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-Morrissey-solo unveiled
-Joni Mitchell talks to Morrissey in Rolling Stone
-New album recorded/info
-Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke on KROQ


Mar. 03 97

SELECT Features Court Case Article

In the March SELECT magazine there is an article entitled "Devious truculent and unreliable" penned by Johnny Rogan. In this, the most detailed of all court case articles, Rogan also takes the opportunity to give all his reasons for why Morrissey's career is over, practically challenging him to retire. He had already written an article called "Morrissey, What Went Wrong?" about a year ago (Mojo Magazine, April 1996) saying the same things. Still trying....

In the article, Rogan described an exchange between Morrissey and himself in the foyer of the courthouse during a recess:
Morrissey: "So this is where all things ends"
J. Rogan: "Yes, but do you still wish me to perish in an M3 pile up?"
Morrissey: "No, I don't"
J. Rogan: "Well that's good, that's something"
Morrissey: "No... the M63"

I'd say Morrissey won that exchange.

New Smiths Tribute Compilation Out

A Smiths tribute (25 songs / 2 CD set) called "Godfathers of Change Vol. 1, A Tribute to The Smiths" is now available from 24 Hr. Service Station ( Ordering info and track listing/bands are available on their website.

New Rumors:

Perhaps the May release date was a bit optimistic — August is a month now being tossed around for the new album. However, a fall tour to coincide is rumored also.

Submitted by Stuart Fraser

This may be rubbish but I heard that the studio version of Jack the Ripper is to be used in a film called:
21 Takes a Hit
It may not be called this but it definately has 21 at the start!!!

Feb. 26 97

New Morrissey Record — Song Titles
(big thanks to Jason Endicott for the info)

disclaimer: the titles should be set but may not be etched in stone

Here are the song titles for the newly recorded album:

"He Cried"
"Ambitious Outsiders"
"Alma Maters"
"Roys Keen"

"Ammunition" with lyric - "I don't need no ammunition/I've got more than I can spend"
"Trouble Loves Me"
"Satan Rejected My Soul"
"Sorrow Will Come In The End" (title corrected, 2/21)
"Wide To Receive"
"Papa Jack"

These are in no particular order, except for it looks like "Maladjusted" will be the first song. Another song - "Heir Apparent" - was designated as a b-side.

— Jason Endicott

Reprise giveaway next month/
Rolling Stone interview audio

Saw this posted on AOL. (If anyone wins be sure to send a copy this way!)
Subj: Re:Moz & Mitchell
Date: 97-02-22 20:11:56 EST
From: FizzTwo

The actual interview was much longer and more interesting before it was edited. Reprise is going to put a couple hundred on cassettes and give them away next month.

Feb. 22 97

Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke on KROQ

Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke are in Los Angeles for some sort of convention or something. They were on the Los Angeles radio station KROQ for a short interview Feb. 21. Mike did most of the talking, he mentioned that he had 'hundreds" of unreleased Smiths songs/music "gathering dust", some songs were experimental, some in which brass (a trumpet) was played. He said he couldn't talk about the court case because Morrissey is appealing the decision.

I have encoded the interview (it runs about 10 minutes), click
here to listen to it.

The RealPlayer is required, click below to get it.

Both Mike and Andy were also guests on Loveline (KROQ's call-in radio show) the previous night. Not too much was said... when asked if there would ever be a reunion of The Smiths, Mike answered "No." What was kind of annoying was the host who kept saying "The Smiths are in studio tonight..."

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Feb. 19 97

New LP released in May?

Just got word that we can expect the new album to be released soon (soon — considering it is not finished yet). It may be released as early as May, more details later.

Feb. 16 97

Rolling Stone at newstands

Issue 755 of Rolling Stone (dated March 6) is on the newstands, definitely buy yourself a copy. The cover features Trent Reznor and David Lynch, with subheading in the bottom-left corner, "Joni Mitchell Talks to Morrissey". In the article, there's only one picture of Moz and Joni, an outdoor shot, so I guess we won't get to see the photo with Joni's head between Morrissey's legs after all...

After reading it I was reminded of a quote I heard somewhere (sorry if I butcher it), "an interview reveals as much about the interviewer as it does about the one being interviewed". It's definitely true here, Morrissey is as revealing about himself as Joni is about herself.

A few days after the interview took place I mentioned to Morrissey that I'd heard that Joni refused to do any interviews unless he was the interviewer. Aware of this already, he seemed genuinely honored in his reply, saying that was quite an incredible thing for her to say. (Sorry again, I just can't remember exact quotes).

