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-Maladjusted Tour, the first leg
-"Roy's Keen" (UK) released

Oct 14 97 - Tuesday

Tour (1st Leg) Ends Violently

The Los Angeles show was cut short after approximately 15 people rushed the stage and Morrissey was mobbed, or 'attacked', being more of an accurate description. There are rumors now that he was injured and that he may even cancel the other L.A.-area dates, but those are just rumors. He did remain on his feet as security pulled him from the mob offstage.

Thanks to everyone who has sent info on this show and the previous ones, I'll try to compile it all soon. Thank God for the break -- the tour resumes Oct. 22. For now:

Thanks to Nate for the link to the report "Morrissey Fans Cause Melee in L.A." from Allstar Mag:

Morrissey fans got a bit carried away at Sunday (Oct.12) night's concert at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles, cutting the encores down to half a song, instead of the intended two.

At least a dozen or more rabid fans rushed the stage and made it onto the boards to get near their idol. Contrary to reports that 20 fans carried the singer offstage, it was actually the security guards who quickly ushered him away from the fans, according to a spokesperson for Morrissey.

Fans came onstage in the middle of Morrissey's second Smiths song of the night, "Shoplifters of the World Unite." He had previously played "Paint a Vulgar Picture."

A report on the show from Tim Peysar:

...He was about 3/4 of the way thru ("Shoplifters") and 8-12 people rushed from behind the stage and attacked Morrissey, the security jumped up and were throwing the attackers off of Morrissey and then more people rushed the stage. The music stopped, the band ran, and Moz was "secret-serviced" off the stage by three bodyguards, the freaks chasing after them. From where I was sitting, it looked as if Morrissey may have been hurt, but I could be wrong. It was all very sad. The crowd "boo’d" the attackers, which some were thrown head first back into the crowd.

The stagerush was a very planned ordeal on the behalf of the immature punks who ruined the show for the rest of us. Near me I heard many people begin to cry, and tears welled up in the eyes of many others. It was a great disappointment to see this happen to him, esp. after calling LA "sane". I couldn't blame him if he never performed here again. Leaving the theater was equally frightening, as fights were breaking out around the venue. As we were driving away we saw 10-12 motorcycle cops racing up the street towards the scene.

Washington DC Review online

From The Indie Press On-line:

Check out our review ... yes, there’s pictures ... of Morrissey’s gig at the Cap. Ballroom in Washington DC on 9.20.97at:

moz5-ipol.jpg (6858 bytes)

Tickets on sale

From Naomi: "Tickets for Battersea go on sale on Wednesday morning at 9.30. The number to ring is 0870 9080 888."

Oct 10 97 - Friday


One (and perhaps the only) English date has been announced. Thanks to Mark H. for the news:

The London Evening Standard today carries an advert for Morrissey at the Battersea Power Station on December 10th 1997; tickets £16.50. However, when asked the venue claim this gig is unconfirmed.

More US Tour Dates

Thanks to everyone who sent news about the dates announced during the past couple of days. Apparently the Florida shows have gone on sale already. Although unbelieveable to me, it looks like Morrissey is skipping the entire state of Texas. I have heard a lot about proposed dates but it seems they all fell through. Hopefully something will be announced last minute.

From Holly Hinton: "Just found on Ticketmaster. Nov. 5 -  Lawrence, KS - Liberty Hall. Info: 816-931-3330"

From Robert of (check out the new website): "There is also a November 10 date in Key West, FL."

From lord cras xxx: "Our Frank is making an appearance in Miami, Florida at the Jackie Gleason Theater on November 11."

From Dan Cox: "...announced on Ticketmaster’s website. Wednesday November 12 in St. Petersburg, FL at the Mahaffey Theater. Show at 8 pm.

Another from Dan: "Friday, November 14 in Kissimmee, FL (near Orlando) at the Tupperware Center Theatre. Tickets are through Ticketmaster at 407-839-3900."

More info on Tulsa, from Richard Mann: "I called the Brady Theatre in Tulsa. The tickets go on sale this Saturday at 10am. They’re available at Dillard’s stores, or at the Fairgrounds Pavillion (?). They are also available by phone, at (918) 582-7239."

More Oscar Wilde, British Press

From Naomi:

Morrissey features as part of an Oscar Wilde retrospective, which is presented by Michael Bracewell, drawing primarily from his book, "England Is Mine". Whether he’s interviewed or merely cited is unclear, so I’ll just cross my fingers and hope for the best - "Omnibus" Sunday, 10.25pm on BBC 1.

There is an extra part of that Jennifer Nine interview in the Melody Maker today. Morrissey talks about Kurt Cobain, meeting heroes, and swimming.

Also, the NME mentions the "Joyce 1 Morrissey 0" farrago, in its news pages this week.

San Francisco - reviews

Thanks to Splene and also Paul King for the link to the review from the San Francisco Chronicle.

Thanks to Steve Cutter for the link to the review at Addicted To Noise.

