What is your favorite track off <i>Ringleader Of The Tormentors</i>? (suggested by Belligerent Ghoul)

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I Will See You In Far Off Places
  6% 805 votes
Dear God Please Help Me
  8% 941 votes
You Have Killed Me
  9% 1093 votes
The Youngest Was The Most Loved
  11% 1322 votes
In The Future When All's Well
  7% 925 votes
The Father Who Must Be Killed
  5% 630 votes
Life Is A Pigsty
  24% 2821 votes
I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now
  4% 470 votes
On The Streets I Ran
  3% 432 votes
To Me You Are A Work Of Art
  9% 1120 votes
I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
  3% 384 votes
At Last I Am Born
  5% 621 votes
11564 total votes.
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  • first to post, second to vote. for Dear God...

    but i reckon it will change tomorrow.
    Puddle -- Thursday April 06 2006, @10:53PM (#209564)
    (User #15599 Info)
    • Re:lameness filter my ass by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday April 10 2006, @03:22PM
      • it may be they can't accept a joke. then again some of them may not like me so they take their administrative priviledges against me.

        i know one of them went through and gave many of the posts against morrissey's boycott and set them as Informative. while no one who posted in defense of morrissey got the same treatment.

        David Tseng should take care of these bias people and take their priviledges away. unless he is all for such fascist practices. David i have nothing against you, but your house is out of order. Unless you are the lowlife bias jerk who decides who gets what rating. unless you atake care of it or let us, your guests know where you stand, then we can only assume. by standing around not doing anything, you are flaimbait!!!

        Can someone please set this message as being what it is..."INFORMATIVE"!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Puddle -- Tuesday April 11 2006, @01:11PM (#210857)
        (User #15599 Info)
  • Dear Fans/Friends,

    I feel this song is the most unique- and it is very unexpected of Morrissey. The song begins and ends with a great deal of urgency, drama, and irony. You can almost close your eyes and imagine a screenplay. Very good lyrics matched with excellent music. The intro "noise" sounds like traffic noise in Rome? Not sure.

    I was hoping that this would be the first single off of ROTT. There is so much that Morrissey could do (as far as videos are concerned) with this song. For some reason, it seems like it could have easily been the track following "Mute Witness" on Kill Uncle. (?)

    A close second would have to be "Life is a Pigsty." This song is destined to be a classic. For lack of better words, it is almost Morrissey meets Echo & the Bunnymen. (I'm thinking The Killing Moon).

    Pardon my stream of consciousness- but ROTT is a terrific new album from Morrissey, and a true treat to his fans. Much better than YATQ. I still say ROTT is a 'concept' album, but I have no idea what the 'concept' is.

    With love,
    Ken Stavitzke
    sycophantic_slag -- Thursday April 06 2006, @11:31PM (#209566)
    (User #3940 Info)
    "And I just can't explain/ So I won't even try to."
  • There's a few good ones here, but I like "I Just Want To See..." the most. It's a shame that it's buried towards the end of the album -- I call it the "All the Lazy Dykes" slot, where the song is sure to be ignored. It's an awesome rocker, and would make a great single.

    It's also the best David Bowie song of the past twenty years.
    ATLpunk -- Thursday April 06 2006, @11:36PM (#209567)
    (User #13585 Info)
  • Not sure about this one-

    I have heard that the intro/intermission music contains excerpts from a film (?) by Andy Warhol called "Blow Job." I hope this is not true. I, for one, always thought Andy Warhol was too eccentric, very overrated, and way out of line.
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 06 2006, @11:39PM (#209569)
  • its his most perfect piece of Whitechapel Music Hall art since Rubber Ring

    don't you agree

    Anonymous -- Thursday April 06 2006, @11:50PM (#209573)
  • Am I the only one that was reminded of Bowie's "Moonage Daydream" during the break (around 2:50) in "I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now"? The piano struck me as sort of a tribute to Bowie's longtime pianist, Mike Garson... I love it.
    Toaster -- Friday April 07 2006, @12:17AM (#209580)
    (User #11921 Info)
    Now the sun shines cold/and all the sky is grey/the stars are dimmed by clouds and tears/and all I wish has gone away...
  • if you'll excuse the mixed metaphors!
    According to reviews, this was one of the two standout tracks to which I say 'Bollocks'!
    Please, continue not to vote too much for it.
    Well done!
    Anonymous -- Friday April 07 2006, @01:24AM (#209589)
  • This album is not as good as YATQ. I wish it was, but I am let down. Good, but not outstanding.
    Anonymous -- Friday April 07 2006, @01:51AM (#209594)
    • bollocks by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday April 07 2006, @06:02AM
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      • Re:bollocks by mr. superinvisible (Score:1) Friday April 07 2006, @06:34PM
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        • Re:bollocks by Uncle Frank (Score:1) Tuesday April 11 2006, @05:16PM
      • Re:bollocks by Lucas (Score:1) Monday April 10 2006, @01:03AM
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    • Re:Sad but True! by sterling (Score:1) Tuesday April 11 2006, @05:13AM
  • For me 'In the future...' is the best song on the album. I love the glam rock sound of it. Closely followed by 'I will see you...' which is pure poetry.
    15minuteswithyou -- Friday April 07 2006, @02:04AM (#209597)
    (User #15615 Info)
    • Re:Best Song by M-in-Oz (Score:1) Friday April 07 2006, @06:48PM
      • Re:Best Song by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday April 17 2006, @02:20PM
  • hardly anyone likes his song (At last I am born). I think the music's actually pretty good; the lyrics are just a bit duff.
    Anonymous -- Friday April 07 2006, @02:16AM (#209599)
    • Re:poor Mikey by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday April 07 2006, @10:23AM
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      • Re:poor Mikey by suzanne (Score:1) Thursday April 13 2006, @07:36AM
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              • Re:poor Mikey by suzanne (Score:1) Tuesday April 18 2006, @11:01AM
  • With Pigsty and Dear God easily being two of his best ever tracks, this was a tough choice, but I ended up going for Dear God Please Help Me. This is because I just think it's perfect. When I first listened, there came a time when I thought it was going to end and didn't want it to... And it didn't.. Then when the finish seemed appropriate, it did. The timing of everything in the song is just amazing, and the "Heart Feels Free" line is down in the books as just another of those amazing Morrissey lines.

    As for the album, over the week it has just grown and grown on me, at first there was tracks I simply didn't like and reminded me of Malajusted's more "bland?" tracks, but now they are really good. How i rate so far:

    Love: Life Is A Pigsty, Dear God Please Help Me

    Like a lot: The Youngest Was The Most Loved, I Will See You In Far Off Places, You Have Killed Me (MUCH better when in context with the album!), To Me You Are A Work Of Art

    Like: I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now, On The Streets I Ran, I Just Want To See The Boy Happy

    Not so fussed: In The Future When All's Well, The Father Who Must Be Killed, At Last I Am Born

    So there we are, I'm enjoying this album a lot!
    Anonymous -- Friday April 07 2006, @02:36AM (#209601)
  • Not that anybody cares but here's my evaluation of each track.

