What's the most over-rated Smiths "classic"? (suggested by mr. sandman)

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Hand In Glove
  13% 408 votes
How Soon Is Now?
  32% 1002 votes
This Charming Man
  7% 222 votes
There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
  4% 144 votes
Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
  6% 213 votes
The Queen Is Dead
  6% 203 votes
Reel Around The Fountain
  6% 203 votes
The Headmaster Ritual
  5% 154 votes
Death At One's Elbow (ha, ha...)
  8% 271 votes
  8% 246 votes
3066 total votes.
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  • is the favourite song of people who don't like the Smiths and Morrissey... it's a song for 'tourists' to the the world of Moz.

    The lyric is good but that riff doesn't take repeat listening...
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 12 2003, @09:35AM (#79310)
  • I feel that Morrissey and the Smiths are impossible to overrate. Perhaps if I was forced to choose, I would say "Asleep" because I think it was pretty high-school level in terms of ideas and not at all what Morrissey was capable of lyrically, but I hear people cite that as a favorite too often.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 12 2003, @09:46AM (#79313)
    • Asleep is one of the most beautiful songs ever written.

      "There is another world, there is a better world...oh there must be"....

      Brings tears to my eyes. No other song about the desire for death can compare to this sweet sounding song. I can't count the number of times I've wept myself to sleep listening to this track.

      Gloomy Sunday is another song that comes to mind when I think of suicide ballads.
      blankette <[email protected]> -- Wednesday November 12 2003, @01:05PM (#79366)
      (User #9366 Info)
    • Re:Impossible to overrate... by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday November 12 2003, @03:15PM
  • ...because it's one of those 'classic' songs that folk think they should like, and therefore say that they like it, rather than genuinely liking it, if you see what I mean. Just because it's been on a Jeans advert and had a bit of a cover version in the charts, it seems to rocket in some people's estimation. Not for me - I see it as a great tune, just like a lot of others in the Smiths catalogue.


    uncleskinny -- Wednesday November 12 2003, @09:56AM (#79314)
    (User #7815 Info)
    And so I drank one, it became four, and when I fell on the floor, I drank more
  • It's the one I've never really liked. Live it sounded great but the studio mix of it is just very weak and rushed and could've been and should've been much much better. A missed opportunity. Johnny's guitar is very waek sounding and Moz probably should've done a few more vocal takes. The harmony idea was great and it would've worked better if they spent a little more time on it.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 12 2003, @10:15AM (#79318)
  • I find this song is overrated and somewhat diminishes the album that takes its name from this song. I believe that every track on "Meat" is better than "Meat." I have heard this said from other Smiths's fans after I dared to express this point of view. Many of them suggested that I just skip the track entirely.

    Moz was right to name the album "Meat is Murder" to make a political statement. That statement, and his views, put vegetarianism in the spotlight and converted thousands to give up meat. I think that is a good thing. The lyrics are amazing. The music is not J.Marr's finest hour as it is heavily overproduced.

    The heifer being slaughtered (mooing cow & fake abattoir machines) sound effects were not necessary to drive the point home. The point was well made, and very few today would fault Moz for his zealous advocacy & dogmatism, a manifesto of sorts, in taking a pro-animal stance. However, those sound effects were gruesome. If Moz wanted someone to become nauseated and ill at the end of the title track, then he achieved his goal. I don't believe that was necessary. Sometimes, when you paint a picture that is too vulgar, or to borrow a terrible phrase you "beat a dead horse," you lose some of the artistry & beauty of a thing.

    The question is "What is the most overrated classic?"

    The Answer: Meat is Murder.
    Belligerent Ghoul -- Wednesday November 12 2003, @10:17AM (#79319)
    (User #9224 Info)
    There is a light that never goes out...
  • the song is great but i think it's greatly over-rated. it was more of a good instrumental really. there wasn't much there lyrically even for moz's sake.
    leedoggpimp <[email protected]mail.com> -- Wednesday November 12 2003, @10:29AM (#79321)
    (User #2789 Info | http://www.morrisseymusic.com/)
    True friends stab you in the front.
  • It's so boring! There's no energy and I personally don't think the lyrics are that meaningful or otherwise exciting.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 12 2003, @10:37AM (#79323)
  • This Charming Man (Score:2, Insightful)

    As one of the first Smiths songs I heard, as you would expect, I suppose I should have a fondness for this track. I do to a certain extent, but I do get a little tired of hearing it.

