Which one of the following female cover stars is the most poignant to be featured on a Morrissey/Smiths release? (suggested by Kenneth Stavitzke)

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Viv Nicholson
  16% 252 votes
Pat Phoenix
  10% 155 votes
Yootha Joyce
  6% 97 votes
Candy Darling
  8% 131 votes
Shelagh Delaney
  29% 444 votes
Avril Angers
0% 13 votes
Alexandra Bastedo
  8% 125 votes
Diana Dors
  14% 212 votes
Eileen Sheekey
0% 12 votes
  3% 59 votes
1500 total votes.
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  • Candy :)
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 21 2010, @10:46AM (#354483)
  • ...my favourite Smiths sleeve has to be Billie Whitelaw on the cover of the reissue of "William It Was Really Nothing". Can't take my eyes off that picture.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 21 2010, @12:13PM (#354485)
  • I think Pat Phoenix is not female.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 21 2010, @12:30PM (#354486)
  • The picture of Viv says it all!

    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 21 2010, @02:57PM (#354494)
  • Headmaster Ritual, Heaven Knows im Miserable Now, and Barbarism Begins at Home...surely enough Morrissey loved her well enough to place her on three singles.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 21 2010, @09:17PM (#354504)
  • Is the most iconic image, but Avril the funniest!
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 22 2010, @01:06AM (#354510)
  • cover , the beautifull

    Pat Phoenix
    Celibate Cry <[email protected]> -- Thursday July 22 2010, @01:09AM (#354511)
    (User #220 Info)
    and the hills are alive with celibate cries
  • I know...but it's still the best...followed by that little dude on the horse
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 22 2010, @08:56AM (#354526)
  • she's the prettiest so she gets my vote..

    Pinkie x
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 22 2010, @11:09AM (#354529)
  • Seems, to me, to be Alexandra Bastedo!

    sycophantic_slag -- Thursday July 22 2010, @11:40AM (#354530)
    (User #3940 Info)
    "And I just can't explain/ So I won't even try to."
  • who are the others? I can't think of anyone else besides the people listed above..
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 22 2010, @01:37PM (#354533)
    • Re:People who are voting for other by sycophantic_slag (Score:1) Thursday July 22 2010, @01:49PM
    • Re:People who are voting for other by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday July 22 2010, @02:52PM
      • Re:People who are voting for other by sycophantic_slag (Score:1) Thursday July 22 2010, @11:17PM
        • English actress - featured in the iconic swinging 60s film 'Blow Up' with David Hemmings.

          Very strong woman known for her political activities - Was married to film director Tony Richardson who alongside 'angry young man' playwright John Osborne made kitchen sink drama films in the 50s and 60s. (I think Richardson died from complications arising from HIV AIDS in the early 90s)

          Other notable roles include playing Joe Orton's agent Peggy Ramsay in the Alan Bennett scripted biopic "Prick up Your Ears" - and Isadora Duncan.

          Something of a national institution now - if a little eccentric!
          carnal artist -- Tuesday August 03 2010, @02:55PM (#354960)
          (User #7076 Info)
  • There's something (Score:1, Insightful)

    There's something about the Smiths and strong women that that fuses so well. Morrissey should start using them on his artwork again. I'm surprised he never used Victoria Wood as he's a big fan and Rusholme Ruffians was heavily influenced by one of her songs (I forget which one). Perhaps she would have been too obvious - but then he has used Shelagh Delaney and This Night was almost A Taste Of Honey to music. Thank heavens he never used Sandie Shaw because that would have been a millstone round his neck now that she's become oh so complacent towards him. Candy Darling, who was a discovery of Warhol was probably used as a throwback to the Smiths first LP which featured an image from 'Flesh' by Warhol. I like the image of Viv Nicholson on Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now. I like the angle it's taken at and the way she is captured full-frame. She belongs inside the picture and her immediate environment is of as much importance as she herself. Some people mistook this picture as that of Myra Hindley (including me), in reference to the B/sdie Suffer Little Children (though I don't think this was intentional). I think that the charm of the Smiths women is the fact that they would be the least likely to listen to his songs and so there is a subtle element of corruption, and these women representing an outlook that they aren't entirely in accordance with. (Although we know, deep down that if there was a revolution it would probably be started by strong, working class women not suited and booted accountants!). That's what Morrissey probably saw in them - a revolution waiting to happen! Yamaha
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 22 2010, @11:48PM (#354548)
  • don't remember that one, can someone remind me?
    Anonymous -- Friday July 23 2010, @01:02AM (#354553)
  • as I said I ike the photo Pat gave it to Morrissey
    personally,as mentioned in Peepholism

