In his new song "How Can Anyone Possibly Know How I Feel?" he uses the word "shit." How does this make you feel? (anonymously suggested)

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don't care
  58% 2191 votes
disappointed that he couldn't find any other word to rhyme with "it"
  7% 272 votes
concerned that his rhyming prowess may be slipping
  5% 215 votes
outraged! he shouldn't be swearing
  4% 156 votes
that's what L.A. will do to you...
  23% 883 votes
3717 total votes.
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  • He? His? Please Mr Questioner - Morrissey does have a name you know. I find your not using his name much ruder than the word in question!
    goverton -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @02:12AM (#98394)
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    • Re:He? His? by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday April 28 2004, @12:07PM
    • Re:He? His? by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday May 21 2004, @11:06AM
  • It really doesn't matter one inch to me if Morrissey uses the word 'shit', so long as it serves some purpose. It is a currency of our everyday language and in the context of the song it expresses the intensity of his disgust at the things he's experience - I think it is an appropriate use of the word.

    He would not be the first artist who you would not immediately expect to use this sort of language to do so, cf:

    Johnny Cash - 'Cocaine Blues' (from 1967!!!) - "I can't forget the day I shot that bad bitch down"
    About a guy who takes cocaine and ends up shooting his girlfriend, thus landing "99 years" in Folsom Prison. The use of "bitch" tells us about the state of mind of the protagonist and his remorselessness, probably as a result of cocaine use.

    Warren Zevon - 'My Shit's Fucked Up' - "Let me break it to you son, your shit's fucked up". About a man who finds out from his doctor that he's seriously ill. The use of this language adds a dimension of black humour to the song.

    Both of these songs, and Morrissey's song also, use these words to express the intensity of the emotion - its not like hip-hop where it sometimes seems gratuitous (but even then you could argue that it's a mark of authenticity since its the language of the street).
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @02:12AM (#98395)
    • Re:Shit...... by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday April 28 2004, @08:47AM
    • Re:Shit...... by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday April 28 2004, @01:16PM
    • Re:Shit...... by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday April 30 2004, @04:37PM
      • Re:Shit...... by Anonymous-shnonymous (Score:1) Friday April 30 2004, @06:49PM
  • well I think it's shit...
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @02:18AM (#98397)
  • Where's the "I love it" option?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @02:18AM (#98398)
  • Do people still get offended by the word shit? The only thing wrong with swear words is the way people can’t seem to cope with them!
    They teach men to drop bombs on people but their controllers forbid them to write fuck on their planes because it is obscene.
    Freedom of speech that’s what I preach,
    rik recked <[email protected]> -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @02:21AM (#98399)
    (User #8612 Info |
    • Re:Shit by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday April 28 2004, @04:39PM
      • Re:Shit by rik recked (Score:1) Friday April 30 2004, @05:29PM
  • Morrissey is only 44/45 years old, how could he know such profanity?! this is an outrage!!! somebody better wash his mouth out for this one!
    herzeleid316 -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @02:42AM (#98403)
    (User #7475 Info)
  • That's the strangest question. Why would anyone be offended or think it's 'unsuitable' for Morrissey? I think it's the best lyric I've heard from YATQ yet.

    New pole immediately please because this one is going to be 98% 'Don't Care'.
    Stan <[email protected]> -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @02:45AM (#98404)
    (User #9752 Info |
  • seriously, how long did that take to come up with?
    What a stupid, boring, pointless, rubbish question, and more to the point, what the bloody hell am I doing wasting my time answering it.christ, its so true what people say about morrissey fans...........idiot
    talking_head -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @02:47AM (#98405)
    (User #7589 Info)
    kiss my shades!!!!!!!!!
  • well if morrissey can use " fuck " ( i.e Tony the pony ) then why would there be a problem with shit :)
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @02:51AM (#98408)
    • Re:well.. by Lemmy (Score:1) Wednesday April 28 2004, @08:25PM
  • all words are fair game, as far as i'm concerned.
    carnal artist -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @02:58AM (#98409)
    (User #7076 Info)
  • This question can only have been written by a fucking septic tank yank. No-one outside the United States of Puritan America could have come up with such a dull and pointless poll.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @03:04AM (#98411)
  • personally, it's neither here nor there BUT i think he's letting himself down.

    he, with such a publicly expressed hatred of common vulgarity, resorts to foul language. in a way, it discredits his work as a literary songwriter and is SCREAMING for attention...

    ...but aren't we all?
    maisie -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @03:51AM (#98417)
    (User #9715 Info |
    NO MORE LOOKS! NO MORE WORDS! (no more manifestos)
  • I think will agree that it adds to the passion of the song.