    It's OK nestled on 'Hatful Of Hollow' but it tends to get played in clubs as the token Smiths song that everyone knows. I sneer at those who cheer it when they realise what it is.
    Bluenose -- Wednesday November 12 2003, @10:39AM (#79324)
    (User #7991 Info)
  • William, it really WAS nothing.
    s-man -- Wednesday November 12 2003, @11:00AM (#79330)
    (User #1233 Info)
  • is a cracking piece of music. Powerful, melodic and deeply pleasing!
    But those lyrics are just dreadful. 'I am human and I need to be loved' is nearly as bad as the sub-sixth-form dross that is 'I'm a creep' by Radio Heads.
    Noel Gallagher from Oasis has made similar comments about it in the past (great music bad lyrics).
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 12 2003, @11:03AM (#79332)
    • Re:How soon is now... by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday November 12 2003, @12:00PM
    • I beg to disagree. Although "How Soon is Now" is a very popular song with the general Non Smiths listening public, it's still one of the greatest anthems(in my eyes).

      I think perhaps I have a fondness for this song, especially the 2nd verse where he says, "There's a club if you'd like to go....", it brings back nostalgia of my own club days, desperately trying to fit in, standing along against a wall putting out the vibe, meaningless one night stands (if you're lucky), and that neverending need to find a lover.

      Besides, those "non Smiths enlightened" listeners do not have a clue as to what the song is actually about anyway...beleiving the lyrics are, "I am the SUN & AIR"...or perhaps they have only heard the God awful version from Charmed.

      As for Creep, by far the worst Radiohead song ever produced. No wonder it appealed to the masses the way it did. Horrible radio crap. Should have been called "Crap" instead of "Creep"...LOL
      blankette <[email protected]> -- Wednesday November 12 2003, @12:12PM (#79349)
      (User #9366 Info)
    • Re:How soon is now... by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday November 12 2003, @11:43PM
    • so you're lonely?... SO WHAT!! by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday November 13 2003, @01:42AM
    • Re:How soon is now... by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday November 13 2003, @12:33PM
  • "Shoplifters of the World Unite" is undoubtedly the most overrated Smiths song (not the worst, that honor belongs to "Golden Lights"). I hear how it's so controversial, and maybe the lyrics are, but the music just plods along. The guitar work could be a lot better here. "The Queen Is Dead" is a great example of how great Johnny Marr can be without the Rickenbacker jangle, he should have employed a similar method to "Shoplifters" as well. Just my opinion, though.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 12 2003, @11:08AM (#79334)
    • Disagree by warderblu (Score:1) Wednesday November 12 2003, @01:25PM
      • Re:Disagree by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday November 12 2003, @11:46PM
  • I don't really understand this poll.People like what they like, so to say someone is over rating it is daft.
    If someone for instance says their favourite is How Soon Is Now or Still Ill or whatever then that's their favourite. It doesn't matter what other people think.
    Or are you on about what "official" polls of the most popular songs are? Well if those sort of polls don't tally with your top ten then so what? They're still great songs.
    Why get worked up over whether more people like This Charming Man than The Queen is dead?
    paulybob <[email protected]> -- Wednesday November 12 2003, @11:39AM (#79340)
    (User #2426 Info)
  • OK, Just because How Soon Is Now is the only song every non smith fan knows, it doesnt mean that its overated. Overplayed maybe, but Not overated. Why do some of us Moz fans have to be so mean to people who dont have half the knowledge of moz/smiths stuff like we do. I think this vote total shows more of a knock on them than the song itself. ".. you could meet someone who really loves you... so you go to the club on your own, and you leave on your own, then you go home and you cry and you want to die" that verse alone makes this song a true classic. If anything... i think "Ask" is overrated .. the lyrics do nothing for me whatsoever... just like REM's shinny happy people... catchy beat, but whats the big deal...
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 12 2003, @01:27PM (#79371)
  • I've never liked The Boy with a Thorn in His Side. It sounds so gutless and even on the best sound system still sounds as though its being played through rice paper. I like songs to have some kind of depth to them and this one sounds very weak and watery.

