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Jobriath - his first album
scan from Tigerlily's Underworld


born: 1949
died: 1983

Profile / Photos / Discography + more are available in Jobriath: Resurrection!

Noted as one of Morrissey's favorite artists, Jobriath had a remarkably brief career, comprised of 2 albums and a few singles in the early 70's. It's rumored that Jobriath died 10 years ago, it's also rumored that he may still be alive.

Short profile by: Seiji Toyota aka Tigerlily:

In 1973, a singer suddenly made an appearance on the music scene, came into vogue with the help of hype, and tragically disappeared while no one had realized it.

He wasn't even a star, he was like a meteor:
he came and went in a very short time.

His name is JOBRIATH!!

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photo: Kevin Cummins, caption: Morrissey
from the NME (Oct. 19, 1991)

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