* I will probably not update until after the Oct. 12 Greek Theater show in Los Angeles. After that show the tour dates about a week off so I'll have some time to catch up and hopefully post all the info on the shows from the first leg that all of you have sent. Please keep it coming. I was not able to find a ticket for myself for the 2nd San Francisco show, so if anyone can send a summary or set list, please do. Thanks

Oct 07 97 - Tuesday

UK - "Roy's Keen" released + tour dates TBA

Thank you to Rachel Mckeon for relaying the info from the Island Records new releases section:

MORRISSEY - New Single - "Roy's Keen"

RELEASE DATE: October 6th 1997

Morrissey, whose forthcoming US tour is already almost sold out, releases a new single for Island Records on October 6, 1997. 'Roy's Keen' is taken from 'Maladjusted' and features two previously unavailable b-sides, 'Lost' and 'The Edges Are No Longer Parallel'.

The Following formats are be available: 7" (also MC) (C)IS671; 12" 12IS671; CD CID671.

The 12" is a week two, non-chart-eligible format and is available on special heavy vinyl.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, Morrissey's transatlantic dates continue to sell like hot cakes: San Francisco sold out in a day, Boston in 45 minutes and Toronto in 30 minutes!

Morrissey will be touring the UK... soon. Dates to be announced.

Portland - info

Thank you to Scott Shelley and Kurt for providing info on the recent Portland show. Well done.

* Some may have already noticed from the tour page - I have also added info for the first show, Toronto. Thanks to Norman Simpson for offering the photos which can be seen on his website. The others concert summaries will come when I get the time.


From Mike Ridenour: "I just heard today from a local record store today (October the sixth) that Morrissey has just been confirmed to play Tulsa’s Brady Theatre on November 4th. This came as a bit of a shock to me as I had just about given up all hope on Morrissey come to the area, and even more surprising to my doorstep (so to speak)."

Another #1

From Al Young:

I was looking at U. Magazine today. Basically a US college campus newspaper insert with a circulation of 1,500,000 (i believe quite a few colleges get it). Every month they list a top 10 college radio chart, and I was surprised to see the Mozzer sitting on top at #1, above Radiohead, Paul Weller, and others. So that’s good news.

More press

This one sounds like "The Big Issue" interview. Also from Al Young:

There’s a short Moz interview in a mag called "Eternity" (i believe that’s the name), which calls itself an alternative lifestyle mag, but seems to cover alot of dance music. Anyway, I believe I’ve read that interview before, so maybe it’s already transcribed on the net, or maybe it ran somewhere else already. Nothing new- "Loose Angela", the Smiths trial, etc.

The Smiths broke up 10 years ago around this time and just afterwards their last studio album was released, Strangeways, Here We Come. From David Tran:

There is an article on The Smiths’ final studio album, Strangways, Here We Come, in the October issue of "Uncut", an English magazine. Aside from the good, long article, there is a great picture of the group where Morrissey is tossing some yellow flowers. That action is caught by a long shutter-speed exposure that accentuates Morrissey’s right hand motion and one of the falling yellow flowers, as well as a yellow flower dangling from his left hand. Smiles are on all of their faces, notably Johnny Marr’s; perhaps, due to the fact that Mike Joyce had his arms around Johnny. I have never seen this exact photo; but there is one that is similar where the people, the flowers, and the setting are the same in the book "The Smiths: The Visual Documentary," on page 86 where the group in on the cover of "Sounds."

San Francisco radio - a tribute

From Ross:

I have a radio show broadcasting from Hayward in the San Francisco Bay area every Saturday from 1-4pm. This Saturday (OCT 11), to celebrate the appearance of Morrissey in SF, THE UK CONNECTION will feature three full hours of all Morrissey music, plus interview clips, etc... tune in to 89.9 FM in the Hayward area or channel 15 on Hayward area TCI cable.

* Site-related - Work is sending me up to San Francisco for a conference taking place there. Coincidentally, Morrissey is playing there on the days I am there so maybe I'll swing by. Please continue to send summaries/stories as I would rather not have to write them myself. Thanks. I'll be back Thursday night so the next update will be on Friday.

If you're looking for something to do, I've finally updated the links page with some new ones. I found out through one of the new links, Michael's Bones about, a website with info on the upcoming movie "WILDE". Looking forward to it.

wilde4.jpg (6487 bytes)
Stephen Fry and Jude Law
in "WILDE"

Oct 06 97 - Monday

Petaluma tonight

That's the update for today.

Oct 04 97 - Saturday

Seattle - info

Here are some summaries on last night's Seattle concert. Thanks to Brian Uber, Todd Stephenson, and Aaron Zedonis for providing the reports. Merchandise is finally available, according to Aaron, there are two t-shirts and a coffee mug.

* I have also added several stories to the Vancouver section. Thanks again to Aaron, to Mike Rashed and to Colin for the excellent reading.


From Lucas Taylor, "...just heard on the radio that Morrissey will be playing in Tucson, AZ on October 23 at 'Gotham.' This venue just opened up about 2 weeks ago, so I don’t know anything about it. They keep trumpeting their sound system on the radio, though, and say it is the 'future' of nightclubs. Whatever that means. Tickets were said to go on sale Monday, October 6 at noon, I believe."

"Roy isn't so keen now..."