    Its sad cos it always seems to be played in 80's golden years programmes on the radio and does no justice to The Smiths.
    Pintpot -- Wednesday November 12 2003, @01:27PM (#79372)
    (User #7637 Info)
  • The Queen Is Dead is definately the most over-rated. Overall the songs music and lyrics are weak and uninspired and Morrissey sounds like he has a frog in his throat. Almost everyone I try to turn onto the Smiths always stop at this song and say what is this rubbish?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 12 2003, @01:50PM (#79376)
  • If anyone votes for The Queen is Dead or The Headmaster Ritual, they wil be put to death.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 12 2003, @02:37PM (#79381)
  • I wouldn't say that any of them are 'overrated.'

    Especially How Soon Is Now. As a careful Smiths fan, I have weighed the opinions of others and considered my own, and I find I still love listening to the song. And that's what counts.

    Not that I wouldn't pick many of the other songs on the list over How Soon Is Now. I would. But that doesn't make it a bad song. Just like popularity doesn't make the Beatles or Led Zeppelin a bad band. If you go by that philosophy then you are either stupid or a modern day indie rocker--holier-than-thou.

    It's just like with Godfather III. Come on, it wasn't a bad film just because Sofia Coppola can't act. Everyone conforms to popular opinion. That's the only reason Elvis is dead and Paul McCartney is alive. (Just kidding!)
    xLoveletterx -- Wednesday November 12 2003, @04:45PM (#79396)
    (User #6676 Info)
  • All of the songs posted are perfect. I could go on and on, but we already know. There is really no way for me to choose. I won't cast my vote, I deeply love them all. I'm afraid it seems a few others can, and quite easily. Please think about your choice carefully.

    I won't pass judgment on the passionate and intimate songs our beloved Smiths conjured up so many years ago, nor can I side with any of the boards offset opinions. I can't vote in a poll such as this, where you are chastising an artist's work as "overrated", unless the artist themselves, are indeed "overrated". In my mind, the Smiths as an ensemble and each song individually, are terribly underrated. More people should love and adore the Smiths, but selfishly speaking, I'm glad they don't.
    InterestingDruggie -- Wednesday November 12 2003, @06:28PM (#79407)
    (User #9368 Info)
  • None of the songs are overrated. All are a masterpiece. However, too many people are "only familiar" with 'How Soon is Now?'

    It is a masterpiece, and it should be a catch-song. But I think many people wish that the Smiths would have received more attention.

    sycophantic_slag -- Wednesday November 12 2003, @06:40PM (#79410)
    (User #3940 Info)
    "And I just can't explain/ So I won't even try to."
  • "Reel Around the Fountain" is probably my all-time favorite Smiths' song and I've been here from the get-go. 'Over-rated?" by whom? I feel like that song is all but forgotten. How sad. That song meant so much to me when I was in my teens. I totally relate to the poster who said "people see no worth in you.." decribed some relationships..."
    BobC -- Wednesday November 12 2003, @07:38PM (#79422)
    (User #5785 Info)
  • There are no overrated Smiths songs. The Smiths only released two bad songs in their entire lifespan ("Death At One's Elbow" and "Unloveable") and maybe three or so average ones. The rest are perfection, in my opinion.

    "How Soon Is Now?" is played everywhere, but the real problem is that it simply sounds bad in the running order of Meat Is Murder. It brings the album's momentum to a screeching halt. Stand-alone, it's great.
    "I am human and I need to be loved" may sound silly, but "I am the heir of a shyness that is criminally vulgar" is a lovely lyric.
    ed is dead -- Wednesday November 12 2003, @09:00PM (#79426)
    (User #8319 Info | http://www.mnartists.org/Ed_Moorman)
    "In my Kosmis there will be no feeva of dischord; all my immotions will function in hominy and kind feelings" - Krazy Ka
    • Re:Ridiculous. by InterestingDruggie (Score:1) Wednesday November 12 2003, @10:09PM
      • Re:Ridiculous. by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday November 13 2003, @04:46AM
    • Re:Ridiculous. by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday November 13 2003, @02:58AM
  • I don't know who's definition of 'classic' we're going for here. Of course, in the mainstream, they might not possess any "classics", so I take it be the definition of fans and followers.
    In that case, I'd say Panic. The Hang the DJ thing is catchy, but the music leaves something to be desired, and even the lyrics, although undeniably true aren't very interesting to me.
    keefer -- Wednesday November 12 2003, @09:28PM (#79428)
    (User #2244 Info)
    *Reclined on an analysts couch*
    • dito by Celibate Cry (Score:1) Wednesday November 12 2003, @10:12PM
      • Re:dito by Gabriella (Score:1) Thursday November 13 2003, @02:53PM
    • Re:Panic by WorkingGirlLikeMe (Score:1) Saturday November 15 2003, @09:23PM

