Will you buy the B-sides album <em>Swords</em>?

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  69% 1528 votes
  19% 424 votes
Only For The Second Disc (Live In Warsaw)
  10% 232 votes
2184 total votes.
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  • Yes (Score:2, Insightful)

    I think it is a solid little collection and the live disc is a nice addition - my only complaint is that it isn't full of singles-not-on-albums like louder than... or bona drag.

    Anyone agree?
    SteveW -- Thursday September 10 2009, @05:26AM (#338792)
    (User #22040 Info)
    As merry as the days were long, I was right and you were wrong
    • Re:Yes by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday September 10 2009, @10:54PM
      • Re:Yes by SteveW (Score:1) Friday September 11 2009, @03:29AM
  • live tracks, whether official released or a good bootleg like the Hollywood Bowl
    [which was said
    to be released also]
    Celibate Cry <[email protected]> -- Thursday September 10 2009, @07:09AM (#338798)
    (User #220 Info)
    and the hills are alive with celibate cries
    • Re: love by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday September 11 2009, @04:05PM
  • are better than anything else he released i love munich and never played symphonies - brilliant
    moho -- Thursday September 10 2009, @08:55AM (#338802)
    (User #10663 Info)
  • I'll buy it (maybe) when it's in the bargain bin. I have most of the songs already and the ones I don't have are not great anyway. It won't be a great cd, but just handy to have the songs in one place. I don't pay premium prices for 'handy'.
    Anonymous -- Thursday September 10 2009, @09:06AM (#338805)
  • It'll be nice to have all the songs, from a legal source, and in good quality. I don't give a rat's ass about the live disc.
    wemissumoz -- Thursday September 10 2009, @09:17AM (#338806)
    (User #4088 Info)
  • But why not a comprehensive two-disc collection releasing all the b-sides from the past three albums? Better yet, why not release the slew of songs mentioned in the "Years of Refusal" session that never were released; I'm Looking Forward to Going Back, I Am Bully, Do Not Forget Me, Teresa, Teresa, Action Man. Those were the titles I found most interesting when the original track names were released and they just disappeared. I might buy the collection for the Live in Warsaw disc, but Law school induced poverty may compel me otherwise.

    Anonymous -- Thursday September 10 2009, @10:24AM (#338811)
  • I definitely will buy it.

    I wanted also to echo sentiments about this fan site. The terrible comments made about the cover photo are just mean-spirited, ugly, juvenile, and hateful.

    Like many other fans, I became a Smiths/Morrissey fan first and foremost because of the music--not any particular "fancy" image.

    The Swords cover art is unique and wonderful in its own way. If you don't like it--or, if it does not appeal to you--the either (a) don't buy Swords, or (b) buy the album and ignore the cover art.

    It is one thing to be critical. It is another to not like a photo. But, to be so mean and cruel----it is ugly in of itself and very juvenile. Again, go to a website that promotes a different style of entertainment---perhaps an "American Idol" site or something similar. Better yet, post your ugliness on a haters' site or non-fan site.


    Ken S.
    sycophantic_slag -- Thursday September 10 2009, @05:31PM (#338847)
    (User #3940 Info)
    "And I just can't explain/ So I won't even try to."
  • i'm not buying it
    i ain't giving my money to the record company
    i'll download it if anything
    Anonymous -- Friday September 11 2009, @11:47AM (#338888)
    • Re:No by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday September 12 2009, @12:39PM
  • i will absolutely buy the vinyl LP. the GH was a beautiful record--heavy vinyl, gatefold sleeve, great sound.

    YOR vinyl was mass produced, standard vinyl, and just ok.

    Hopefully swords will also be a nicely done package.

    PS -- i already have most of these songs on the vinyl singles. and I still have the whole shirt sleeve from borgata 2007.
    ANOTHER GUEST -- Saturday September 12 2009, @02:53PM (#338915)
    (User #19541 Info)
  • most of those songs i have heard and own. ganglord always a favorite

    hope everyone like it
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 13 2009, @12:15AM (#338930)
    • Re:good cd by Hello Indie (Score:1) Friday September 18 2009, @12:24PM
  • I will just buy the normal edition as I like to collect all his official discography. I don't care about the live one, as this is just an adition. I bought the Earl's Court one as it was an album on itself.
    Gejo -- Monday September 14 2009, @02:47PM (#339093)
    (User #15707 Info)
  • I will buy the vinyl too, of course! It's nice indeed to see the art work in big scale and also there's a certain charm about vinyls that I can't resist after all these years.
    Gejo -- Monday September 14 2009, @02:52PM (#339095)
    (User #15707 Info)
  • for me it isn't even a choice. i love what morrissey does and i buy all his releases to show my support. i'm not fickle and i don't decide whether to buy his cds based on whether i like one song a bit more or less than another or whether one cover is better or worse. his work, taken as a whole, is so very very great that i want to show my support for it, and i can do that by buying whatever he releases. whats a few pounds compared to all the pleasure he gives me? i think its important to show people you like them, whether its friends or whether its the people who make books or music that makes our lives better, and it feels good to make the effort to show someone you appreciate them. so it doesn't matter to me that they're not new songs or what the cover is like. its a chance to say thankyou to morrissey for being morrissey.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 15 2009, @11:41AM (#339153)
  • "Swords" sucks. Just another way to fill his pension fund.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 15 2009, @01:51PM (#339165)
    • Re:No, no, no by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday September 18 2009, @05:23AM
  • Whatever... I will download it for free to get the live disc. Maybe he would see my money if he stopped releasing nonsense that has already been released. It is not worth my $15+.
    Anonymous -- Friday September 18 2009, @10:07PM (#339386)
  • I have not heard most of these songs. So, it's like a new album to me. I don't buy the singles anymore and don't have time to search for downloads. So, I'll but it and it will be like new! Also just picked up the Beatles re-master Abby Road. One of the best albums ever!
    Anonymous -- Saturday September 19 2009, @08:45AM (#339397)
  • "Swords" is officially the worst album title since Emerson, Lake, & Palmer's "Brain Salad Surgery" (1973).
    Leopold Dilg -- Saturday September 19 2009, @10:56AM (#339400)
    (User #21023 Info)
  • Maybe it's a reference to the game where two guys get erect and knock eachothers cocks around for a while, using ones own cock as the weapon with which to knock the other cock around.

    Anonymous -- Monday September 21 2009, @12:34PM (#339444)

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