Which Morrissey/Smiths CD is it that you most want to see re-issued that is yet to be remastered? (suggested by Catherine Gorie)

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The Smiths
  9% 281 votes
Hatful Of Hollow
  5% 149 votes
Meat Is Murder
  5% 161 votes
The Queen Is Dead
  15% 462 votes
Louder Than Bombs
  3% 100 votes
Strangeways, Here We Come
  7% 219 votes
Viva Hate
  3% 92 votes
Kill Uncle
  4% 131 votes
Your Arsenal
  6% 190 votes
Vauxhall And I
  16% 491 votes
World Of Morrissey
0% 22 votes
My Early Burglary Years
  1% 36 votes
0% 12 votes
no more re-issuing/remastering, new material please
  19% 571 votes
2917 total votes.
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  • but want it untampethered with so voted for Arse, would like to see if there are any unreleased songs from then, which i doubt. if he did do vauxhall, would like a live CD of Boxers tour with it.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 12 2010, @12:36AM (#357802)
  • I want them all! Woohooo!

    I can't wait for the Bona Drag 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition!

    With extra live tracks and an actual Morrissey DNA sample to clone your very own Pope of Mope!

    Eric Hartman -- Tuesday October 12 2010, @01:58AM (#357805)
    (User #5103 Info | http://www.patcondell.net/)
    It is a very mixed blessing to be brought back from the dead.
  • Obviously none
    I do not have the money to waste on "remastered" stuff that I already bought 20 years ago.
    Really - who wastes their money on this
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 12 2010, @07:48AM (#357811)
  • I like the album cause Iwas there when Morrissey
    toured it, my first gig after hte emptyness that
    left when the Smiths split, and never seen them live, so this was special, the songs sounded more rock,basicly by the bandmemebers background

    Some songs should be untouched or just remaster, polish then,like 'end of the family line' but
    most of them should be more guitarish,like it sounded live like 'mute witness' there is a place'

    Most of the folks here find it the most leastlikable, I never understood that, but it
    would be great to remaster some of the songs

    memories never fade, but maybe remaster some songs and I definately am aware more people will
    adore it
    Celibate Cry <[email protected]> -- Tuesday October 12 2010, @08:29AM (#357813)
    (User #220 Info)
    and the hills are alive with celibate cries
  • could do with a remaster. some brilliant guitar parts could be clearer in the mix.
    lilyboobear -- Tuesday October 12 2010, @12:25PM (#357815)
    (User #16453 Info)
  • don't gimme no more!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 12 2010, @01:06PM (#357816)
  • Is it too early to ask for a re-issue of Swords?
    farmboy -- Tuesday October 12 2010, @01:51PM (#357817)
    (User #14864 Info)
  • Good poll (Score:1, Insightful)

    Everything really should be remastered to sound louder. We have the technology.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 12 2010, @02:06PM (#357818)
    • Re:Good poll by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday October 12 2010, @08:52PM
    • Re:Good poll by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday October 22 2010, @12:49PM
  • "The Smiths" was perfect...is perfect. Super gated drums...no aweful duplicated tracking...just a 4 piece band.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 12 2010, @05:49PM (#357831)
  • But he should re-record the whole album, or if he doesn't, it needs a live CD from that era, the KROQ ep sounds amazing, but the actual album is pretty limp wristed.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 13 2010, @12:40AM (#357837)
    • Re:Kill Uncle, by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday October 13 2010, @07:08PM
  • Most people don't know what mastering really is. It would make a vast improvement on The Smiths debut and Hatful of Hollow. The rest would be subtle differences. I would love to hear these 2 albums cleaned up and brightened. The rest of the higher budget albums wouldn't change that much. A remixing of Kill Uncle would be very nice though.

    Is someone gonna call me a stupid cunt who should kill himself because of my opinion?
    I'm scared of this sight sometimes.

    Mike Row Penis
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 13 2010, @07:23AM (#357842)
  • Deluxe editions of the albums will be very nice. I'm sure we'd all love to have the extra artwork, liner notes and unreleased tracks. Mastering has received a bad rep in recent years due to the whole loudness mess. There was an interesting thread posted in the forums a while back which discussed this very topic.