  • I've never really liked it. It sounds "country" to me. Sure, the lyrics are darkly funny and the strings are decent but there's not much more to it. And I'm annoyed that they always choose this song to play.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 12 2003, @10:03PM (#79430)
    • I'm completely shocked, I don't know what to say. Girlfriend in a Coma is a wonderful song, and very catchy as well. The tune is joyful, sorrowful and also makes you want to hug somebody. I always want to smile when I hear it. I think about times I've been so angry at a loved one, I wanted to strangle them, and how I'd feel if they were to get gravely ill.
      InterestingDruggie -- Wednesday November 12 2003, @10:17PM (#79433)
      (User #9368 Info)
    • Re:Girlfriend in a coma by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday November 13 2003, @01:28AM
    • Re:Girlfriend in a coma by firstodie (Score:1) Friday November 14 2003, @01:18AM
    • Re:Girlfriend in a coma by dewdrop (Score:1) Sunday November 16 2003, @10:20AM
  • it turned into this huge "craze" its the theme song of charmed. when I first heard it I was like wow this song changed me. Im not alone..and my friends like oh its from charmed. And you have kids saying morrissey wrote it before the smiths..im like ure not even a fan..so shut up. like thoes doofs from good charlotte are like we love the smiths and they mention that song. its great but its just losing its feel because people are preveting it and using it.
    WilliamMozzChick -- Wednesday November 12 2003, @11:09PM (#79436)
    (User #7082 Info)
    • Re:how soon is now by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday November 13 2003, @12:20AM
      • Ask? by Curt Woyte (Score:1) Thursday November 13 2003, @01:25AM
  • There is no overrated Smiths-song... The Smiths can never be too overrated... They're more underrated...
    mozzergirl -- Thursday November 13 2003, @02:24AM (#79452)
    (User #2801 Info)
    Will you put your arms around me, I won't tell anybody
  • I think we needed a "NONE" category. That's what I'd have voted for. I honestly can't think of any Smiths song that is overrated. So I couldn't vote, so pah!
    NIcky's Cousin -- Thursday November 13 2003, @02:41AM (#79455)
    (User #7181 Info)
    ...first day with the jar...
  • In my opinion 'hand in glove' is the most over-rated. It's on to many albums, and is only a mid-range smiths song lyrically and musically. (the words 'hand in glove' sounds fresh and original though, as for the rest; the song is well balanced but there is not much more to it).
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 13 2003, @04:17AM (#79464)
  • It just sounds so boring, so lame, so unispired and business-as-usual-ish...
    Marrs riff is one of his least inspired and Mozza's words are damp and unoriginal and easier than ever to make fun of.
    Terribly overrated, me thinks.
    Martin -- Thursday November 13 2003, @08:12AM (#79475)
    (User #278 Info | http://www.thefarm.cjb.net/)
    A Slight Case of Overcombing
  • I often hear this cited as a not-great song, on this thread and elsewhere? Why? I happen to love that song. I love the lyrics and the sort of harmonica (I think?) playing.

    What's wrong with it?
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 13 2003, @09:14AM (#79479)
  • How Soon Is Now is an excellent song, but I could never understand why it was always considered to be "the one" single by The Smiths.


    Well, it certainly isn't Hand In Glove!
    hand in glove -- Thursday November 13 2003, @10:40AM (#79493)
    (User #827 Info)
    "Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together" - Marilyn Monroe
  • Utter rubbish. Really grinding.

