"Redondo Beach/There Is A Light..." live single released (Mar. 28, 2005)
posted by davidt on Monday March 28 2005, @09:00AM

The "Redondo Beach / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" double A-side single is out now in the U.K. It is released Apr. 5, 2005 in the U.S.

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    smart (Score:1)
    morrissey is smart
    giant -- Monday March 28 2005, @09:31AM (#155713)
    (User #430 Info)
    I Like You
      Morrissey is a .......... (Score:0, Troll)
      ......money grabbing bastard. i've had enough, a live single, he's takingthe piss now.
      sirgordonzola -- Monday March 28 2005, @09:44AM (#155716)
      (User #7095 Info)
      Sorry but... (Score:1, Funny)
      What has this got to do with Chloe Sevigny?
      Kenan -- Monday March 28 2005, @10:08AM (#155718)
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      great sound (Score:0)
      fantastic i just love redondo beach i have played about 7 times and just gets better.
      Anonymous -- Monday March 28 2005, @10:08AM (#155719)
        There Is A Light video... (Score:1)
        The DVD single has 2 x videos for TIALTNGO. The first one is the better one as it is fast paced and has clips from various concerts last year (Move festival etc). This video is more interesting on the eye and should give non Moz fans an insight into what his concerts are actually like.

        Good stuff!! (not sure about Redondo Beach as an A side though!)
        Pop E Smith -- Monday March 28 2005, @10:23AM (#155720)
        (User #11186 Info)
        Live single (Score:1, Interesting)
        Having bought and played both versions a number of times, a few thoughts on this.

        OK, the bad points first:

        a) The 'Redondo Beach' cover is rather anaemic. Moz's singing is gorgeous, but the musical backdrop is a little weak - veers close to UB40 territory.

        b) 'Noise Is The Best Revenge' - musically, not much of a tune. Most definitely b-side material. Lyrically, not his worst or his best, but there is a reference to there "even [being] a Victorian legal system", which worryingly suggests he may continue to make court references for some time yet. I hope there is better material in the pipeline than this.

        And the good points:

        a) 'There Is A Light' - smashing performance and a great live track. OK, this version's not quite as good as the original, but then what is? Basically, this track is excellent - quite folkly guitar playing from Jesse (as the arrangement was slowed down so the acoustic jangle is more audible), beautiful vocals from Morrissey, great asides ("So what?"). Tremendous.

        b) Superb sound quality - crystal clear, Morrissey singing beautifully, polished but because it's live it's not overproduced. I don't think Moz's voice is overemphasised in the mix, as others have claimed.

        c) Artwork - when you get the single, the artwork is better than when you see it on the computer screen, better than IBEH, Quarry album cover or Gang. Nice colours, excellent photo of Moz and guitar, excellent font. Not as good as the old covers, but still, good stuff.

        Really looking forward to the actual Earl's Court CD now - I think there'll be a couple of moments to skip on the CD ('Redondo', 'Munich', possibly 'Symphonies' which I like but I don't think translates well live) but mostly it's going to be brilliant - particularly 'How Soon', 'November', 'Bigmouth', 'Ignore Me', 'Gang', 'Irish Blood' and 'Shoplifters'.
        Anonymous -- Monday March 28 2005, @10:26AM (#155722)
        i'll be picking these up before the screening (Score:1)
        i assume virgin will have them all.
        jp.5.22 -- Monday March 28 2005, @11:09AM (#155725)
        (User #12669 Info)
          Johnny Thunders Guitar! (Score:2, Interesting)
          The guitar is that of Johnny Thunders according to the sleeve credits. Pity Morrissey can't actually play it.
          Sleepy lifeguard -- Monday March 28 2005, @01:33PM (#155751)
          (User #4562 Info)
            Great photos and packaging! What do others think? (Score:0)
            Of course I ran out and bought both CDs yesterday (as I have done with every single he's ever released - yes, even Alma Matters!) and I have to say I am interested in the direction Moz is taking with the packaging and presentation of his work. I love the colour photography and colourful fonts it really is a move away from the Smiths era iconography. (I especially liked the large photo of Moz in his priest's outfit in one of the CDs!) Even with his early solo work the design of his record sleeves was still similar to the Smiths sleeves. His move away from England and his new life in LA is reflected in this new style. I know some people don't like it but I find it interesting.

            I also love the songs but I would have liked it if he had gone into the studio to record them. I would have loved to hear how he would have reinterpreted "There is a Light" in the studio today. Also I would love to hear a studio version of Redondo Beach, his voice is lovely but the band behind him isn't as strong as it could be.

            I think that Morrissey is at his peak right now, incredibly successful and confident. He has the confidence to sing his old Smiths songs and appreciate his past because he has moved on from it and created a body of solo work which equals his achievements with the Smiths. I love the way he has moved on from the limiting constraints of the English music scene. To English journalists and other bands he was just an indie singer in an indie band when he was of course a great artist, lyricist and performer who transcended genre. It's like he's gone from Saturday Night and Sunday Morning or Billy Liar to Rebel without a Cause and the Imitation of Life - from black and white to full glorious technicolor.

            Bravo Morrissey!!!

            Anonymous -- Tuesday March 29 2005, @02:21AM (#155771)
            E bay (Score:0)
            I was shocked when going on ebay just now seeing that the 7" was already on going for over the price in the shops. why would any one pay more when its still buyable. any way its good i love it.
            Anonymous -- Tuesday March 29 2005, @08:18AM (#155792)
              Video (Score:0)
              Just been watching tele and saw there is a light that never goes out video. it has bits from all the gigs from last year in it. i love it.
              Anonymous -- Wednesday March 30 2005, @10:14AM (#155983)

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