Best Smiths single not released on any of their 4 studio albums? (suggested by MAL)

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Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
  23% 1362 votes
William, It Was Really Nothing
  15% 915 votes
Shakespeare's Sister
  4% 279 votes
  20% 1183 votes
  9% 566 votes
Shoplifters Of The World Unite
  20% 1200 votes
Sheila Take A Bow
  6% 354 votes
5859 total votes.
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  • This is an excellent poll - I have gone for "William" because for me it encompasses all I loved about The Smiths - The music is joyous, the lyrics hilarious and sad at once and the sight of Morrissey on Top of The Pops with "Marry Me" etched in lipstick on his chest was and remains one of the best TV appearances of any band - EVER! All of these singles are amazing but William just edges it for me. Panic does make an excellent ringtone though!
    evanslyonnais -- Monday September 11 2006, @12:19PM (#234649)
    (User #11967 Info)
    • Re:The Poll by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday September 12 2006, @08:14AM
    • Re:The Poll by Mozzersgirl (Score:1) Tuesday September 12 2006, @12:44PM
  • Panic! The Opener. Overwhelming.
    juli -- Monday September 11 2006, @12:40PM (#234650)
    (User #14833 Info)
  • you're talking! I voted for Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now, but any of these are far superior to the Morrissey 45s we voted on recently.
    Anonymous -- Monday September 11 2006, @12:59PM (#234652)
  • This poll is incomplete.
    Should also include...

    This Charming Man (not on original Smiths LP, only cassette and CD reissue)

    How Soon Is Now (only on US version of Meat Is Murder, NEVER on a proper studio LP)

    bah! bet an American set this poll...
    Anonymous -- Monday September 11 2006, @02:18PM (#234666)
  • So I've gone for Sheila Take A Bow as it was the first Smiths single I bought - and is also the only one not on Hatful or World won't Listen.
    I'll Be Gone -- Monday September 11 2006, @02:56PM (#234670)
    (User #14116 Info)
  • to put some much emotion (both musically and lyrically) into 2 minutes and 11 will never be done again. Morrissey solo has never or will he ever achieve this level of perfection. I dare anyone to go out and listen to it and tell me that all 4 members of the Smiths weren't crucial.
    Anonymous -- Monday September 11 2006, @03:05PM (#234672)
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  • An easy one (Score:2, Insightful)

    Back in the 80s, I was in this horrible night club in my humdrum town and the dance floor was full of people shaking their bits to the horrible hits, and then the DJ played a Smiths song - the dance floor emptied so quick, it was like a game of musical chairs, and I lost. The song was Sheila Take a Bow, so it gets my vote.
    BazMJ -- Monday September 11 2006, @04:08PM (#234680)
    (User #7420 Info)
    Living longer than I had intended, something must have gone right.
  • One of my all time favorite songs from any band is 'Shoplifters'. Just a great classic song.
    Anonymous -- Monday September 11 2006, @06:54PM (#234683)
  • William It Was Really Nothing, closely followed by Shoplifters and Panic.

    I agree with the previous poster that This Charming Man and How Soon is Now should have been included in this poll, as we all know that 'The Smiths' is 10 songs long and 'Meat is Murder' nine, although some of our cd's might tell us otherwise...
    • Re:William! by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday September 12 2006, @06:43AM
  • My vote goes for "Shoplifters."

    This song is amazing live-!

    The best part is this lyric-

    "I tried living in the real world/ Instead of a shell/ But before I began/ I was bored before I even began"



    "A heartless hand on my shoulder/ A push and it's over/ Alabaster crashes down/ Six months is a long time"

    With love,
    Ken S.
    sycophantic_slag -- Tuesday September 12 2006, @12:48AM (#234693)
    (User #3940 Info)
    "And I just can't explain/ So I won't even try to."
  • This was the hardest poll ever... It's maybe my 7 absolute favourite songs... And I have to chose 1! Only 1! Gotto be Panic, this year..
    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 12 2006, @02:12AM (#234695)
  • Great song and great performance on The Tube.