    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 13 2010, @09:33AM (#357845)
  • seriously? OK, the smiths remasters have not been released on CD, but they were all remastered by johnny marr and released on vinyl (and accompanying 320 kbps download) in 2009.

    all four albums, alongside 'the sound of the smiths' compilation and 7" and CD singles box sets.

    remastered...by johnny marr...released.

    and no, i don't care if you don't have a turntable. all the vinyl formats included high-quality downloads of every track. would CD's be nice? sure. but if people are really so desperate for remasters, they're already out there.

    oh, and like someone else said, it seems like most people have no idea what remastering actually is...especially the guy who wants "kill uncle" remixed with additional guitars.

    keep up, people.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 13 2010, @03:50PM (#357873)
  • The Smiths are throwing millions away by not having all of their albums on itunes. They need to get this done and I think it will happen next year with the "25 years" of the Queen is Dead. By being on itunes it will open a door to a new audience. Right now only 'Sound of the Smiths' is on itunes. Every single and every album needs to be there!!
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 14 2010, @05:00AM (#357908)
  • The 4 Smiths studio albums (CD only)
    The Smiths singles from Panic onwards
    Hatful Of Hollow
    Louder Than Bombs
    How Soon Is Now? (Italian version)
    Miserable Lie (Peel version)
    The first 4 Morrissey studio albums
    My Early Burglary Years
    The Best Of Morrissey
    The HMV/Parlaphone/Singles '88-'95
    You Must Please Remember
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 14 2010, @05:15AM (#357909)
  • i say any album but i'm a fan of his unreleased stuff that i would love to hear on an official album insead of having to search for bootlegs
    in example;
    im playing easy to get
    why don't you find out for yourself(studio electric version)

    the re-issue of 'maladjuted' was a dissapointment but i still got it since i'm a fan of the original, 'bona drag' re-issue was great especially with the addition of ' please help the cause' and 'lifegaurd on duty'
    so it really all depends

    as for smiths albums the sound of the smiths comp should suffice but good extras could have been;
    click track/fast one(although the rights for the song my cause a lawsuit or something)
    frankly mr shankly (horn version which sound way better than studio version)
    there is a light sound check instrumental (available on bootleg and is the prettiest instrumenal 'marr only' track)
    latest flame

    enolugh ranting this is just my 2 cents
    nursejuju -- Thursday October 14 2010, @08:10AM (#357920)
    (User #23368 Info | http://juju-beanz.deviantart.com/)
    "does the body rule the mind or does the mind rule the body... i don't know"
  • Ridiculous (Score:3, Insightful)

    Improved sound quality, potential for extra / newly released tracks, and increased public attention (if only for a moment) on a Smiths or Morrissey album. And the downsides to this are what exactly?

    At the very least it gives all you little b*tches out there an opportunity to quote "Paint A Vulgar Picture" and feel like you're clever. See, everyone wins. Seriously, what's not to like?
    This Charming Ben -- Friday October 15 2010, @01:45AM (#357973)
    (User #12174 Info | http://www.thischarmingband.net/)
    So bona to vada...
    • Re:Ridiculous by lilyboobear (Score:1) Saturday October 16 2010, @06:01AM
    • Re:Ridiculous by Anonymous (Score:1) Saturday October 16 2010, @10:10AM
  • I don't mind (Score:1, Insightful)