    I miss RITA TUSHINGHAM[hand in Glove,Sandy Shaw]
    +Billy Whitelow

    I miss the male ones

    Truman Capote
    James Dean
    Sean Barret
    Richard Bradford
    Elvis Presley
    Terence Stamp
    Joe Dallessandro [Smiths debut album with Louis Waldon [still from Warhol's movie 'Flesh']
    Richard Davalos 2x
    and the best

    Billy Fury [last night I dreamt]
    Jean Marais [this charming man]

    copyright by Jo Slee and Morrissey [Peepholism, a must have for every one into the Smiths and early Morrissey,sadly, Jo got the through the back door, somewhere during the Arsnenal tour,
    she had troubles holding the young Lads ready
    for promoting things, and video's
    Guess Morrissey choose for his band, and PEEPHOLISM somehow got to VAUXHALL]

    part 2 damnit!
    Celibate Cry <[email protected]> -- Friday July 23 2010, @07:59AM (#354561)
    (User #220 Info)
    and the hills are alive with celibate cries
  • ..but voted for Shelagh Delaney since she sounded the most Irish and they are vey poignant people.
    Dagenham Dave -- Friday July 23 2010, @09:52AM (#354567)
    (User #953 Info | http://randumbs.blogspot.com/)
  • yootha joyce (Score:2, Interesting)

    funny woman, heavy drinker, died young,

    alumni of the joan littlewood east london stratford theatre workshop

    no one had a bad word to say about her.

    pure icon
    carnal artist -- Saturday July 24 2010, @06:55AM (#354590)
    (User #7076 Info)
  • Are these names common in England? Just wondering?
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 24 2010, @07:47AM (#354591)
  • Well, doi... (Score:2, Interesting)

    I would have to say that Louder than Bombs (and its relative content) is probably the most prominent collection/portrait of the Smiths... right?
    fuckfase -- Saturday July 24 2010, @10:36AM (#354595)
    (User #4299 Info)
  • I voted for Diana Dors.She's was a Swindon Girl.
    Anonymous -- Monday July 26 2010, @07:25AM (#354666)
  • i recently bought a tee- shirt with the Barbarism Begins at Home cover,all done up in yellow and green,viv standing at the railway,splitting to india,i think.for years i had no idea what this image was or where it came from.
    striking..unique.wonder what the movie is like..anybody out there know,give reply please.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 27 2010, @06:00PM (#354693)
    • Re:cover star viv. (Score:2, Informative)

      she wrote a book


      Viv was just a common mancunian house woman,when she won the lottery, the bookname sells it all

      [was she married?]

      she seems to live on gouvernment payment now,
      she appaears in one of the Smiths doc, when there's a short part where she's is in the car
      [open chevrolet,american model,or some car like that] sitting with Morrissey on the backbench.

      She's the woman who is several sleeves/albums/12'
      vinyl [2 at least]
      Celibate Cry <[email protected]> -- Wednesday July 28 2010, @08:01AM (#354702)
      (User #220 Info)
      and the hills are alive with celibate cries
  • Will there ever be such awesome album covers again?
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 29 2010, @12:50PM (#354722)
    • Re:LPs to CDs by Celibate Cry (Score:1) Friday July 30 2010, @08:04AM
      • Re:LPs to CDs by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday August 03 2010, @03:06PM
  • sorry angry over another issue~
    the clear choice is, despite looking cool
    and being the most well known because of 'louder then bombs' is not Shelagh = Alexandra Bastedo
    although the girl on the cover of the heaven knows
    single (in bed w` sheet covering her would be first choice) SOO much better then hand in glove with a
    mans butt on cover - god we all should have known then

    markmustb1 -- Wednesday July 28 2010, @10:57AM (#354705)
    (User #13161 Info)
    cos no one ever turns to me to say ...
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