    Its'a great song. Perhaps, dare I say, the best of the new batch? Can't wait to hear it on the album!

    And, really, who cares? If Moz's next album contians lines about fucking ho's and 'bling bling' referecnes, well then I may have some concerns. :)
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @04:14AM (#98423)
  • he says it in 'The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores' two shits for the price of one...value indeed!!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @04:31AM (#98425)
  • It's crap I know
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @04:40AM (#98426)
  • Shit....And yeah - where's the "I think it's great/refreshing" option?

    How about :
    When do you think Morrissey will release his autobiography ?
    GreatGael -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @05:35AM (#98438)
    (User #10200 Info)
    "I understood it with the eyes, never with thinking...using that would be to find them all equal"
  • I thought the use of the word was very common and ordinary, very..uhmmm Blink 182-ish. Morrissey is far more gifted. But more disturbing was reading the lyric sheet to "America is Not the World." Leave the politics in that song - or take them out - it doesn't matter: the song is dumb! (and horribly written).

    But I LOVE LOVE LOVE "Come Back to Camden," a song that is beautiful and hits on Morrissey's best and most sincere theme: isolation. The song reminds me of Morrissey before he went to L.A. to have his soul and talent whored out to the West Coast.
    Copeland -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @05:39AM (#98439)
    (User #1426 Info)
  • Haven't heard the song yet, but I think it's something different. Something interesting.
    Joshh -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @06:11AM (#98444)
    (User #4730 Info)
  • The inclusion of this terrible word will probably mean that the LP will be plastered with "Parental advisory" stickers in America. You know what they're like - hypocritical puritanical poltroons.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @07:41AM (#98459)
  • Remeber in the Suede cover "My insatiable one". The lyrics are: "On the escalator we shit paracetamol"
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @08:48AM (#98474)
  • When would we have heard this song? It's not been released yet, has it? Surely, this poll wasn't written for the handful of people who attended one of the 6 tour dates in any of two states of one single country.
    alainsane -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @08:59AM (#98479)
    (User #460 Info)
  • He sang the word when he covered the Suede tune...BIG FUCKING DEAL!!!!!!!!!!
    The Handsome Devil -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @09:03AM (#98480)
    (User #9969 Info)
    And, The Drinks Are On Me
  • this poll needs to have more choices:

    i like it. it makes sense. 'my faced dragged through seven miles of poo poo.' doesn't work.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @09:26AM (#98487)
  • He's a passionate kinda guy. I've not heard the song yet, but I'm sure it fits.

    To the person who submitted this question - GO AWAY!
    Pashernate Lover -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @10:17AM (#98513)
    (User #9724 Info)
  • He sings in Tony the Pony that "There's a free ride on Fucked up Tony" -- This isnt the first time he has cursed in a song.
    Brutalful -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @10:39AM (#98525)
    (User #3028 Info)
  • Morrissey uses the same word in this song, so its neither as shocking or new as the poll makes out, personally it doesn't bother me.
    Henry Higgins -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @11:30AM (#98540)
    (User #10593 Info)
  • disappointed that he couldn't find any other word to rhyme with "shit"
    Aaron -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @11:42AM (#98548)
    (User #238 Info)
  • I am very very dissapointed with Morrissey's latest lyrics. I find them stupid, inappropriate and, as in the case we are discussing here, vulgar.

    There's is nothing wrong with the word "shit", but it just doesn't fit in a Morrissey song.

    On another note, I just wanted to add that I hated IBEH. And this is because of the production. I knew this Finn guy was going to blow it.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @11:45AM (#98549)
  • I bet you don't see any discussions of this nature on any Eminem messageboards!

    Shit is actually in the dictionary.

    And why the sudden hoo-haa? Morrissey uses 'pigshit' in Crashing Bores...

    Don't think this is one of the best songs on Quarry though (lyrically or musically).
    ranierimustgo! -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @11:58AM (#98555)
    (User #9990 Info)
  • He should use the word 'shite'. It's more English and oddly wetter!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @12:12PM (#98565)
  • The word "shit" is much older than the 1800s, appearing in its earliest form, before 1,000 A.D., as the Old English verb scitan. They all derive from the Indo-European root skei-, meaning "to cut" or "to split." For most of its history "shit" was spelled "shite" (and sometimes still is, euphemistically), but the modern spelling of the word can be found in texts dating as far back as the mid-1700s. It most certainly did not originate as an acronym.

    So in my honest opinion it's a word just like any other. I don't believe I've just researched that...:-/
    DanielGaunt -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @12:19PM (#98569)
    (User #6736 Info)
  • I like the line about having his face dragged through 15 miles of shit... but the best he could come up with was "and i don't like it" ???