    Great memories of following Peter Powell (80's Radio One DJ Fat head) round streets of Reading chanting the chorus at him.
    Spellbound -- Tuesday September 12 2006, @05:40AM (#234704)
    (User #13956 Info)
    ........a life affirming voice set to a heavenly guitar melody, a killer bass line and a impassioned drum beat.
  • favorite shirt worn on a live
    bonus b side or favorite glasses
    this 1s a crashing bore
    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 12 2006, @06:51AM (#234709)
  • They are all brilliant. But this was the first song I've ever heard from 'The Smiths'!
    It's still one of my Top5 'Smiths' songs!
    Trevor -- Tuesday September 12 2006, @07:02AM (#234710)
    (User #15889 Info)
  • Panic? The only Smiths song I can barely listen to anymore. It's the most overexposed Smiths track. The production is flat. In contrast, Ask's instrumentation is layered. Much more listenable. Plus, Ask is one of the few Smiths songs I knew before I knew who the Smiths were.

    Shakespeare's Sister is a close second.
    jessesamuel -- Tuesday September 12 2006, @07:29AM (#234711)
    (User #1984 Info)
    On an occasion of this kind it becomes more than a moral duty to speak one's mind. It becomes a pleasure. -O.W.
  • Hang the DJ
    Hang the DJ
    Hang the DJ
    Hang the DJ
    Hang the DJ
    Hang the DJ

    Not only is it the best song in this poll, but one of the best ever Smiths singles!
    mozmal -- Tuesday September 12 2006, @09:23AM (#234715)
    (User #17231 Info)
    "chips with cream for the last time"
  • Shakespeare's Sister - it does everything a pop song should - its about sex and suicide (the ultimate pop song themes), its hilarious, its rockabilly rifftastic, changes speed in the middle, it actually explains the faddish and genre-led nature of all pop music, and it achieves all of this in 2 minutes and 9 seconds.
    This makes it not only the best Smiths single, but the best pop single by anyone.

    The Morrissey Showband do slaughter it when they play it live, though.
    auntie edith -- Tuesday September 12 2006, @09:29AM (#234716)
    (User #4608 Info)
  • 'Do You Really Want to Hurt Me' followed closely by 'Karma Chameleon'.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 12 2006, @11:11AM (#234719)
  • Yes,I want! You idiot!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 12 2006, @12:31PM (#234724)
  • No discussion.
    MacHazzer -- Tuesday September 12 2006, @12:49PM (#234727)
    (User #16253 Info)
    Abe had a bad night at the theatre
  • Mac Hazzer you are so right!!!
    Trevor -- Tuesday September 12 2006, @01:21PM (#234730)
    (User #15889 Info)
  • Heaven Knows, Shakespeare's Sister, Ask and Panic are ALL amongst my all-time favourites. I only went for Ask cos I knew it wouldn't win... :)
    lilybett -- Tuesday September 12 2006, @02:45PM (#234737)
    (User #16557 Info)
    But who asked you anyway? It's my life to wreck my own way.
    • Re:Too. Hard. by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday September 17 2006, @08:51AM
  • if you voted if this youre such a newbie...

    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 13 2006, @12:19AM (#234753)
    • Re:Hkimk by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday September 18 2006, @04:38AM
    • Re:Hkimk by EEP (Score:1) Monday September 25 2006, @02:17PM
  • i choose William, It Was Really Nothing. The lyrics and music blends amazingly.

    It was really nothing until i saw their TOTP videoclip, never better!! i dare to say, this is one of the greatest videoclip ever made with a tv programme show as a main setting. (the lipstick in Moz chest with 'Marry Me' is so so "provocative", am i rite) :D

    PS: but the bad thing is, TOTP must R.I.P in a bad ratings, what a clumsy destiny
    Peter Marr -- Wednesday September 13 2006, @01:02AM (#234754)
    (User #17077 Info)
  • Ask
    William, It Was Really Nothing
    Sheila Take A Bow
    Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
    Shoplifters Of The World Unite
    Shakespeare's Sister

    They're all great songs. Sheila, Ask and Shakespeare stand out as the best songs to play on an acoustic guitar.
    kissmyshades -- Wednesday September 13 2006, @03:16AM (#234759)
    (User #12542 Info)
  • I know lots of Smiths' fan seem to have it in for Ask but I got hooked up on it first time round. i love its guitar work, its retro-feel and its simple catchiness. The live version on 'Rank' is particularly impressive. I've known the song for the best part of 15 yrs now (old, arent i) but to this date I still occasionally find myself humming it.