    I Will See You In Far Off Places. ***** The best opening track of any Morrissey album.

    Dear God Please Help Me **** Adorable. But one thing, if they got old Ennio in with 30 musicians, why does the organ dominate?

    You Have Killed Me ** I skip this everytime I play the album. Which is maybe a mistake, maybe I'd grow to like it. No. Heard it enough to know it plods.

    The Youngest Was The Most Loved *****. Wow. 'A lobsided grin, strained to keep the shyness in' followed by the kids singing is just one of those Moz moments. I love it.

    In The Future When Alls Well **** Should have been the first single. Perfect rocky pop and builds really nicely too.

    The Father Who Must Be Killed **** The track that's grown on me most. Didn't like it at first and now I find the imagry gripping. 'He said "I'm sorry" and he died'. It's pitch black isn't it?

    Life Is A Pigsty **** In the right place at the right time, ie in a cottage in the middle of nowhere by a fire with a storm blowing outside, this would be perfect. It's amazing, but there's something not quite... there. Don't know what it is. Maybe it needs to really crash into violent life like Trouble Loves Me, but the refrain of 'I'm falling in love, again' is beautiful none the less.

    I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now *** The closest thing to a filler on the album, even though I rate it over You Have Killed Me.

    On The Streets I Ran **** Why is this getting picked out for a slagging by the journalists. Fresh and vibrant, it's a cracking song, and what a climax.

    To Me You Are A Work Of Art ***** It might just be me, but this has been overlooked so far and yet I think it could become an all time fan favourite. His voice is stunning on this. It's just a great Moz-style love song. If he's ever written a love song.

    I Just Want To See The Boy Happy *** Hmmm. It's good, but it's on a great album so doesn't make too much of an impression. A grower perhaps?

    At Last I Am Born **** Didn't like this at all at first but now I'm smitten. The choir really do their bit and of course it's great to hear the man so chipper. It wont last of course.

    I love Ringleader. And it is a grower so who knows, in a months time it may rule the roost. It might be his best album ever.

    By the way, he was great on Channel 4 last night, the best TV interview he's ever given. Even if Edith Bowman was clueless. He still looks into the camera but I think that's just a cute quirk. He's never been on better form and neither, I might add, has his hair - which was quite immaculate.


  • It's early days yet, but the poll results so far exactly mirror my own thoughts about the album - good (excellent in places) up to and including Life Is A Pigsty, and pretty undistinguished beyond that.
    Anonymous -- Friday April 07 2006, @04:57AM (#209625)
  • Morrissey has gone out on a limb with the brilliant closer, "At Last I am Born". This track I have listened to morning, noon and night! Its poetic, full of information and very revealing. Overall I think that ROTT is a very dark, but honest album. Morrissey's voice is in tip-top form. Just like all the other Moz solo releases {evcept for Viva to which I love everything on it}, my favorite songs from it will change day to day, week to week.
    Paneeks -- Friday April 07 2006, @05:18AM (#209630)
    (User #13051 Info)
    "A beach is a place where a man can feel, its the only soul in the world thats real".
  • I love this album, though I think as far as single material goes, Quarry was stronger. But "On the streets I ran" could make a good single and "I will see you in far-off places" is a killer opener. Stunning.

    Anonymous -- Friday April 07 2006, @05:35AM (#209634)
  • ... and if you don't know this, then what do you know?
    Aaron -- Friday April 07 2006, @05:57AM (#209642)
    (User #238 Info)
  • So Alain leaves the last tour under mysterious circumstances. No-one knows whether he'll perform or record with Morrissey again.
    So what does he do? Only write one of the very best pieces of music that Morrissey has ever sung along to!
    Well done Al!
    Anonymous -- Friday April 07 2006, @06:07AM (#209647)
  • sounds like an american idol reject was singing... yikes!

    but i love love love 'in the future' and the father who mut be killed
    Anonymous -- Friday April 07 2006, @06:15AM (#209650)
  • A lot's been made of Visconti's contributions to the album: how he's got the best out of Moz's voice, used his glamrock experience to bring out those guitars and arrangements, but I have several gripes - his 'little personal touches' have tarnished several songs:
    - The rainstorm effects on Pigsty: ouch! An attempt at atmosphere which adds an unecessary and interfering layer of sound. I still love the song, but I mutter 'shut up' through clenched teeth every time they kick in.
    - The kiddy choir: get rid! OK, perhaps they add atmosphere to Father given the lyrical storyline, but on Youngest and Born they just annoy.
    - What the hell are those traffic noises at the start of Youngest?! Add nothing to the song, producer showing off. And I wish he wouldn't.

    As for the poll, I'm going for ITFWAW...JUST. The falsetto ending tops off a great tune. Top 3 would be this, Pigsty (still wins me over, despite Visconti) and IWSYIFOP. Generally an excellent album. Only songs I would scrap are On the Streets (unmemorable and plodding) and Born (pompous melody, horrible arrangement, kiddy voices, only song I really dislike).

    Anonymous -- Friday April 07 2006, @06:44AM (#209666)
  • Never a good sign when a song wins with this big a margin...

    Am I to conclude then that most people feel the album goes down like a lead balloon after Pigsty?

    Personally, I much prefer Side B of ROTT to Side A. At Last I Am Born, On The Streets I Ran and Life Is A Pigsty are my faves at the moment.
    Johan de Witt <[email protected]> -- Friday April 07 2006, @07:02AM (#209674)
    (User #4231 Info)
  • For me, "Life Is A Pigsty" very much resembles the pre-1990 Morrissey, the Morrissey of "Late Night, Maudlin Street", and more specifically of "Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me", if not in terms of subject then certainly in terms of structure.

    The use of a funereal Keyboard section of "Life Is A Pigsty", in parallel with "Last Night I Dreamt..." makes brilliant use of sound effects, although this time aroung one feels that their source might be more NBC than BBC.

    Also long live "To Me You Are A Work Of Art", with it's echoes of Basil Hallward's worship of Dorian Gray, and also of "Vauxhall and I", to which I note with a little more than casual hysteria, the whole of this album may be considered next of kin.

    I might be aacused of living in the past, but as time slips by, that particular area looks more and more attractive, doesnt it?
    Knott Miller -- Friday April 07 2006, @07:22AM (#209681)
    (User #16183 Info)
  • I agree with those who say that Dear God Please Help Me is a perfect song, because it is. The composition, the way the lyrics unfold - the way it kicks with those kegs, spreads those legs, and then freely roams the streets (praying all the while) is Morrissey at his lyrical best. The music is gorgeous and appropriate, the vocals are stunning, and the production is immaculate.