    Death at one's elbow is the most underrated of them all.
    watfordtakeabow -- Thursday November 13 2003, @12:29PM (#79499)
    (User #7333 Info)
    Listen to 'Death At One's Elbow', you'll get to like it.
  • Gawd, i've never liked it, and i only don't like it more when i hear really bad covers on pop-tv shows like "charmed". Make it stop! Make it stop!
    parpacy -- Thursday November 13 2003, @01:10PM (#79502)
    (User #1480 Info)
    "there was a parking lot... now its all covered with flowers..."
  • Obviously...
    theboywiththethornin -- Thursday November 13 2003, @01:47PM (#79506)
    (User #9434 Info)
  • Well, of course not. This poll is about songs that are over-rated, not which ones you think are rubbish. Personally, I voted other because this requires such a great deal of thought to be answered accurately.

    "Hand in Glove" may not be excellent, but it has a raw urgency that typifies early Smiths. Plus, lyrically, it's very amusing indeed.

    "How Soon is Now" is too important a tune in the cannon of 'indie' in terms of influence to call over-rated.

    "This Charming Man" is lyrically excellent, and a real floor-stomper that always gets you on the dancefloor!

    "There is a Light..." perfectly joins ironic overstatement with touching emotion and is a classic 'anthem'.

    "Last Night..." is melodramatic, but it's rare to find a tune where Moz goes REALLY over the top and gets away with it. He does here.

    "The Queen is Dead" is musically simple, and yet compelling. Lyrically it's one of the most overtly political songs of the 1980s.

    "Reel Around the Fountain" is just... sublime. Nuff said.

    "The Headmaster Ritual" has very interesting guitar work and a very interesting story to go with it.

    "Death at One's Elbow" seems to be almost universally loathed but I think it's a very funny tune indeed.

    Personally, for me, all their albums have 'meh' moments where I think what was the point of that. But these are seldom tunes which are over-rated. If I am pushed I would say it's probably got to be "Girl Afraid" because a lot of people seem to like it and it's always left me a bit cold. But, all in all, I think most of their work is massively UNDER-rated.

    Predictable, I know. Apologies.
    bobmozza -- Thursday November 13 2003, @02:59PM (#79516)
    (User #6533 Info)
  • As much as I love the lyrics, HSNIN? is the most overrated Smiths song. Whenever I try to explain who Morrissey is to a novice, they say, 'Oh yeah, I just love that one song; it had a cool guitar sound and I think it's called 'I Am The Sun, I am the Air.'" Very irritating.
    silent and grey -- Thursday November 13 2003, @04:42PM (#79517)
    (User #4009 Info)
    Turn down your lights (where applicable)
  • I know that a lot of people like this one, but for me it feels like an anticlimax after headmaster. Also, it goes on for too long and it's too repetitive.
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 13 2003, @06:11PM (#79522)
  • Its a great tune, but its not a Smiths classic in my book. Headmaster Ritual overrated? I always thought it was underrated.
    navin <[email protected]> -- Thursday November 13 2003, @06:11PM (#79523)
    (User #9301 Info)
    very much yours-
  • Bigmouth strikes again, here in Peru is the most Smiths song played in radios, another "tourist" song, but pretty good guys.
    gan_moz_80 <[email protected]> -- Thursday November 13 2003, @06:46PM (#79524)
    (User #2106 Info)
    Pashernate Love, where are you?

  • the lyrics are absolutely wonderful, but, musically, i do not think it achieves what it was set out to achieve. instead of sounding agressive and/or threatening, it sounds kind of flat and redundant.

    i think it and "barbarism begins at home" are the only songs by the smiths that sound kind of dated.