    If he said he liked it.. It would have been a better lyric.
    bored -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @01:18PM (#98593)
    (User #8415 Info)
  • Ooh, wow! Morrissey says 'shit'. Ahhhh! If shit was the best word he could think of then it was the best word he could think of, and it IS a word!!! If he wants to use it, why shouldn't he? A word is there to be used and to put one beyond the realm of an artist - any artist - because it makes you feel uncomfortable shows that you are clueless, narrow-minded prudes. Art should be concealed from you in anticipation of your moronic analyses. Were you the children at school who did exactly as the teacher said, always followed instructions perfectly and got full marks? The same children who don't understand the important people around them who try and break free from constraints and create something exciting? I'm not even talking about Morrissey saying 'shit' anymore; I just want you to think that in the end we're all going to die and even what we hope to leave behind will one day be wiped out by an ice age (or the sun engulfing the earth, whichever you prefer). So stop worrying about words that make you scowl, table manners that aren't up to your standards or behaviour that looks to fun to be agreeable. Stop living your lives by nonsensical rules that have been embedded into you, and that ultimately mean nothing. Stop trying to dictate someone's art to them by those rules and start looking at what purpose those rules are actually ever going to serve. How can you possibly deam yourselves to be intelligent, thoughtful people with any sort of cultural knowledge if you judge without thinking and have such fixed ideas about what is and what isn't acceptable. You'll all die stupid fools unless you open your mind. Morrissey doesn't say shit, does he? Well he clearly does now, so acknowledge it and get used to it. And when you've done that... shit off.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @02:52PM (#98627)
  • I would like to shit all over the stupid ass who came up with this poll and just wasted 10 minutes of my life reading what everyone thinks about Morrissey saying shit. You suck
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @03:33PM (#98640)
  • I'm not surprised with the use of vulgarity at all, although it seems to be a lot more common in the songs in Quarry than most of his other material.

    I was just listening to a recording of the Hamilton, Ontario concert from 2000. After "I Can Have Both, someone in the audience says something like Hi, or something that sounds like pie. Morrissey responds..."Pie?...You don't mean apple pie do mean c**t!" It's on there clear as day!
    too_jaded -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @07:28PM (#98687)
    (User #1286 Info)
  • bad language is used to give a point, which mozz does in every song he writes... its a powerful word.... i want to hear FUCK!
    optimisticairbag -- Wednesday April 28 2004, @08:39PM (#98702)
    (User #10900 Info)
  • I haven't heard the song, but if the word fits, than shits, it works...if it goes with the passion of the other lyrics then it works, taken out of context, in the way this poll does, it sounds a bit crass, but that's only because it's taken out of context...until this poll question was created, I don't think it would have even been thought about...there are lots of "dumb" words that aren't "curse words", so to pull "shit" out of your ass and ask if it's a quality lyric, well that's shit and I think that is a pretty good way of suming up this poll the context of explaining my thoughts of this poll question, shit is definately the best word to sum it this poll question was chosen over my poll question concerning my concerns of the jerry finn influence? I hope this poll doesn't stay posted for a long time, with all that's going on with Moz right now, we could be debating some better shit than the usage of the world shit in the stanza of one song...
    defari -- Thursday April 29 2004, @12:25AM (#98737)
    (User #10050 Info)
  • there has never been more interesting stuff going on in the world of Morrissey and we have been given the dullest, most pointless poll imaginable.
    what a load of shit!
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 29 2004, @02:34AM (#98759)
  • Moz has never been one to use pointless bad language in his songs and I am glad he doesn't eff and blind all the time because it would detract from his art. However, you can't complain if he chucks in the occasional profanity. 'HCAPKHIF' is a great song, one of the best on the album and that line "I've had my face dragged through fifteen miles of shit, And I do not, and I do not, and I do not, like it" is a great lyric and is magnificently delivered. The disparaging pronunciation of the word 'shit' and the vocal inflection on the final "I do not like it" is set against the chopping guitars is the best single line of vocals I have heard since, well I can't remember.

    As a testament to the quality and catchiness of the song, I would have 'HCAPKHIF', shortlisted as a potential single, along with other candidates '...Crashing Bores', 'The First of he Gang...' and '...Camden'. Perhaps 'You Know I Couldn't Last' and 'I Have Forgiven Jesus' are outside bets. Releasing 'I Have Forgiven Jesus' would be like a follow up to 'Satan Rejected My Soul' (I always thought that song should have been called 'Jesus Rejected My Soul').