    I went for Pigsty, though, because it kills me. It is not as perfect a composition (there is something missing, I agree) but the overblown passion, the complete, operatic abandon at the end, makes me weep. This song is ridiculous, sublime, flawed and intimately honest. Morrissey crawls right into my head on this one, reaches down to my heart and wrings it out.
    Anaesthesine -- Friday April 07 2006, @08:05AM (#209699)
    (User #14203 Info)
    If Moz did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.
  • in my opinion there are more interesting moments in fewer songs on ROTT than there are on the whole of YATQ (A sides)...had half of those B sides made the cut, then i'd be singing a different tune. as it stands, i think ROTT is a nuch better album...besides, the grafitti on the wall on the picture of the ROTT booklet reads "Smash Bush" - what's not to love?
    Anonymous -- Friday April 07 2006, @08:08AM (#209701)
  • Although it changes and I won't be able to come to a final decision for at least a year (one of the things that signifies a quality album for me).."Dear God", "Pigsty", and some of the others have been alternating, "Far Off Places" is currently my favourite...it is a anti-war song, but so much more subtle and intriquing than the lame protest song "America" on YATQ...then again perhaps "Dear God" is iT!!!
    defari -- Friday April 07 2006, @08:22AM (#209704)
    (User #10050 Info)
  • america vs far-off places 0:1
    irish blood vs dear god 0:1
    jesus vs killed 1:0
    camden vs the youngest 1:0
    not sorry vs future 0:1
    crashing bores vs father who 1:0
    how can vs pigsty 0:1
    first of gang vs anybody's hero 1:1
    let me kiss vs on the streets 1:0
    dykes vs work of art 1:0
    i like you vs the boy 0:1
    couldn't last vs at last 1:1

    YATQ vs ROTT 7:7

    but since pigsty is A KILLER, ROTT is winning!
    Anonymous -- Friday April 07 2006, @09:13AM (#209715)
  • ::Life Is A Pigsty::

    Absolutely incredible.

    I can honestly say that I never expected a song of this magnitude and bravaura to be on the album. Given the (lack of) quality of the song-writing on 'Southpaw Grammar' and 'Maladjusted', and the worthy but at times uninspiring moments of YATQ, I thought that a song like this was beyond them. It is utterly fantastic.

    And, on what is surely Morrissey's most vocally opulent album EVER, his vocals on this track are simply stunningly beautiful. Almost like a combination of his best vocal parts from 'I Know It's Over' and 'Last Night I Dreamt...', this is the first time in an age that his vocals have given me the chills.
    But the overall atmosphere of the track is simply majestic. I would almost go as far as to say that this is what I hoped The Smiths would have sounded like if they had continued beyond 1987.
    From the synthetic rain reminiscent of my favourite all-time Smiths song 'Well I Wonder', to the ominous dischordant keyboard passages, to the time change, to Morrissey's extraordinary vocals especially on the 'I cant reach you' section. The whole thing is just breathtaking.

    I think the whole album in general is superior to YATQ. Having played nothing else since Monday, I'd even go as far as saying that this is IT. As the sticker on the sleeve proclaims, 'The Morrissey Masterpiece'. There's so many elements that hook me in. The kid's choir on 'The Youngest...', the thundering percussion on 'I Will See You...', Morriconne's arrangemnt, the glam-stomp of 'In The Future...', the scat-vocals and the 'yodelling' that it feels he hasn't done in an age, the slashing strings and dramatics of 'At Last I Am Born'.
    There's maybe only two tracks that haven't won me over yet, 'I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now' and 'To Me You Are A Work Of Art'. Maybe 'I Knew I Was Next' should have been chosen in place of either of those tracks?

    Vocally and lyrically though, this really is a stunning work. And who'd have thought that after some fairly pedestrian work, the band would come up with some of the stuff they've got going on here?

    The Ringleader was the most loved...
    Requiescant Inpacce -- Friday April 07 2006, @12:10PM (#209782)
    (User #10687 Info)
    "You should not go to them...let them come to you...just like I do..."
  • I'd say this album is his most difficult; most of the tracks need several (uninterrupted) listens before you know where you stand. But despite 'Life Is A Pigsty' winning me over with it's excellent musical arrangement, 'I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now' has wrapped it's tenticles around my heart, and it did so immediately, exactly like when I first heard Suedehead or EDILS. How can anyone listen to him singing 'I'll never be, I'll never be, I'll never be anybody's lover now' and not be moved to tears? And the bridge of 'my love is under the ground / my one true love is under the ground' quickens my pulse.
    Yes, by Mozzer's standards, it's lyrically simplistic, yes the music doesn't stretch to anything spectacular, but I fell in love with this man's voice over six years ago, and on this record, that voice has never sounded better.
    Mozzersgirl -- Friday April 07 2006, @12:41PM (#209796)
    (User #14229 Info)
    "There's more evil in the charts than in an al-Qaeda suggestion box" - Bill Bailey
  • O.K., I think the music is pretty cool...but what I love about Morrissey is the innuendo and humor and just being a great wordsmith. Plus, since I'm personally really into how the actual MUSIC sounds, sometimes (for me) he can get away with weird, awkward, or just plain not so good lyrics and the song is still salvaged by the music.

    But everytime I hear "There are explosive kegs..." and "I'm spreading your legs..." ...."dear God..." I just think "UGHH!!"

    After the brilliant opener, try skipping "Dear God" and going right into "You Have Killed Me." Much better!!

    Agree/disagree? I'd be curious to know what others think.
    Anonymous -- Friday April 07 2006, @12:42PM (#209797)
  • at the moment my favourite is "dear god please help me".

    it's very morrissey: dramatic, powerful, straightforward, yet extremely romantic. the lyrics are so beautiful. those wonderful words draw this lovely and beautiful landscape. a romantic and dangerous picture.

    and the music is perfect as well, it takes you there. an apparently simple arrangement but very strong.

    i find it similar to "come back to camden". which is gorgeous as well.

    by the way, what is the meaning of kegs? my native tongue is spanish, and i looked on the dictionary, but couldn't find a translation that made sense.

    is the word kegs only used in britain? i'm afraid i haven't heard that word coming from the mouth of an american.

    tks for the info!
    Anonymous -- Friday April 07 2006, @01:43PM (#209828)
  • I don't even understand the fuss over the lyrics on Dear God Please Help Me.. I mean, hasn't anyone made a second thought to the (brilliant!) track Wide To Recieve? "I'm lying here wide to recieve, almost anything you care to give/leave".
    Anonymous -- Friday April 07 2006, @02:45PM (#209859)
  • How is this song overlooked!?!??! This song is incredible and has been on constant play on my I-POD. This song has my vote.
    Anonymous -- Friday April 07 2006, @03:12PM (#209867)
  • I don't get it ... why don't more love this song as much as I do?? To me it is the real stand out track, with Youngest 2nd, Pigsty 3rd (except for that annoying tinkling sos thing...) and killed me 4th.

    Was delighted he played my faves on the Channel 4 interview show (except Pigsty) and they are all singles for certain - mark my words!!

    The passion when he sings 'anything' is worth the track alone .... anyone??

    angel -- Friday April 07 2006, @03:33PM (#209877)
    (User #65 Info)
  • Ringleader grows to be a better listen than YATQ, but it does take time.

    My personal faves are In The Future, Dear God, and Pigsty.

