How long did your Morrissey related vegetariansim last? (suggested by ma1979tt)

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I never was vegetarian
  47% 1221 votes
'Meat is Murder' converted me, but I gave in a week later
  4% 103 votes
I lasted a few years
  10% 256 votes
I have never eaten meat again
  18% 471 votes
I was vegetarian before Morrissey's influence
  14% 363 votes
I try to be good but I only seem to stick to it on Morrissey days
  5% 138 votes
2552 total votes.
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  • I was a vegetarian before. Hare Krishna! But "Meat is murder" was a REAL eye opener when it came out. A very very important record. Even though it didn't make everyone become vegetarian, at least it made lots and lots of people aware of vegetarianism in the first place. Vegetarianism in the 80's England was not the big business what it is today; it's easy to buy lots of different vege products in the supermarkets these days. But you had to be more innovative in the 80's! I think people lived on bread & cheese, baked beans, pasta and peanut butter.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 14 2010, @11:14AM (#356416)
  • Go Vege! (Score:1, Informative)

    I was a vegetarian before I heard the Smiths after watching a documentary on TV as a kid about the meat industry and how animals are slaughtered. I do have to say that although 'Meat Is Murder' isn't a bad song - it is by the Smiths after all - it is undoubtedly one of their weakest. Polemic and art are usually a very bad combination and I have never been a huge fan of that song. Great album though. As for vegetarianism - do your digestive tract a favour and go vege. The best thing you can do for your health short of taking up physical exercise. It's better for the planet too. Do I miss eating meat? No, not at all.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 15 2010, @04:18AM (#356470)
    • Re:Go Vege! by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday September 23 2010, @01:42PM
  • and I am afraid I never will be but still I was quite touched when I first heard "Meat is murder".
    gonzax -- Wednesday September 15 2010, @05:29AM (#356474)
    (User #10749 Info)
  • I loved "How Soon is Now" on the radio and thought I should check out this band. But then I heard that the record was called "Meat is Murder" and I thought that was too preachy and weird so I didn't buy it.

    It was only after "Big Mouth" came out that I decided I needed to check them out. Fell in love with "TQID" and then bought all the other albums.

    Never been a veggie, but I rarely eat red meat.
    wemissumoz -- Wednesday September 15 2010, @05:44AM (#356475)
    (User #4088 Info)
  • veggies (Score:1, Informative)

    I went vegetarian at fourteen, after picking up a pamphlet from the PETA booth at a Metallica concert (which is sort of ironic, since their singer is an avid hunter for sport). for the first few years of it, I was the only person I knew who didn't eat meat. when I first became aware that a band called The Smiths had an album called "Meat is Murder," I was intrigued. This was only one element of many that endeared The Smiths to me. Likewise, the UK band Conflict with the single "To A Nation of Animal Lovers" appealed to me for many reasons, one of which being their outspoken support of a vegetarian diet.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 15 2010, @07:32AM (#356479)
  • just a few years (Score:2, Interesting)

    1998 1994

    but I'm not a big meat eater, due to my
    poor physical condition I eat food which is
    not heavy on me stomach

    Just 6 times a day, little parts

    fruits, corn flaces sorta with yogurth, rise
    with vegetabes, or italian like spagetti with
    sause, in there sometimes is some meat

    I deliberitely avoid chicken meat, it's most
    dangerous and get foodpoison.

    I don't need it, really, but can't say I'm
    a vegan
    Celibate Cry <[email protected]> -- Wednesday September 15 2010, @08:43AM (#356483)
    (User #220 Info)
    and the hills are alive with celibate cries
  • I fackin lav meat!
    but also respect those that are veggies
    more for the rest of us
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 15 2010, @03:12PM (#356512)
  • why are vegans so considered with how animals die? i mean if animals were killed in a proper way would you still eat them?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 15 2010, @05:27PM (#356525)
  • I think Kosher should be the standard - but - we're carnivore's and that's all there is to it. Meat is Murder is a song I avoid - not out of shame, out of lame. It's a 12 hour opus to cattle. Does Morrissey even own a farm? An animal refuge? Or is it all about placing responsibility on PETA and everyone else?

    Thanks to Lady CaCa's photo with MOZ I realize . . . I don't eat enough animal. (dumb. i'm joking. she's dumb.)

    Oh and - Vegetarians age prematurely. Sorry - it's true. Bad skin.
    Mozkateer -- Thursday September 16 2010, @01:16PM (#356539)
    (User #1871 Info |
  • Shocking? (Score:1, Interesting)

    I saw a pig slaughtered the old way right in front of me when I was six and did not become vegetarian. "Meat is murder" was nothing like a shock after that.

    I praise vegetarians for the effort they make (I couldn't do it) but refuse to consider vegetarianism a moral virtue. Nobody is better than anyone else for not eating animals. Whatever Morrissey says, killing animals for eating is right. Is the way you treat the animal when alive and the way you kill it that counts. I respect animals precisely because they provide me something as important as food. If you don't understand this maybe you should not call yourselves openminded, tolerant and all the usual rubbish.

    By the way, I like Morrissey's music (much more than some of his ideas).

    Anonymous -- Friday September 17 2010, @04:11AM (#356554)
    • Re:Shocking? by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday September 17 2010, @03:15PM
    • Re:Shocking? by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday September 19 2010, @12:50PM
      • Re:Shocking? by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday September 20 2010, @11:06AM
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            • Re:Shocking? by Anonymous (Score:1) Monday September 20 2010, @03:17PM
              • Re:Shocking? by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday September 21 2010, @05:29PM
            • Re:Shocking? by Anonymous (Score:1) Tuesday September 21 2010, @07:29AM
  • instead of sausage patties and bacon. Does this count?
    Davinder -- Friday September 17 2010, @04:37AM (#356555)
    (User #355 Info)
  • Morass of apathy (Score:0, Interesting)

    The mere fact that this poll has received so few comments is of interest.

    For the vegetarians, the refusal to eat meat is a sheer matter of principle. There's no need for a living thing to suffer and die in order for oneself to live - that's that.

    Yet, I am surprised at how little contention and debate there is to be seen here. Is it so that the missionary crusade of vegetarianism has flagged? By which I mean, the belief that the human consumption of meat might one day be consigned to the past?

    It seems to me that the matter has now settled into mutually reviling but essentially resigned camps - neither will fully accept the ways of the other, yet both are powerless to fundamentally influence the same, so a kind of detante has come to exist.

    As between the establishments of the major religions at this time, curiously.
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 18 2010, @05:45AM (#356589)
  • How do vegeterians feed their pets (cats and dogs)?
    tintin -- Wednesday September 22 2010, @12:41PM (#356783)
    (User #16855 Info)
  • Youth Of Today probably had more of an effect on me going vegetarian when I did, if anyone, but it didn't hurt that Moz shared the same ideals when I eventually got into him. I can't say I'm very active in animal rights issues or anything like that, and for the most part I'm probably mostly vegetarian of old habit. But I will most certainly never eat meat again, and that's a promise.
    mywar -- Tuesday September 28 2010, @08:08AM (#357099)
    (User #16603 Info)
  • they're delicious! jaja
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 29 2010, @01:07PM (#357187)

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