    Just one question, does the use of the word 'shit' in 'HCAPKHIF' and also '...Crashing Bores' mean they will likely not be released as singles in the UK. Can you get away with 'shit' in a single these days or would the word have to be changed?
    JonnersB -- Thursday April 29 2004, @05:57AM (#98776)
    (User #8247 Info)
    Would you like to note my inside-leg?
  • the writer of the poll is just being smart with the 'how does that male you feel' thing. I have a question for morrissey obsessives, did he swear in any smiths songs?
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 29 2004, @08:21AM (#98801)
    • Re:its obvious by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday April 29 2004, @08:24AM
  • he said bastard in the headmatser ritual. who careS?
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 29 2004, @11:24AM (#98880)
  • Wel I just watched an hour long cookery programme on channel 4 with Gordon Ramsey, who spent the time saying fuck this, that and you. Fucking stupid bastard. Fuck.
    Shit's really a bit tame these days isn't it?
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 29 2004, @11:26AM (#98881)
  • Don't read lyrics teasers and have not yet been to a show from this new tour.
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 29 2004, @11:44AM (#98893)
  • of course icare- it's Morrissey- but idon't mind the use of profanity. ibelieve that where it is warranted [juste like any other form/type of speech] profanity can be very effective.

    anyone who thinks otherwise can go... nah, not warranted.
    chrisarclark <[email protected]> -- Thursday April 29 2004, @11:57AM (#98902)
    (User #9259 Info)
    "I'm just passing through here on my way to somewhere civilized and maybe I'll even arrive, maybe I'll even arrive..."
  • Which swear word would you like to hear in Morrissey's next song? I would actually prefer hearing the use of 'dick'.
    azraela -- Thursday April 29 2004, @12:52PM (#98929)
    (User #658 Info)
    *swing set girl*
  • What a stupid poll. Shit is a word. Why shouldn't he use it if the word fits what he's trying to say?
    LoafingOaf <reversethis-{moc ... otstnilfcitnarf}> -- Thursday April 29 2004, @02:48PM (#98976)
    (User #778 Info)
    Fuck it, Dude. Let's go bowling.
  • Anyone getting offended over that needs to get a life....That's a lame poll question anyway....
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 29 2004, @05:20PM (#99035)
  • i'm shocked by anything that goes out of george w bush's mouth everyday, not by anything the mozzer says. anyway, he sang it before live, many times, years ago, when he covered 'my insatiable one' by suede. don't remember any pointing fingers then - as everyone joined the church of the holy name???
    SoSueMe -- Friday April 30 2004, @11:59AM (#99232)
    (User #10772 Info)
    [that was a SoSueMe intervention]
  • Is somebody somewhere REALLY so vexed about this issue that they have to raise it here?

    What is the point of the question? Does the contributor take offence at Morrissey's use of the word 'shit', or at his profanity in general? 'Shit' is one of the lesser profanities that Morrissey has used. There was 'bastards' in The Heamaster Ritual, 'crap' in Death At Ones Elbow, 'arse' in Frankly Mr Shankly and in He Knows I'd Love To See Him, 'fucked' in Tony The Pony, 'balls' in Thats Entertainment(okay it's not his lyrics but he still uses it), and 'shag' in the live versions of Disappointed from some of the Kill Uncle tour bootlegs("All you friends and your foes//Would rather die//Than ever have to shag you".)
    Requiescant Inpacce -- Friday April 30 2004, @12:41PM (#99239)
    (User #10687 Info)
    "You should not go to them...let them come to you...just like I do..."
  • has anyone read the preface of the comment section? why are you all "anonymously" complaining about the selection of questions for the polls? is it perhaps that you have already suggested the intelligent ones? just wondering :)

    Anonymous -- Friday April 30 2004, @09:10PM (#99298)
  • swearing is the cool thing to do. right? c'mon guys, right? If swearing doesn't matter at all then why couldn't he be creative enough to make up his own 'swear' word? Maybe Moz should've used something like kunk or blazow instead!
    Anonymous -- Friday April 30 2004, @10:57PM (#99302)
  • >

    same thing, no?
    mr. superinvisible -- Saturday May 01 2004, @01:25PM (#99407)
    (User #6367 Info)
  • Well, there are 2 uses of the word 'shit' on the new album and 4% are offended.
    Don't think Moz has much to worry about really.
    Famous when dead -- Saturday May 01 2004, @05:10PM (#99421)
    (User #981 Info)
    Some of us is turning nasty
  • the first time morrissey cursed was on tony the pony and now he's doing it on the new album. i really don't think cursing is needed in music but hey if you wanna get your point across then do it.
    leedoggpimp <[email protected]> -- Monday May 03 2004, @08:39PM (#99674)
    (User #2789 Info |
    True friends stab you in the front.

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