    it's definitely one of my least favourite smiths songs. but don't listen to me, i actually like "golden lights".
    bernard -- Thursday November 13 2003, @07:03PM (#79525)
    (User #3004 Info)
    ...and like all ugly things, it fell in love.
  • I think "Unhappy birthday" and "Death at one's elbow" out of the Smiths' style. The melodies are too strange, not as melodious as other songs.
    Fabiossey -- Thursday November 13 2003, @07:36PM (#79527)
    (User #8970 Info)
  • I actually love this song. I think it is one of Johnny's best grooves ever, but it is so overplayed, leaving little room for other Smiths songs. It doesn't help that it is used in the horrible Charmed and the even worse "The Craft". Love Spit Love's cover is hideous! My main problem with the song though, is that it's lacking in my favorite thing about the Smiths....not enough Morrissey! It's way too long, and has very little lyrical depth...it seems like an endless remix...great guitar lines though...Curt
    curt666 -- Friday November 14 2003, @03:19AM (#79536)
    (User #9430 Info)
  • Nobody has mentioned 'Ask', I love all Smiths songs except this one, it just grates. (and the video ain't up to much either)
    I Like Stew -- Friday November 14 2003, @05:58AM (#79539)
    (User #7482 Info)
    • I did by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday November 14 2003, @12:20PM
  • Never understood the appeal of that song. Why it stayed in the live set longer than any other song from the first album, I don't know.
    LeBlanc -- Friday November 14 2003, @06:23AM (#79540)
    (User #8971 Info | http://www.thedizzyheights.com/)
  • I know it was Morrisseys personal favorite(if not autobiographical anthem)but it only hinted at the greatness to come.While the lyrics definitely are among moz's best "Hand In Glove" was not the highest point in Marr's career.In fact,as the first album goes,I rate it about 8 out of the 10 tracks(or 8 of 9 on the other side of the pond)
    This Can Of Spam -- Friday November 14 2003, @07:26AM (#79542)
    (User #4758 Info)
    Caring Is Creepy
  • How is it so that y'all love headmaster ritual? I think that is the weakest song made by The Smiths. It's far too long, and the worst riff by Marr. And to all you who think it's a bombastic and energic first track, IT ISN'T... okey!

    But, the lyrics are plain poetry, and morrissey sings like ... himself, just as lovely as all before.
    Anonymous -- Friday November 14 2003, @10:44AM (#79550)
  • I always loved the Peel Session version of 'What Difference Does It Make?' and 'These Things Take Time' but always thought that the studio versions were pretty lame and lost in 80s studio production. Who was to blame - Moz and Marr? John Porter? Who? I demand to know!
    Anonymous -- Friday November 14 2003, @11:44AM (#79556)
  • Listen. Enough of this bantering back and forth as to which Smiths song is overrated or underrated or just not rated at all.

    Yes, "How Soon Is Now?" is played way too much. At least it gets played.

    "Death At One's Elbow" is a bit of an experimental song from a band that was slowly falling apart as they were recording their final record. It does not deserve to be the whipping boy that it has become.

    It's as if none of you posting here want to allow the Smiths to have experimental moments (i.e. "Death At One's Elbow," "Golden Lights," etc). And the bottom line there is that is a shame. You do the Smiths a great disservice when you count any song you don't like as "crap" or "rubbish" just because you don't like it immediately.

    I've got no criticisms about any of the other Smiths songs listed on this poll; to me, they are each to be appreciated on their own merit as a reflection of where this particular band was at the time of recording. Whether the tune makes me dance, laugh, cry, or reflect.

    None of us has anything to complain about in the way of Smiths songs considering they don't even make them anymore.
    smithlikeme -- Friday November 14 2003, @02:08PM (#79562)
    (User #5175 Info)
    You can lead a horticulture but you can't make her think.
  • hey you forgot to put the "im so sorry song" ....Suedehead
    Anonymous -- Friday November 14 2003, @04:21PM (#79568)
  • i hate girlfriend in a coma : it is so cheap, sorry morrissey
    Anonymous -- Saturday November 15 2003, @12:57PM (#79584)
  • I think this is way overrated as far as Morrissey and many of the fans are concerned. The production was horrible, and neither Morrissey or Marr were at their best musically. The lyrics are really the only "classic" thing about that song in my opinion.

    Even though I voted for Hand in Glove, How Soon is Now? almost got my vote. But really, despite the fact that it's terribly, disgustingly overplayed, it really is a good song and deserves to be a classic.
    veradicere -- Saturday November 15 2003, @01:24PM (#79586)
    (User #8315 Info)
    • Re:Hand in glove by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday November 16 2003, @03:04AM
      • Re:Hand in glove by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday November 16 2003, @10:51AM
        • Fuck off by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday November 16 2003, @04:31PM
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            • do you? by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday November 18 2003, @11:07AM
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    • Re:Hand in glove by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday November 17 2003, @03:09AM
  • How soon is now is central to the strength and generosity that i see in morrissey's lyrics.

    the focus is not while morrissey is building up the self-pity, with a list of "I am..." son and heir of terrible shyness, nothing imparticular, in need of love, alone at the club, alone at home etc etc, I I I me me me...