    I'm ok with the reissues as long as there are new or rare tracks being included. I think it's a good way to reintroduce the albums to newer fans who are unfamiliar with them. I would love to see the queen is dead included with some unreleased tracks and a new sleeve.
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 17 2010, @11:53AM (#358082)
  • The irony with the recent 'Bona Drag' remaster is that it didn't really need remastering. The original master was fine, so the difference has been pretty minor. What really needs remastering is 'Ringleader of the Tormentors'. It may be a recent release, but the mastering is awful. The dynamic range is so crushed abd brickwalled that listening to it on anything other than a crappy MP3 player is painful. The volume needs to be seriously reduced and the dynamics let back in. The fact that a recent Morrissey album sounds worse than the original issue of 'Viva Hate' is appalling.
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 21 2010, @05:19AM (#358212)
  • i can't see why anybody would not want unreleased tracks by the mozzer.just received "november the second" on the "everyday" re-issue and it's well worth it.
    looking forward to buying the "bona drag" re-issue soon just because of the new songs..
    fassbinder -- Thursday October 21 2010, @04:37PM (#358236)
    (User #16366 Info | http://www.morrissey-solo.com/users.pl?op=edituser)
    the duder.
  • Can you imagine a Morrissey sanctioned re-issue of the 'Queen is Dead'? Remastered so that the tracks cross-fade into one another, the title track is now the extended version, 'Frankly Mr Shankly' is the horn version, and 'Vicar in a Tutu' has had the second verse removed. Oh, and the cover is now pink.
    Anonymous -- Friday October 22 2010, @02:16AM (#358239)
  • The original Smiths/Moz CDs are no sonic wonders, but you never know what they're going to do with modern mastering technology.
    Anonymous -- Friday October 22 2010, @08:38AM (#358249)
  • I think the lads that have done the new Bona Drag ( who are the same ones who did Years of Refusal and Southpaw redux) should be given the keys to Morrissey"s AND the Smiths vault. All of those sound fabulous and loud at the same time.
    The Greatest Hits and Ringleaders mastering is pure shite.
    Anonymous -- Friday October 22 2010, @02:24PM (#358257)
    • Re:A request . by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday October 22 2010, @04:08PM
      • Re:A request . by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday October 22 2010, @08:33PM
        • Re:A request . by Sidney Wicks (Score:1) Saturday October 23 2010, @12:03AM
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  • yeah get rid of the silly organ/keyboard...

    yeah and hire that ex-depeche mode guy

    yeah..yeah...yeah....OH YEeeaaahhhHH
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 23 2010, @12:42PM (#358277)
  • The overall sound has been compressed to a rather acute degree, which reduces the separation, clarity and dynamics of the individual instruments and vocal. This gives even the gentler songs a rather harsh sound which endears itself more to present-day chart music with absolutely no dynamic and mixing sense rather than the gentle and crafted recordings that composed Bona Drag.

    But what really f**king got to me was the revisionist edit of the highlight song for me, 'Ouija Board, Ouija Board'.
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 24 2010, @11:35AM (#358331)
    • Re:Bona Drag by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday October 24 2010, @01:18PM
      • Re:Bona Drag by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday October 24 2010, @06:58PM
        • Re:Bona Drag by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday October 27 2010, @06:24AM
  • A year or so ago, I saw a link on the forum to an ad for The Queen is Dead on a Japanese super disc. I ordered it and the sound is incredible. I'm not sure, but does that mean it was remastered? I'd love to hear the rest of The Smiths/Moz songs in that format. I'm not very tech savy so . . . I may be missing something, but I think it sounds incredible- you can almost hear the pick on the stings!
    Moz's milk -- Sunday October 24 2010, @01:19PM (#358334)
    (User #23073 Info)
  • After Quarry I was *over the moon* to hear Tony Visconti was going to produce Ringleaders. As you all know, Visconti has produced T.Rex, Bowie, Sparks, Adam Ant, etc. I was very very excited about this project.
    But once I heard the album I thougth WTF! The whole album sounds muddy, dull and way too guitar-heavy. There are no sonic nuances or "layers" whatsoever. Ringleaders sounds like a demo-tape by an unknown american Grunge band. The only high-light is "Life is a Pigsty", the rest of the album sounds like a middle-of-the-road Stereophonics doing a half-hearted sound check.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 26 2010, @12:22PM (#358431)
  • I wouldn't mind a Deluxe version of Arse'n'all. Preferably with some "unseen" photos from THAT photo session.....
    Anonymous -- Tuesday October 26 2010, @12:31PM (#358432)
    • Re:Arsenal? by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday October 26 2010, @12:51PM
    • Re:Arsenal? by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday October 26 2010, @01:19PM
  • Just do the whole loty again, because let's face it, they're all shite...
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 27 2010, @08:46AM (#358475)

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