World Cup 2010 - who will win?

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  13% 416 votes
  12% 371 votes
  10% 310 votes
  15% 473 votes
  9% 279 votes
  16% 488 votes
  2% 89 votes
  1% 45 votes
  2% 61 votes
0% 27 votes
Ivory Coast
  1% 45 votes
  1% 49 votes
  8% 253 votes
  4% 140 votes
3046 total votes.
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  • This whole thing is wildly inaccurate. Rounding errors, ballot stuffers, dynamic IPs, firewalls. If you're using these numbers to do anything important, you're insane.
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  • You forgot Mexico you effin idiot!!!
    Anonymous -- Thursday June 10 2010, @04:20PM (#352925)
    • Re:Mexico? by Hello Indie (Score:1) Friday June 11 2010, @06:25AM
    • Re:Mexico? by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday June 11 2010, @06:52AM
    • Re:Mexico? by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday June 11 2010, @12:26PM
      • Re:Mexico? by Foster88 (Score:1) Saturday June 12 2010, @12:37AM
      • Re:Mexico? (Score:2, Funny)

        Agreed. They'll get no where, but they are my favourite team in the whole of the competition.

        As long as England don't win then it's all good. Anyway, no fear there because they'll bore us all to death concentrating more on their hair than on the ball.

        Hello Indie -- Saturday June 12 2010, @05:28AM (#352959)
        (User #13749 Info | offers free jars of beetroot for the elderly.
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  • The omission of Mexico makes this poll null and void and this has nothing to do with the mutual affinity Moz and Mexicans/Mexican-Americans have forged. Mexico is an excellent club. However, one might suggest that the luster of Mexican soccer has suffered a bit since the violence against the players bubbled up this year with two shootings of star players- one in the head and one in the behind...This has had an impact on other nations' chances, but not Mexico's...My heart, however, is with Ireland whose chances of a run was ruined by that dirty scoundrel Thierry Henry and FIFA's do-nothing policy on a hand-ball (a game saver no less!) I hope Monsieur Henry is the victim of a wild headbutt (ala Zinadine Zidame on Signor Matterazzi) by some disenchanted lunatic from a team that goes 2 and out!
    Sumonessweetie -- Thursday June 10 2010, @06:38PM (#352926)
    (User #20842 Info)
  • Holland (Score:2, Insightful)

    they got more than 11 good players

    Coach van Marwijk has a diffucult job to satisfie
    peole who belong on the bench and play with
    weekly in a Briitsh, Spanish, German or Itaslian
    topteams, and don't forget the ones who still play in Holland.

    The trouble with Holland was always teamspirit,
    sudden players who decided with the coach, now
    it's one big family, who're very hungry to come back with the worlcup.

    Celibate Cry <[email protected]> -- Friday June 11 2010, @01:04AM (#352927)
    (User #220 Info)
    and the hills are alive with celibate cries
    • Re:Holland by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday June 11 2010, @05:10AM
    • Re:Holland by Celibate Cry (Score:1) Monday June 14 2010, @07:28AM
  • All the way!
    Anonymous -- Friday June 11 2010, @08:54AM (#352934)
  • Ruthless german efficiency will prevail!!!
    Anonymous -- Friday June 11 2010, @11:43AM (#352936)
  • España ganará el Mundial.
    Anonymous -- Friday June 11 2010, @11:46AM (#352937)
    • Re:España by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday July 09 2010, @12:00PM
  • You forgot the who gives a F*#@! section...

    Anonymous -- Friday June 11 2010, @01:18PM (#352939)
  • Dumb Americans won't understand the question!
    pointless, they play rugby with protective wear for health and saftey reasons and rounders!
    Anonymous -- Friday June 11 2010, @02:03PM (#352941)
  • World Cup (Score:2, Insightful)

    Who cares....
    Oliver Cromwell -- Friday June 11 2010, @04:11PM (#352945)
    (User #13946 Info)
    • Re:World Cup by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday June 18 2010, @05:34AM
  • Denmark!!! (Score:2, Insightful)

    Denmark! No one will see it coming.
    Ashengrace17 -- Friday June 11 2010, @04:23PM (#352946)
    (User #9267 Info |
  • Ireland!... oh wait the french wankers cheated us out of it
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 12 2010, @02:45AM (#352958)
  • the netherlands!!! (Score:1, Informative)

    Please people, there is no such thing as 'Holland'
    There are 12 provinces in The Netherlands. One is called Zuid-Holland (south), an other Noord-Holland (north). So these are just provinces!!! It's not the whole country!

    And because i am obviously not from one of those provinces, i prefer it when when people refer to my country as to The netherlands, so it speaks to all its inhabitants.

    It's like calling America California, of England Kent.