    The last few tracks have not grabbed me yet. There's still time, of course, but I'm beginning to worry. Just a bit!

    And finally, in defense of Southpaw and Maladjusted (both great in my opinion) it's safe to assume that even a "lesser" Moz album is still better than 94% of everything else, right?


    Anonymous -- Friday April 07 2006, @04:04PM (#209889)
  • Wow, this album is really amazing ¡¡, it isn't fair to compare album by album, because each one have his own very soul, his one (s) meaning(s), it's kind of difficult to explain... but this new one have a darker atmosphere that in times reminds me kill uncle, wich is brilliant, even more Powerful than YATQ... Now Moz is a master in the art of dying, wich makes him a more interesting drug...
    I have voted for dear God, because I have always loved that kind of honesty (his voice and suffering seems to be so frankly) it's interesting, in YATQ he was forgiven jesus, now he is asking for help to the Lord, help with (maybe) the kind of things that Jesus have no mercy in sending to him..., but I can change my mind later, because I like every one of the songs ...
    The voice is simply brilliant, the lyrics are so profound, to me is a work of art.
    NovemberJesus -- Friday April 07 2006, @07:03PM (#209931)
    (User #14730 Info)
    ...maybe I'll even arrive?
  • I love the whole album but I voted for I`ll never be anybody`s hero now with Dear God coming in a close second.Life is A pigsty is so awesome too.In the future is also a favorie and so is I will see you.Overall I think this is a excellent album.
    tibby -- Friday April 07 2006, @08:20PM (#209934)
    (User #2713 Info)
    ~I am a poor freezingly cold soul so far from where I intended to go ~I love Morrissey
  • Great Song! I really like this album but I am not very impressed by Tobias. His style seems so plain, but at the same time I enjoy it. How weird!
    Sir Alec -- Friday April 07 2006, @11:01PM (#209947)
    (User #14959 Info)
  • This has got to be the best segueway of 2 songs that I have heard in ages. These songs are the foundation of the album.

    On the Streets I Ran - someone has already stated that this is what The Smiths would sound like if they were still together. I completely agree. Fascinating song.

    To Me You Are A Work of Art - Incredible. No need for additional words, says it all so well in just a few lines.
    rockuba -- Saturday April 08 2006, @12:35AM (#209958)
    (User #5711 Info)
  • i know it's a bit weird, but the one i fell in love with was this stepfather song. i think the change in key and tune from chorus to verse shows a creepy magic mixed up with the emotional lyrics and the rythm drive of the song. original stuff.

    of course i am a pigsy../youngest../hero..-fan as well. but i voted for the killing of the father. am i not normal ??????
    lovely eek -- Saturday April 08 2006, @03:05AM (#209982)
    (User #16003 Info)
  • I think "i'll never be anybody's hero now" will become a classic track. the start sounds a bit like "nobody loves us". the first time i heard "the youngest was the most loved" the hairs on the back of my neck stood up!
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 08 2006, @04:43AM (#210001)
  • I think everything is on equal par, really. Maybe except for the opener which still doesn't do it for me.
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 08 2006, @06:15AM (#210009)
  • I can't afford to invest in a cd but decide for myself its literary quality...I doubt the Smiths/Morrissey lyrics page updated their lyrics site right away...
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 08 2006, @07:31AM (#210019)
  • ... that more people haven't voted for At Last I Am Born, and that a lot have people on here have been a bit negative about it. Only Morrissey seems capable of writing a song that manages to be so touching and so funny at the same time, and musically I think it's one of the most interesting tracks on here. In fact I'd say it's the best closer to any Morrissey solo album so far (take that, Speedway!), although with the possible exception of Father Who Must Be Killed I think the whole album is excellent.
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 08 2006, @09:55AM (#210060)
  • I'm sure that by this point that after having everyone else's reviews posted that this is a vanity project on my end and only of interest to myself, but I feel compelled because I never really offered anything on "You are the Quarry."

    I feel like I am free to do so these days precisely because it doesn't matter to anyone.

    It's hard to know what to say about an album when you have been listening to the better half of it for about 2 years before it is released. With that in mind, I decided to strip away all expectations and hold out until I purchased the CD.

    That was a good thing.

    At the moment, I want to treat the album like it starts with "The Youngest was the Most Loved". No matter how hard I try, "Dear God Please Help Me" is the unfortunate sandwich between "I will see you in far off places", a song that is great live, but is the signature thud that reminds me of earlier albums, and "You Have Killed Me", a song that only has the distinction of being "nice" and recalls to me "Alma Matters" in how it comes off as a product of a "construct-a-song" kit in "here's the musical intro, and here's where you sing, and morrissey, here is where you insert the tiniest amount of lyrics possible to stay away from the idea that you write anything deep and interesting as it might scare away potential converts..."

    Hearing both of those songs before the album even came out, I began to wonder what the early reviewers were hearing. When I think of being blasted out of your seats with something new, I don't think of the Middle Eastern version of "Papa Jack" being the one to cut it.

    And God knows what I would think of "Dear God Please Help Me" if we haven't had months of debate to kill it off and make it sound like old hat even before "IWSYIFOP" fades out for the very first time. Wouldn't matter if they dug Mozart out of the grave and asked him to compose some music, it's lost on me at the moment.

    So, track 4 is where we pick up.

    Yes, the blessed relief of track 4!

    "The youngest was the most loved" isn't even my favorite if we're going for kids turning into killers on this album, but this is truly where the "musical departure" starts for me. All of the ploddiness is gone at this point without the guitar being too jangly and precious to placate the Smiths apostles. No longer am I staring at these albums and wondering if I've grown beyond being interesting in Morrissey's music. I hear these songs, hear them in my head later, and can't wait to listen to them again.

    People say that the "Father who must be killed" isn't quite ready as a song, but to me, that's the point. It's frantic and rambling, and the children's choir works better here.

    "Life is a Pigsty" reminds me of Moby. Again, expectations are high to be blown away at this point. It's very common. Whenever you show up at shows of "the next big thing" where a band like the Arctic Monkeys or The Strokes have been hyped to the point of no return, you never see the audience rocking out. You see them standing like a rock and staring intently at the band and waiting to have their minds altered because they think that maybe they have finally become lucky and are present at a seminal gig, but people walk away confused.

    So, the question remains: is "Life a Pigsty" really a work of genius and I'm failing to see it and prefer the pop songs? Or is everybody else saying that because Morrissey himself told us that it was?

    How many people ran out and bought Gene albums because he said they were great?

    "I'll never be anybody's hero now" is accused of being paint-by-numbers and album filler. I don't think so in the least. It's a lullabye of a song and the closest thing where Morrissey's voice makes love to anything on the album. Why isn't a line like "There is no such thing in life as normal" receiving that same criticism? Even if morrissey never sang it before, i'm sure he's said it in interviews at some point, yet, this is somehow new and exciting while "I will never be..." gets poohed upon from on-high for reasons that don't make any sense to me.