    Claude, Brum UK
    Anonymous -- Wednesday September 13 2006, @06:59AM (#234766)
    • Re:Ask by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday September 13 2006, @08:01AM
      • Re:Ask by kissmyshades (Score:1) Wednesday September 13 2006, @11:47AM
  • has to be headmadte ritual!
    ok ask it is...
    wonder what julia would say?
    bigdeal111111 -- Wednesday September 13 2006, @01:20PM (#234785)
    (User #17130 Info)
  • that set beats anything of the last 4 Moz's LPs... :s
    fernando -- Wednesday September 13 2006, @05:31PM (#234794)
    (User #398 Info |
  • It's difficult to choose the best of these singles, but easy to choose the worst. Shakespeare's Sister is awful in every way.
    It's the one song that almost makes me embarrassed to be a Smiths fan. It's that bad! -- Thursday September 14 2006, @10:07AM (#234817)
    (User #17288 Info)
  • i vote for shakespeare's sister... One of the best smiths'song especially for the beatiful and very sad lyrics.
    I love so much panic after this last tour of moz.
    Goodbay and compliments for this beautiful site
    by sybil from Italy
    Anonymous -- Thursday September 14 2006, @02:40PM (#234833)
  • William.... is without the doubt the PERFECT pop song. It has everything that most bands today can only strive for.

    Anonymous -- Friday September 15 2006, @08:13AM (#234853)
    • Re:Perfect by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday September 26 2006, @05:41PM
  • In belief, "William" is The Smiths most influencal song ever (music and style wise), it's perfect in every sence of pop music. "How Soon Is Now?" may be most famous but for those with musical career dreams this is probably the song they have as their largest inspiration. And you've got to love the bitter cynical lyrics ("it was your life"). The music is so uplifting, it's like it's like flying on clouds(this expression got nothing to do with that it's a friday night :P, I kind of feel that way about it).
    Dasmazarin -- Friday September 15 2006, @12:44PM (#234887)
    (User #15546 Info |
  • this song is my favourite record of all time, it's lyrics are in my opinion the finest ever written together with a great tune, this song alone set morrissey out as the finest songwriter ever, time will prove this correct, love you morrissey
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 17 2006, @12:12PM (#235011)
  • only because it was the first smiths 7" single i bought . of course its not the best one here but it was , along with a copy of meat is murder taped for me by Sarah Bowyers my introduction to the smiths . I remember seeing the oxford road show performance on tv and being surprised by how meaty the sound was. i went out the next day and bought hatful of hollow on the gatefold vinyl from the chemists ( Chemists !!) for ¬£4.99 and being totally blown away by the quality . and i have remained entranced for over 20 years. if i was not being nostalgic i would probably go for panic cos it is a great pop song and was the first time morrisseys worrying fascination with childrens choirs came to light ( only jokin).
    northernleech -- Tuesday September 19 2006, @02:55PM (#235154)
    (User #15225 Info)
    my sentimental heart hardens
  • I adore Shoplifters live, both The Smiths' version and Moz solo. But I've never really been big on the studio version. I don't think it rocks the way it does live. It just gets lost in the mix.

    Then again, I don't think William worked live the way the studio version did.

    So live - it's Shoplifters
    Studio - William.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday September 26 2006, @05:20AM (#235545)
  • heaven knows i'm miserable now. it was a tear between This and "lover, you should have come over" and "going inside"....and relevant of the smiths catalog Is the song "shoplifters of the world unite" because of it's anti-war sentiment plus the involvement of impassioned lyrics that involve the motion to take things that don't belong to the liars. and really it's destroying our world. commerce is short for people and mercy, it has no way of contracting 'human evil".
    speedway_wilde -- Thursday September 28 2006, @08:31PM (#235666)
    (User #1271 Info |
    wild child full of grace, saviour of the human boy rac er
  • brings back memories of me buying the 12" when it came out at Sam the Record Man in Montreal.....taking a 2 hour bus ride to get there....another 2 hours back...and , once the needle dropped, feeling happiness which, even today, comes in second only after the birth of my son. The Smiths man !!! The fucking Smiths !!! God bless all four of 'em. Let me preempt those of you who might tell me to get a life or to live in the present by saying...I don't care. I lived it...I saw it...and it's part of me...and I can honestly say that it was a turning point in my life.
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 01 2006, @03:41PM (#235768)
  • Leave The Smiths alone - enjoy the legacy & music - But for Christsake MOVE on! The Smiths happened nearly 20 years ago - after which Morrissey has been a solo artist ever since. I love both Morrissey with the Smiths and solo - but never compare the two. What would be the point? I enjoy every record as it comes.
    I feel very sad for people who live in the past; I've had conversations with them and I had to pinch myself to stay awake. The Smiths were great but...that's it. They will not come back. Ever. I personally love everything that Morrissey has to offer and always will.
    Anonymous -- Monday October 02 2006, @11:19AM (#235785)

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