    Yeah, and i know why bother and's just a name, it's some invented border,... but f*ck hey i just want to!
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 12 2010, @10:41AM (#352963)
    • Re:the netherlands!!! by davidt (Score:1) Saturday June 12 2010, @10:53AM
    • Re:the netherlands!!! by Celibate Cry (Score:1) Friday June 18 2010, @07:51AM
    • Yeah, but do you see all supporters going "Netherlands!!!" ?
      It's Holland all the way, in the cheers, flags, t-shirts, beesies, wuppies, what have you... :)

      In all other matters I do agree with you, coming from Brabant myself :)
      linder <[email protected]> -- Saturday June 19 2010, @10:55PM (#353566)
      (User #1226 Info)
      Anatomy is not destiny
      • our orange team beat nrb1 fav. Brazil

        anyway too hot last week

        hope you don't live in a city

        living in Eindhoven, bit my roots are from Best,
        me mum and famuly lives there

        not that it interst me anymore, but the 'kermis'
        fair was there, was visting me mum, who lives
        in centre, and it seems the most enjoyable fair
        for years to be, well a lot chances in 25 year:)

        if I was been away for 25 year and came back, I didn't notice Best, just the flats, soccerfiels and open swimming pool of the town[spend a lot
        of days when I was a kid, teenager, as the little
        fair with 8 atracions + 5 gamble play atractions and 15 food/candy/fish/ etc units on wheels ;)]

        but it growed from 18.000 to almost citizens, demolished all the old typical village signs, just the townstreet, with the main church is still there, railways underground, lots of new
        factory areas, 4 new parts [wijken] where there
        was beautifull green acres and bush, 2 giant soccer fields

        oh well I stop moaning, it's still nice in the
        'green forest' a national park which is in the
        triangle Den Bosch/Tilburg/Eindhoven with the cental village Sint Oedenrode choosen as greenest
        town of Holland or Europe a few years ago, it's
        not the town, but the litlle 1 street 1000 cizens town like Boskant/Nijnsel/Olland/Liemde

        I personaly like the nature surounding the Dommel river

        houdoe :)

        sorry voor t geouwedinges
        Celibate Cry <[email protected]> -- Saturday July 03 2010, @07:56AM (#353931)
        (User #220 Info)
        and the hills are alive with celibate cries
  • North Korea!
    Anonymous -- Monday June 14 2010, @04:31AM (#353052)
  • Beat LA!
    Anonymous -- Monday June 14 2010, @08:28AM (#353068)
  • If we knew the answer to that we wouldn't have to sit through the rubbish football we've seen up to now, and listen to the "stupid horns" blowing for an hour an half!!! Now would we?
    Anonymous -- Monday June 14 2010, @03:07PM (#353122)
    • Re:Erm.... by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday June 14 2010, @11:24PM
      • Re:Erm.... by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday June 15 2010, @04:13PM
  • Braaaaaaziiiiil!!!!!!!!!!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday June 16 2010, @10:52AM (#353232)
  • Who gives a flying fig.

    As a Brit is does my head in the way the entire country is overtaken by some kind of mass psychosis each world cup.

    The worst ones are the women who NEVER show even a passing interest in football yet each world cup they turn into howling banshees who yell louder than the lad who follow football day in and day out.
    Anonymous -- Thursday June 17 2010, @11:50AM (#353284)
  • Because I have them in a sweepstake at work.
    Mozzersgirl -- Thursday June 17 2010, @03:37PM (#353304)
    (User #14229 Info)
    "There's more evil in the charts than in an al-Qaeda suggestion box" - Bill Bailey
  • With a team that disagrees with the playing style of the manager we are never going to achieve anything! Do they not know that TEAM stands for 'Together Everyone Achieves More'. Start working together, for the manager and the rest of the country who are watching at home! Please prove me wrong!
    Johnny 2 Sheds -- Tuesday June 22 2010, @04:29AM (#353617)
    (User #23223 Info)
  • Go Ghana.
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 27 2010, @02:54AM (#353763)
  • Yeah I'm a front runner
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 07 2010, @01:36PM (#354020)
  • Since when have 'rules' (written or unwritten) been applied to watching bands. You need to lighten up.
    lifebegins -- Saturday June 12 2010, @12:06AM (#352954)
    (User #7942 Info)
    • Re:who cares? by Foster88 (Score:1) Saturday June 12 2010, @12:39AM
  • Re:who cares? (Score:3, Interesting)

    It's well documented Morrissey going to games
    ones in a while

    at his schoolyears, he was a Man United fan

    may I also point to the West Ham Boys club,
    with the clubsign from West Ham United

    and about 2 years ago he was at a CHIVAS game in the

    so, I think it's a better poll than what's his favourite opening line
    Celibate Cry <[email protected]> -- Saturday June 12 2010, @08:11AM (#352962)
    (User #220 Info)
    and the hills are alive with celibate cries
  • how very silly and childish. if you're not interested, then don't comment. it's nice to be nice.
    Anonymous -- Thursday June 17 2010, @08:25AM (#353271)
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