    So, this is my album experience, for better or for worse. Concern and worry gives way to happiness and I'm left with a better album that YATQ.
    suzanne -- Saturday April 08 2006, @11:57AM (#210067)
    (User #36 Info)
    I scare dead people.
  • I'm sorry but this album truly sucks - i listened to it online this morning and am very dissappointed. I will not be buying this CD.
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 08 2006, @04:16PM (#210108)
  • arent being proportionately represented on here...so if you think the album is generally crap then please post. cos otherwise i feel like everyone's been brainwashed to like it except myself. the only good songs are the single and life is a pigsty which needs work to make it a better song as it goes on too long and loses its momentum a bit, due to underwhelming production.

    lyrically morrissey is now close to meaningless and certainly not notable. if they were on a U2 album i wouldnt raise an eyebrow, but then i'd rather fall off a building than hear a U2 album.

    musically he's been let down by bad songs for him to stick his vocals lines on.

    the production is boring and not so inspiring and it sounds overcluttered on some of the songs i think, ie 'life is a pigsty' towards the end.

    if you really think this album's great then i can only wonder how i agreed with your taste prior to this, about morrissey at least.
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 09 2006, @01:19AM (#210132)
  • the traffic noise in "the youngest.." is an italian ambulance.
    heifer -- Sunday April 09 2006, @04:47AM (#210139)
    (User #9457 Info)
  • Had to vote for this song. Pigsty and Youngest are just as good, but there's something about this song that grabs you.

    It hurts because it's true!
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 09 2006, @08:03AM (#210170)
  • Few comebacks are ever as expertly executed as Morrissey's 2004 return to the stage, You Are the Quarry. It may have not sold gangbusters but it was certainly a hit, proving that he still had legions of devoted fans who would follow through hell and high water (or at the very least, seven years between albums), and earned his best reviews in years, elevating him to the status of well-respected elder statesman. It also gave him the opportunity to return to regular record-making, an opportunity that he seizes with Quarry's quickly delivered sequel, 2006's Ringleader of the Tormentors. Despite its near-genius title, perfect artwork, and pedigree — instead of working with modern punk producer Jerry Finn as he did last time around, Moz has hired the legendary Tony Visconti, best known for his work with T. Rex and David Bowie, and even has the iconic Ennio Morricone provide orchestration for the epic "Dear God Please Help Me" — Ringleader of the Tormentors is about as close to standard-issue Morrissey as it gets. There's always been a certain similarity to his work, particularly on his solo recordings, but each of his records either had a distinct sonic or aesthetic point of view or, at the very least, was graced by a handful of songs distinguished by a particularly sharp turn of phrase, whether it was lyrical or musical. It would seem that Ringleader has all the elements of being a cut above an average Morrissey LP, since not only are his collaborators storied themselves, but it's supported by a press campaign where the once celibate, often miserable singer has declared that he's abandoned L.A. for Rome, where he is living happily and living in love.

    All of these elements seem to be the core ingredients for a classic Morrissey record, but there is little about Ringleader that's distinctive: whether it's the standard-issue single "You Have Killed Me" or the grinding seven-minute art rock centerpiece "Life Is a Pigsty," each tune has an all-too-clear antecedent elsewhere in Moz's catalog. Again, since Morrissey often works within a strict formula, this familiarity isn't necessarily bad, but the songs lack memorable moments. Not to say that there aren't highlights — the dirgeful opener, "I Will See You in Far Off Places," is dreamily evocative, "In the Future When All Is Well" and "On the Streets I Ran" are nicely propulsive — but there is nothing noteworthy or fresh here besides Morrissey's new tendency toward blunt words. He writes candidly about his personal life on this record in a way that he never has before — he implicitly outs himself on "Dear God Please Help Me" — and while this outburst of frank emotion may add some resonance to his declarations of love and rebirth, his words are clunky, lacking his trademark elegant wit ("I see the world, it makes me puke" and "there are explosive kegs between my legs" are a long way from "Why pamper life's complexity/When the leather runs smooth on the passenger seat?"). That is also true of the very sound of Ringleader of the Tormentors, which is just a shade too slick and sequenced, veering too close to comfort to the overly glossy '80s productions Morrissey routinely denounced during his days with the Smiths. These are subtle flaws, something that only the Morrissey diehard can dig out, but that's pretty much the only kind of fan Morrissey has in 2006. And since these flaws are not enough to derail the record, just enough to annoy, it's easy to enjoy Ringleader of the Tormentors as merely an everyday Morrissey record, but it's hard not to shake the suspicion that this album is the closest he's ever been to forgettable. ~Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 09 2006, @08:38AM (#210190)
  • First of all: it’s my opinion, which may not be the same to your opinions!

    I don’t know what it’s about YATQ that fans and critics say, it was/is such a beautiful CD... Maybe I can be a little more objective because I only know his current work since 2004 and none of his solo-work in the 90s. Comparing YATQ and ROTT, ROTT is in my opinion far more better than YATQ. It took me over half a year to listen to YATQ. I bought it, listened to it once and put it away. The music was (for me) very difficult to listen to. Lyrically it was definitely good (I am sorry and Irish blood, English heart are just great) but in connection with the music it wasn’t that good. And I still think it’s a little heavy with the fake strings and stuff.
    I first didn’t want to buy ROTT because the critics weren’t that good (another reason not to trust critics and music paper reviews!). So I first listened to it in the music store and it was so catching! I just listened to the first 20-30 sec. of every song which was enough. I stand there with goose pumps and a big smile on my face. His voice is great and the music is much more open. This whole album is like a symphony to me. And this time with real strings! Thank god! Some songs are very stadium-able. I don’t know if the fans like it if Moz is writing this kind of let’s call it mainstream pop/rock but it definitely fits him. Lyrically he is like with almost every song I know great. Noone writes love songs like he does… well, everyone knows that, I guess!
    So all in all, I just can say, that I LOVE ROTT!!!! Moz, go on like that!

    P.S. I've voted for You are a work of art!
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 09 2006, @09:39AM (#210200)
  • With the addition of Jesse in the band will Boz continue to be less "noticeable" in these and future studio songs?

    I'd just like to hear "the captain of the ship" do more than play acoustic guitar.
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 09 2006, @03:48PM (#210309)
    • Re:Th' Lads by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday April 09 2006, @03:56PM
      • Re:Th' Lads by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday April 09 2006, @04:11PM
        • Re:Th' Lads by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday April 10 2006, @09:06AM
          • Re:Th' Lads by jeebahs (Score:1) Monday April 10 2006, @10:29AM
            • Re:Th' Lads by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday April 10 2006, @02:52PM
  • And the more comments I read on this particular poll the more I am coming to realise that a lot of Morrissey fans just aren't musos.

    If they were, they'd be disappointed by this album.

    It's certainly not as crap as "Kill Uncle" but in terms of laziness it's somewhere between there and "Maladjusted".

    And his previous lyrical brilliance seems to have deserted him this time round. Where is the eminently quotable stuff? It's just not there.

