern" or "advanced"? They'll be out of jobs by next year.


                          Anonymous -- Monday February 16 2009, @10:26AM (#321332)
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                          YOR $8.99 in Boston area (Score:1)
                          I'll be buying my copy tomorrow at Newbury Comics. Use coupon here to get the non-deluxe version for $8.99. (The deluxe is $13.99 - No thanks.)

                          wemissumoz * <{nhsgary} {at} {}> -- Monday February 16 2009, @01:26PM (#321403)
                          (User #4088 Info)
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                            H,Ehm... V (Score:1)
                            Just found this on the HMV website on the YOR LP page. Read it carefully and see if you can see all the things wrong with it.

                            "'Years Of Refusal' is the tenth album from iconic indie legend Morrissey. The former Smiths frontman teams up again with the late producer Jerry Finn ('You Are The Quarry', 'Ringleader Of The Tormented') resulting in an album more urgent and intimate than the last. Raw and fresh, 'Years Of Refusal' has a spiky punk-esque energy running through it, further illustrating Morrissey's formidable talent. The singles, 'All You Need Is Me' and 'That's How People Grow Up' is included."
                            Bona Ecaf -- Monday February 16 2009, @02:21PM (#321410)
                            (User #21046 Info)
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                              Years Of Refusal (Score:0)
                              In Mexico is being sold now.
                              Only national edition, No deluxe version
                              Anonymous -- Monday February 16 2009, @03:15PM (#321422)
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                                Obscure Album review Show (Score:1)
                                Just found this short review on Youtube.

                                paul_psyche -- Tuesday February 17 2009, @05:10AM (#321483)
                                (User #21725 Info)
                                Take me In your Arms and love me...
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                                  solid and (Score:1)
                                  better than the ones who suposed to know, well
                                  they're wrong

                                  it a bit like Arenal, dunno how or why, there are 3/4 easy songs on it, but the overall sound
                                  is good typical Morrissey rock

                                  and again I must say its recorded very good

                                  I light a candle for Jerry

                                  plus it's a grower, this album will definately
                                  gonna rank, when the futures well, in his 5 best albums, it beats ROTT, maladjusted and Southpaw
                                  only hearing it for 3 whole days

                                  1 thing, as I wrote in the poll, he shouldve left out people and all you need, they were allready released

                                  so now the tour begins, and if its not the end,
                                  it would be good to try some other people to
                                  work with, we got Boz and Alain always behind
                                  in the pocket
                                  Celibate Cry <[email protected]> -- Tuesday February 17 2009, @07:12AM (#321490)
                                  (User #220 Info)
                                  and the hills are alive with celibate cries
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                                    I Love It! (Score:1)
                                    I bought it as early as the shop opened. The artwork is very nice, too--except for the ugly anti-piracy badge that hasn't appeared on any of his other albums I've bought.
                                    alainsane * -- Tuesday February 17 2009, @08:49AM (#321501)
                                    (User #460 Info)
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                                      cd wow (Score:1)
                                      Anyone else paid for their copy from cdwow and not had it delivered yet? GRRR, wish i`d took a trip to HMV now.
                                      whywill -- Tuesday February 17 2009, @10:01AM (#321511)
                                      (User #18270 Info)
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                                        HMV playing instore... (Score:1)
                                        I was in HMV in Leeds (UK) today to pick up my limited edition copy of YOR. They had a massive display up front of the entire Morrissey and Smiths back catalogue. It looked fab. But 17.99 sterling for the dvd/cd seems steep.

                                        As I reached the counter to pay, the instore sound system started pumping out Something is Squeezing My Skull. It sounded so amazing loud and in public... it's not that often you here Morrissey in public!

                                        Such a superb album.

                                        Sean <[email protected]> -- Tuesday February 17 2009, @10:20AM (#321512)
                                        (User #3743 Info | )
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                                        This is a Great Album!! (Score:1)
                                        How can anyone complain about this album.... Is very very very GOOD!!! All the songs are great. Alot better than ROTT and YATQ.... ROTT is a good albums but not as good as YOR. I been a fan for 15 years and this album is up there with Viva Hate, Your Arsenal and Vauxhall and I. Great job Morrissey and the Moz Posse.
                                        Boyracer78us -- Tuesday February 17 2009, @02:18PM (#321552)
                                        (User #10354 Info)
                                        [ Reply to this comment ]
                                          Release Details now on TrueToYou (Score:0, Redundant)
                                          Full details of both UK and US releases have now been posted on TrueToYou -


                                          goinghome -- Tuesday February 17 2009, @03:11PM (#321561)
                                          (User #12673 Info)
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