    I think the genius of the song is that after we all get swept along feeling "yes, me too, yes, my life is terrible too, i have these deep feelings too" SUDDENLY morrissey delivers..

    "just like everybody else does"

    and the whole huge romance of loneliness is brought crashing down as we realise we're NOT special and moz encourages us to think about how everybody feels, and not just ourselves.

    I think it's all too easy to romanticise your own experience, but really you're no deeper or more profound than anyone else.

    how soon is now is wonderful for two reasons. first the generosity i've just tried to describe, and second, the cheekiness of how it is presented, that it seduces us into the self-pity, the romance of being alone, before giving us the "test"!! whether we stay at the level of romanticising our feelings, or whether we decide to emphasise the "everybody else" and accept that we are no more special than they are.

    Don't misunderstand me, i can relate to, and be deeply moved by, the immense emotions that morrissey expresses, and they're completely real. The side of morrissey that i love even more though, is the side that adds the humour, by pointing out the irony that these huge feelings that disturb and delight us are perhaps one of the things we have most in common with other people.

    If we underestimate the sophistication of others, then we remain unsophisticated ourselves.
    Anonymous -- Saturday November 15 2003, @01:37PM (#79587)
  • Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now sticks in my mind as been over-rated...if only because of a radio interview, which I read where I a so called Smiths fan rang up and asked Morrissey what his fave song was to which he replied "We'll Let You Know". The Morrissey fan had never heard of it and when asked what his fave song was...he replied "Heaven Knows I'm..." which was immediately followed by a groan by Morrissey.
    DanielGaunt -- Saturday November 15 2003, @03:02PM (#79593)
    (User #6736 Info)
  • And i said it coz its lyrics are so childish.. so plain, altough it has great music.. but sorry those lines really sucks.. I know you gonna crucify me.. but i don´t care =P
    Anonymous -- Saturday November 15 2003, @11:41PM (#79617)
  • this poll is the worst in its kind. does anyone has anything better to do than talk about how bad a smiths song is?!!!??
    Anonymous -- Monday November 17 2003, @02:33PM (#79738)
  • This song is way over-rated. So many people have covered the song and sucked.
    The BEST cover was done by Snake River Conspriracy.
    Anonymous -- Monday November 17 2003, @07:41PM (#79768)
  • Anyone who has gone to a Club on their own hoping to meet anybody, let alone someone who really loved them, and then ended up leaving on their own will be deeply hurt by the suggestion that this record is an over rated Smiths classic. Words fail me! I can not believe that a third of you reguard this track in this way. This track is emotional, heart wrenching, spot on.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 18 2003, @05:00PM (#79870)
  • i think all the songs are pish and morrissey is a weirdo by michael
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 19 2003, @03:44AM (#79932)
    • Re:my thoughts by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday November 19 2003, @04:16AM
  • Bigmouth Strikes Again without question, its a populist Smiths track. Not that makes it a bad tune, but it definately doesnt do anything for me anymore.
    mozismurder -- Wednesday November 19 2003, @07:26AM (#79938)
    (User #7294 Info)
    Mind your bleedin' own you two bob c-nt
  • hmmmm, another public poll and still no sign of Stuart Maconie or Kate Thornton.

    Looks like 'how soon is now' will getting the prize faster quite quickly, which kinds of answers the song question. Mind you, if it is the most over-rated smiths song, then 'imagine' is the best number 1 ever, 'joshua tree' is the best album, and Alanis morrisette debut album is officially better than the smiths - 'the queen is dead'.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 19 2003, @08:55AM (#79943)
  • Sooo over-rated. Probably their best known song and I'll never understand why. Most over-rated album has to be the Queen Is Dead. I love it of course, but Meat and Strangeways are miles better.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 19 2003, @11:28AM (#79951)
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