    All the ingredients were there for a great album: the legendary Tony Visconti; the genius Morricone; and the newfound love and candour. And yet all of them seem to have been lost in the wasteland of the aging mediocrity of his backing band.

    And the production! YATQ was so 2004 and yet so fittingly Morrissey at the same time. This time round we have something which sounds like it was recorded on an 8-track that just couldn't quite cope with all it was asked to do.. Mr. Visconti, was your mixing console even switched on? I am astounded that the brilliant ideas on the opening track promise so much and yet we keep losing the top end. It's so... muddy!!

    Only "Dear God" and "Life is a pigsty" seem to work from a musical point of view and that's probably because they are sparse.

    I get the feeling that only when I hear them live will most of these tracks come to realise their full potential. Which is the opposite of YATQ, for some reason.

    Ultimately, I am just confused by this mediocre offering. Somewhere along the line, quality control went out of the window. If it hadn't, tracks 6, 8, 9 and 11 wouldn't have made it onto the album.

    Just what is this album saying? Half of it doesn't speak to me at all and screams "filler" which isn't something I expect from Morrissey.

    Wake up folks, it's just not good enough!

    Only "I Will See You In Far Off Places" has any real lyrical meaning in it. I mean, what is the point of "The Father Who Must Be Killed"?? What is "I Just Want To See The Boy Happy" supposed to say to us?!? And let's not even go there for "On The Streets I Ran"!

    I am sorry to report...

    ...it says nothing to me about my life.

    bobmozza -- Sunday April 09 2006, @04:55PM (#210322)
    (User #6533 Info)
  • america vs far-off places 9:10
    irish blood vs dear god 8:10
    jesus vs killed 10:8
    camden vs the youngest 10:9
    not sorry vs future 9:10
    crashing bores vs father who 10:8
    how can vs pigsty 9:10
    first of gang vs anybody's hero 9:9
    let me kiss vs on the streets 10:9
    dykes vs work of art 10:8
    i like you vs the boy 8:10
    couldn't last vs at last 10:9

    YATQ vs ROTT 112:110

    YATQ is the winner!!
    Anonymous -- Monday April 10 2006, @12:42AM (#210347)
  • I was determined to like this album, having judged Morrissey rather harshly in the past. I decided it was time for a bit of old-fashioned hero-worship again. I needn't have bothered worrying about that anyway. the album is brilliant. Challenging, yes, but very rewarding and his most complete work. Yamaha
    Anonymous -- Monday April 10 2006, @03:40AM (#210401)
  • It took me about 7 listens to like this album. Before that i thought that it was average if not worse. Now i think that it is quality

    I voted for IWSYIFAP, brilliant start to the album.
    spurs50 -- Monday April 10 2006, @05:46AM (#210419)
    (User #16238 Info)
  • Who are the Tormentors and who do they Torment?

    In any case, after a few listens to ROTT, I have to say that this record is absolutely brilliant.

    Progressive, dark, twisted and artistic.....no wonder, he recorded in Italy!!

    Italy is full of dark, twisted and artistic folks....and I should know, I'm Italian and have spent some time in Italy.

    Why, oh why did Morrissey ruin the beautiful music of "Dear God, Please Help Me" with such awful and disturbing lyrics?

    That's the only let down for me, otherwise ROTT is quite awesome. Great guitars and great Moz vocals!
    Cubitt <[email protected]> -- Monday April 10 2006, @06:30AM (#210424)
    (User #1795 Info)
    "Has the world changed or have I changed?"
  • i hope morrissey is going to ask matt walker back to do the drumming on the next album. i think that he really added a lot....as much as i miss looking at Deano and all.
    suzanne -- Monday April 10 2006, @08:55AM (#210460)
    (User #36 Info)
    I scare dead people.
    • Re:drumming by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday April 10 2006, @03:05PM
      • Re:drumming by suzanne (Score:1) Monday April 10 2006, @08:33PM
  • Uhm..OK...I gave it a chance...and it's not like I just jumped on the Moz bandwagon...I've been a fan for a long time, but having listened to it a dozen times, I feel like listening to Pregnant for the Last Time
    Anonymous -- Monday April 10 2006, @09:54AM (#210476)
  • After 2 weeks of owning the album, it's reall starting to grow on me. I first gave a review of 2.5 out 5 stars, I'll move that up to 4.5 out of 5. Most of the alblum rocks and there are only a few songs that I truly despise, The Father Who Must be Killed is horrible in my opinion. IWSYIFOP gets old quickly, but is bearable. Besides those two, everything else rock.

    I went back to listening to Your Arsenal to get the Glam Rock feel he's going after, and it works. I think to really understand the beauty of this alblum you have to listen to it with a different expectation, it's not your are the quarry, far from it.

    Bottom-line, the alblum's growing on me and I am excited about his "hopefully" touring the US in the Fall of 2006.


    PS- Making a judgement with any MOZ alblum needs to be a minimum of at least two weeks in your CD player~
    Anonymous -- Monday April 10 2006, @10:46AM (#210493)
  • ROTT, for me, is really something of a curate's egg. On the one hand, I think it IS better than the generally banal Quarry, and I do prefer Visconti's production to Finn's. Nevertheless, this is not, as Paul Morley claimed, THE Morrissey Masterpiece. That honour still belongs to Vauxhall. I think there are a brace of good to very good songs on Ringleader, but there are also a good number of average to poor ones. This is an improvement on Quarry, where for me FOTGTD was the only real standout. 'Dear God', for instance, is gorgeous and works a treat. It succeeds where Camden failed, probably by virtue of having real strings scored by a master. YHKM is decent, catchy. I really like 'Future' too - I think it has a nice vibe and is melodic, optimistic and playful, probably Jesse's best contribution to the album. 'Pigsty' is superb for the first five minutes, though slightly cacophonous (but not in a good way) towards the end. It demonstrates that Morrissey's voice could easily suit material of the sort created by Massive Attack, and that he needn't be afraid of change. 'Hero Now' is lovely - yes, the music is nothing if not predictable, but I think it suits the song and the melody is gorgeous. 'Work Of Art' is nice too.

    BUT - there are too many bungled moments on the album. 'Far Off Places' remains hideous, though not as hideous as 'Father' - I can barely believe Morrissey had the nerve to put such an obvious throwaway on to the album. The lyrics to 'Father' are fairly hamfisted but worse is the unsuitable and poorly constructed tune backing them. 'Youngest' has a reasonable backing track but the lyrics here are abysmal. The serial killer subject was done FAR more effectively with the superlative 'Jack The Ripper' and Morrissey offers precisely NO new insights here at all. So, children who are cosseted can grow up to become killers? Not exactly a revelation. 'Streets I Ran' is just filler, totally unremarkable. 'Boy Happy' is good fun and energetic but obvious musically as well. I don't mind 'At Last I Am Born' - at least it's different - but it's far from being his best album closer.