Perhaps a completely unrelated story, from KickerCon:

This is a news entry from (a site sponsored by the Daily Mail, oddly enough) dated Thursday, 2 October:

Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson will not be rushing into the transfer market to sign a replacement for crocked midfielder and inspirational skipper Roy Keane.

The Republic of Ireland international will be sidelined until at least the start of next season after it was confirmed that he damaged his cruciate ligament in Saturday’s Premiership clash with Leeds at Elland Road.

Keane will have an operation in four weeks’ time and his absence is a major blow to United’s hopes of European Cup glory despite their memorable win over Juventus at Old Trafford on Wednesday without his services.

Oct 03 97 - Friday

Vancouver - info

Thanks to Keefer (thanks also for the set list), Shawn Gawdin and Noel West for their summaries on the Vancouver show, received just hours after the end of the concert. I am probably putting this info up a little too early... if you have something to add, don't hesitate to add it. There are no restrictions on space.

Thanks also to Heidi for this early morning concert review from the Vancouver Province Newspaper.


A lot of people e-mailed with news of the announcement of the Gainesville, FL show that appeared in the University of Florida campus newspaper. Luca DiNoto was the first with: "a Nov.8 date for a show at the Center of the Performing Arts. Tickets will go on sale Oct. 11..."

EMI single - not "That's Entertainment"?

Thanks to Chris Wuchte for this info:

The new Goldmine has at least one ad offering a new "Everyday Is Like Sunday" single with non-album b-sides to go along with the new "Best Of". No mention of what the b-sides were, but I think it may have been a two part single.

Oct 02 97 - Thursday

Salt Lake City

Thanks to Brian Apsley for the announcement: "Morrissey in concert in Salt Lake City October 31 (Halloween Night) at the Saltair Pavilion. Tickets go on sale Monday October 6 at 10:00 am at all SmithsTix outlets."

Reviews of  Ann Arbor, Chicago online

Thanks to Tim for the link to the review of Ann Arbor at the Michigan Daily Online website (photo included).

And thanks to Chilo for the review from the Chicago Tribune and the review from the Chicago Sun-Times.

Denver (Boulder) update

From John Paul Armstrong: "The Denver (Boulder really) show at the Mackey Auditorium is November 2. The tickets go on sale October 10, at 10 am."

Oct 01 97 - Wednesday

Irvine, Thousand Oaks

Thanks to Sergio Casillas for the news: "KROQ radio is giving away tickets for Oct. 27 at the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza and Oct. 28 at U.C. Irvine Bren Events Center... UCI show on the 28 of oct.. on sale to public sat. the 4th at 10am..Price is $23.50..for students on sale one day earlier for $22.00 $4.00 parking..."

And from dolll, info that Thousand Oaks goes on sale "at the SAME TIME" as Irvine and Claremont. All three are L.A. - area.

Germany - postponed

From Stefan Krix:

I just got the enclosed mail from the agency who booked Morrissey for Germany. It simply says: "Tour is postponed, new dates are not currently known.

Betreff: Re: Morrissey
Datum: Dienstag, 30. September 1997 20:53

tour ist verschoben worden, neue Termine noch nicht bekannt.


Sabine, IBD

Moz in the Melody Maker

From Naomi:

...there’s a positive (yes, that’s right) review of Morrissey’s NYC show, courtesy of Jennifer Nine, plus a picture, in this week’s MM. There’s also a review of "Roy’s Keen", but we’d best gloss over that (they liked "Lost", though - "Moz at his best")

Morrissey article in the Cornell Daily Sun

Thanks to Matt Laflin for letting me know about his article, currently appearing in the online version of the Cornell Sun. "...Also, be sure to mail [the editors] with the feedback buttons telling them how wonderful the article is and how you’d like to see more stories about Moz. :)"

Sep 30 97 - Tuesday


From Alexander Wendt:

I just came across some info, that Morrissey is planning to do his first concerts in Germany since 1992 - here are the dates:

December 1997:

7th - Hamburg - Grosse Freiheit
9th - Berlin - Neue Welt
10th - Dresden - Eissporthalle
11th - Bremen - Aladin
12th - Duesseldorf - Stahlwerk
13th - Karlsruhe - Durlachhalle
15th - Frankfurt - Hugenottenhalle
16th - Muenchen - Colosseum

This information can be found on the web at:

As far as i know there are no tickets available at the moment.

These may not be 100% confirmed, but we'll go with them for now. (* 10-1 - these have been postponed).

Announcement: for SF Bay Area People

From Michelle:

Morrissey Night
Post Concert Party
Wednesday, October 8, 1997

The Blarney Stone
5701 Geary Blvd
(at 21st Avenue)
San Francisco

10:30 PM-2:00 AM
To celebrate the Maladjusted tour.

This event is being brought to Morrissey fans by splendid Marilyn.

* Site-related - I'll be clearing all messages off the discussion boards sometime this weekend for a version upgrade. Not much should change, hopefully it will be a bit more efficient. Also, regarding the All-Access picture --to those who asked - No, it's not mine so No, I can't loan it to you and I have no idea how you would get one, unless you worked on the tour. I just took the picture because someone had told me it was interesting and I should check it out.

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