    I think the trouble is Morrissey's misguided conviction that his band are amazing. Talented, yes, but not talented enough these days. Their music has stayed stagnant since the Boxers single - only the production really changes. Until the day he calls in new musicians, the latter day masterpiece he is so clearly capable of delivering will elude him. Imagine Quarry with Richard Hawley, for instance. Trouble is, I can't foresee the band trying much that's new, possibly because they just aren't capable of it. And while ROTT has enjoyable moments, another album in this same vein will be simply BORING more than anything. Enough is too much, Moz - try something new.
    Anonymous -- Monday April 10 2006, @12:27PM (#210535)
  • I really can't get into that song at all.
    Exlposive kegs is a very Kill Uncle esque lazy ryhme.
    and the strings are so far back in the mix, fleeting when they appear & not al that imaginative.
    it might as well have been James Last that wrote them.

    On the other hand I really love THYAAWOA. It's got a much better arrangement.

    I voted for In The Future... It's got a nice boogie to it. Plus it's a very good song to sing along to when drunk!

    I would've voted for Life Is A Pigsty if the last four minutes were as good as the first three.
    AnthonyGlamour -- Monday April 10 2006, @02:56PM (#210568)
    (User #7618 Info | http://www.myspace.com/anthonycutt)
  • Absolutely the best track on the album.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 11 2006, @01:26AM (#210672)
  • i feel LISP resembles more the The Teachers are afraid of the students rather than Late Night Maudlin Street, which it is being compared to.
    it is quite frank, blunt in its lyrics, almost cheesy soundtrack and tiringly long for my hearing. why do you like it? just becasue MOz said it is excellent, we are going to proclaim it as such. this is bandwagon mentality.

    i voted I Just want to see the boy happy. I could have voted On the Streets I ran as well if given 2 choices. I think these two would be the songs that the SMiths would have produced if they are still alive now. It is very SMith-sish. the wordplay and the music.
    Overall, i say this album is much polished than YATQ, and just behind teh Top 3 (Viva Hate, Your Arsenal, V&I). It is approachable even for a casual listener.
    I guess the next album will be even better.
    ikyan98 -- Tuesday April 11 2006, @02:50AM (#210697)
    (User #12540 Info)
  • There are alot of great things about Ringleader, and I agree with most that Pigsty is a fantastic track. I thought it was interesting that someone brought up Massive Attack... I think there's a subtlety and complexity in the sound of Pigsty that does remind me of M.A.s work. I love the crashes as Moz 1st sings: "life is a pigsty"... they sound like bombs going off in the distance. I just feel like the track is a little long.

    The album has so many beautiful vocal melodies, and alot of nice lyrics distributed throughout, but sometimes the subject matter of the songs turn me off for some reason, or just don't interest me, or seem too self-indulgent. (pains me to say that!)

    That's where "Work Of Art" comes in. In my view, it's the album's masterpiece. Simple, concise, beautiful. I adore the lines: "I see the world; it makes me puke; but then i look at you, and know that somewhere there's a someone who can soothe me ".

    To me, those lines are the essence of Morrissey. An unexpected word: "puke"... immediately followed with the tenderest, most loving, romantic confession. That's why Morrissey is a genius, because he can juxtapose such polar styles of expression effortlesly.
    carlos -- Tuesday April 11 2006, @06:40AM (#210778)
    (User #1308 Info | http://www.facebook.com/djceremony)
    "This world may lack style, I know..."
  • Most of the album ranges from good to very good/amazing.

    Life Is A Pigsty is fantastically amazing.

    Initially though, after my first few listens, my favourite track was Dear God, Please Help Me....

    but without a doubt...

    I'll never be anybody's hero now is a 100% bonafide Morrissey classic and easily the best song on the album.

    The passing of time will back me up!

    Tottenham Tom -- Tuesday April 11 2006, @07:06AM (#210781)
    (User #11165 Info)
    "I don't sound like nobody"
  • "To Me You Are A Work Of Art" is clearly the top song on a mediocre (by Morrissey standards) album.

    "Life Is A Pigsty" and "In The Future When All's Well" are very good too.

    LoafingOaf <reversethis-{moc ... otstnilfcitnarf}> -- Tuesday April 11 2006, @11:18AM (#210814)
    (User #778 Info)
    Fuck it, Dude. Let's go bowling.
    • Re:Work of Art by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday April 12 2006, @03:45PM
      • Re:Work of Art by kissmyshades (Score:1) Wednesday April 19 2006, @09:52AM
  • I feel that "I Will See You In Far Off Places" is one of the best tracks on this album! It demonstrates that Moz is ever vigilant when it comes to current events. This is a "concept" record and it will be curious to see in what direction he will take his next undertaking.

    However, the guitars could have been a bit more pronounced and "I Will See You In Far Off Places" should have rocked harder. Also, the singing on "On The Streets I Ran" seems at times to be at odds with the music. But all in all, this is a treasure for us all. Can not wait to see you live in Los Angeles!! ( possibly??)
    eventhorizon2 -- Tuesday April 11 2006, @03:05PM (#210891)
    (User #959 Info | http://www.latimes.com/)
    "Another case of unrequited love in which I, as ever, take the leading part."
  • I enjoy Ringleader very much and I voted for "The Youngest Was The Most Loved". Every song ranges from excellent to very good.

    "On The Streets I Ran" is the only weak and filler track on the album, and you could probably say the same with "The Father Who Must Be Killed".
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 11 2006, @03:22PM (#210898)
    • Re:Tormentors by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday April 14 2006, @12:23AM
      • Re:Tormentors by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday April 16 2006, @07:48AM
  • I voted for 'On the Streets...'. I absolutely can't get tired of that ending - so powerful and poignant. Thankyou Moz for yet another outstanding album! See you at Portsomouth Guildhall May 18th!!!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 12 2006, @12:35PM (#211134)
  • I would like to protest that whinging pricks who slag off every single release Morrissey does, whilst invoking the very past songs from his back catelogue which they slagged off in equally vitriolic terms when they were released at the time are not fairly represented on this poll.

    What about us? Let us have our say! God knows there's not enough negativity, abuse and general half-arsed whinging on this site!

    Now Morrissey has produced another huge critical and commercial success its just the time to criticise anyone posting on this board claiming to appreciate it (HA!) as laughably deluded, brainwashed, and diseased.


    A fan from the OLD days
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 12 2006, @04:17PM (#211201)
    • Re:A Protest by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday April 12 2006, @04:20PM
    • Re:A Protest by J.T. Ripper (Score:1) Thursday April 13 2006, @03:10PM
      • Re:A Protest by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday April 13 2006, @03:23PM
  • Anybody's Hero Now gets my vote, just because of the lovely outro singing of "It begins in the heart and it hurts when its true".

    Actually, anybody else noticed that - by and large - the outros are the best parts of most of these songs. That's not to say the rest of the songs are shit, but they definitely peak at the end, ala "IWSYIFOP", "You have killed me", "Life is a Pigsty" and "On The Streets I Ran".

    Love all of the album, by the way, except "At Last I Am Born", which is - the "Our Frank" b-sides apart - my least favourite Morrissey song of all time!

    Jessica x

    Anonymous -- Thursday April 13 2006, @02:02AM (#211273)
  • I really get a kick out of all the "fans" who are quick to slam this album. Guess what kiddies- Morrissey is nearly fifty and is still making some pretty damn good music. The production on this album works with his lyrics and voice. You should try removing your heads from your collective uptight asses and give it a good listen. Every album that he and the Smiths ever put out had the same bunch of critics who eventually came around.

    If you have been a fan for years and upset that his lyrics "don't say something about your life", then maybe you should get a life. I've been a fan for well over twenty years and have stopped trying to find any parallels between his lyrics and my life. If you can't grow up and realize that people such as Moz change with age, then I suggest you crawl into a little hole, maybe even your own, and hum 'Speedway' while pretending it's '94.

    That said, Pigsty is a pleasant surprise - his best vocal since "I Know its Over".

    And Father is not as bad as everyone thinks.

    Anonymous -- Thursday April 13 2006, @10:00PM (#211502)
  • This is such a slow burner; the under dog which will become a sure favourite in the future. There are so many really strong tracks on this album - if only I just want to see the boy happy had been relegated to a B side, and Human Being been the penultimate track (tho who would ever choose a cover for an album - of course not, but nice idea...) then containing myself would have been something I would have found very hard to resist. Those soaring ballads need a romp at the end, though and human being is it. I just want to see the boy is a bit ramshackled and unfinished apart from the brass at the end which is pretty cool in a mad way.... Can't wait for him to include Human Being in his live set.
    Anonymous -- Friday April 14 2006, @12:18AM (#211516)
  • I did think 'Dear God PLease Help Me" was the best track on the album on initial listening, it even brought a tear to my eye because old Moz sounded genuinely happy. "Life is a Pigsty" seemed to long at first, however it has started to have quite an effect to the point I often gravitate towards it first and find myself having the desire to jump in the car drive off and soak up Pigsty's ambience just because I can. So Pigsty is now my favorite track and I look forward to finding something else on further listens and changing my mind if I wish.

    scotty -- Friday April 14 2006, @08:02AM (#211588)
    (User #8242 Info)
  • surprised to see "at last i am born" so low. for me, it's a toss up between that and "life is a pigsty".
    neal -- Friday April 14 2006, @09:59AM (#211617)
    (User #799 Info | http://www.myspace.com/newlands)
  • got to love that Life.., but I haven't been able to get off my head Dear God. Simply beautiful!
    mozzomo -- Friday April 14 2006, @05:16PM (#211667)
    (User #15609 Info)
  • Believe me, I'm as critical of Morrissey as the next guy... There are songs I hate, I wasn't a big Quarry fan, etc...

    With that being said..

    This album is brilliant. The more I listen to it the more amazed I am. It's so thematically consistent, so well thought out, the sequence of the tracks in itself is incredibly moving... the guitar lines and arrangements are completely rejuvenated compared to Quarry...

    The production is kind of weird, with it being very bassy and mushy, but it evokes Vauxhall that way. It seems more personal and less polished..

    I'm not crazy about all the lyrics but the OVERALL picture of the album blows me away. In every song Morrissey is dying. Or he's dead. Dead, dead, dead. And then right at the end...right as he's about to take his last breath... He's born. It's so beautiful, it kills me. This is an album about death, about the last stage of your life (oh come on morrissey, you're not THAT old yet)...and about finding happiness at the LAST POSSIBLE SECOND. It kills me.

    The last 4 or so songs especially...the album builds and builds ("on the streets i ran" is amazing, how come no one is giving it props...It's so driving and it just pushes and pushes you...)... and then it all collapses with "born"... finally he's not running anymore.

    I really think this is one of his best. I didn't at first listen, but on headphones a few times... Wow.

    Jordo -- Saturday April 15 2006, @01:29AM (#211677)
    (User #14162 Info | http://www.jordancooperlalala.com/)
    www.jordancooperLaLaLa.com www.myspace.com/jordancooper Music!
  • I'm listening to "Life Is A Pigsty" at the moment... and this song has such a fresh, exciting sound, particularly the 1st half... and is just the kind of "out of the box" songwriting that the fans have been craving.

    Thanks, Alain...
    carlos -- Saturday April 15 2006, @08:53AM (#211718)
    (User #1308 Info | http://www.facebook.com/djceremony)
    "This world may lack style, I know..."
  • I didn't even have to peak at the poll results before voting... but I really think "Life is a Pigsty" commands them all. It's simply beautiful.
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 15 2006, @02:25PM (#211786)
  • Please, will those of you writing these long-winded and utterly irrelevant album reviews please STOP IT! If you like the album, thats nice. If you don't, you don't- who cares?
    All us normal fans know what you're trying to do anyway- and you'd be better just sending a CV to NME....
    Just had to get that off my chest.
    Jealous of Youth -- Saturday April 15 2006, @03:24PM (#211801)
    (User #14655 Info)
    "so many women, my head should be spinning. Ah, but no..."
  • people like the begging of pigsty-
    and i countine to play the last 5 mins over and over and over and whats with no boz songs
    not 1?
    markmustb1 -- Sunday April 16 2006, @05:57PM (#211968)
    (User #13161 Info)
    cos no one ever turns to me to say ...
  • this is my favorite one on the album. the music and the lyrics are just a mazing!.hope he puts this one on the tour real soon.
    it should be a single. and a video that goes step by step with the lyrics.(lots of blood and thrilling moments). love the song.

    Anonymous -- Sunday April 16 2006, @08:14PM (#211979)
  • In 'America is not the world' he name-checked Estonia and now, in 'At Last I am Born', he suggests that 'Bulgarians note'. Where will it end?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 18 2006, @01:40AM (#212166)
  • i bought ringleader i can´t stop listening to it.

    its beautiful.

    however, my dvd only has the yhk video and two making offs, and on the passions page it says that the dvd includes videos for tracks 3, 4, and 5
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 18 2006, @10:35AM (#212265)
    • Re:ever since by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday April 19 2006, @07:56PM
  • hello. i´m the one who posted the father who must be killed subject.
    zu, i really apreciate your taste in music. and to see you enjoy this song as much as i. your fan club idea sounds great.i can´t belive this track is not at the top of the poll.

    also, if you should know, i sended this, (but it didn´t get posted) according to wikipedia the father who must be killed is going to be released as a single in august 18.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 18 2006, @01:27PM (#212288)
  • dont want to sound like a broken record - but hes doing it again isnt he? throwing some of the better songs away as b sides - while having crap filler on the album... 'goodlooking man about town' and 'i knew i was next' are both fantastic... im not sure that id say that for more than two songs on the album... even the lyrics and melody are better on these two songs.. there are a few album tracks lacking both... lucky we can download the songs now and make our own album - it would suck being left to morrissey's rather dodgy tracklisting...
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 18 2006, @09:13PM (#212361)
  • Noticed that he wrote the music to Far Off Places and Good Looking Man; both of which have a distinctly eastern vibe.
    Perhaps our Al has turned to Islam?
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 20 2006, @06:08AM (#212640)

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