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Feb. 12 97

Morrissey-solo unveiled

The day has finally come. Thanks to those who helped me test out the pages. Unless there are some problems with the pages, I think I'll celebrate by taking a few days off!

Feb. 08 97

More on the Rolling Stone article
Saw this posted on the Reprise section of AOL:

Date: 97-02-07 22:59:28 EST
From: JackMack1

The March 6 issue of Rolling Stone has an interesting story called "Melancholy Meets the Infinite Sadness," subtitled "Joni Mitchell and Morrissey hold forth on promiscuity, chain-smoking, eating meat and suffering for one's art." It begins on page 46 (NIN is on the cover) with a classic California photo by Robert Paul Maxwell.

The pull-out quote is "I'd like to ask you what Ross Perot means to you," says Morrissey, "because I find him a truly magnetic figure. Is he jeered because he's small?"

Another exchange:
Moz: I think you're the greatest lyricist that has ever lived.
Joni: Oh, my goodness.

They discuss a lot of folks: Dylan (Bob), Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson, Sylvia Plath, Glen Matlock, Johnny Rotten, PJ Harvey, Rickie Lee Jones, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Leonard Cohen, Chrissie Hynde, Carly Simon, Janis Ian, Kirk Douglas, Rachmaninov and Babe.

Feb. 05 97

Morrissey interview (as interviewer) in Rolling Stone

Morrissey's interview with Joni Mitchell for Rolling Stone will finally be published. The date on the mag will be in March but the actual magazine will hit the streets on Feb. 18 (according to the L.A. Times). There should be some photos (Morrissey mentioned there was one with Joni's head between his legs, gotta see that one. He also mentioned that he was horribly jet-lagged during the photo shoot so he probably doesn't look his best).

There have actually been a couple of mentions worth noting in recent issues of Rolling Stone. In the Nov. 28, 1996 issue (iss. 748) George Michael is quoted describing his suit: "'Very sexy isn't it?' asked Michael. 'I feel like Morrissey.'"

In the Feb. 20 issue (iss. 754) Nick Hexum of 311 mentions The Smiths influence on him: "I learned to sing by singing along with their records."

Article - Andy Rourke talks about the court case in Melody Maker (Feb. 1).
Submitted by Rachel Mckeon.

Morrissey pays tribute to Billy Mackenzie
From Melody Maker - News (Feb. 1, 1997):

"Billy Mackenzie, the hugely influential singer who began his career with The Associates, was found dead in a garden shed outside his father's home in Auchterhouse, near Dundee, on January 22. He was 39."

... "Morrissey, a friend and fan of Mackenzie for some years, said: 'He was such a lovely person, and I feel very, very sad.'"

Morrissey lodges High Court appeal
from the local teletext, submitted by Rachel Mckeon.

Singer Morrissey is to appeal against a judge's order that he must pay £1m to a former drummer of cult band The Smiths.

Court of Appeal judges will consider whether 33-year-old Michael Joyce, of Altrincham, Cheshire, is entitled to 25% of the band's recording profits.

Lawyers acting for Morrissey, of Bowdon near Altrincham, have lodged an appeal against a court decision last December.

Feb. 01 97

Morrissey in recording studio

Morrissey is currently finishing up his next album, which will be his debut on Mercury Records. Last I heard, the band lineup will remain the same as will the producer (Steve Lillywhite, or in Morrissey terms, "Lilly Stevewhite"). Will there be a tour in support of the album, you ask? As of now it is doubtful, but I will certainly post on this page if I hear anything.

Lollapalooza slot offered

In an article in the L.A. Times (Jan. 22), "Depeche Mode reportedly has declined; Morrissey remains a possibility" for the 1997 Lollapalooza tour. [I'd say the chances of Morrissey playing Lollapalooza are about none.]

Article - Johnny Rogan reports on the court case in the February Mojo Magazine.
Submitted by Rachel Mckeon.

Post court-case news from SELECT Web:
(these are actually the most comical things I've seen in a while)

From "Honest!"
What can the connection be? Former Smiths bassist Andy Rourke and ex-Happy Mondays drummer Gaz Whelan have formed a band. Called Delicious they've reputedly been together for over three years but, only now are they ready to release a single. Containing such enticing tracks as 'Sitting On The Throne' and 'Cheeky Little Bugger' the platter is released on February 17.

From "Gossip"
Following The Smiths High Court case and Mike Joyce's £1million royalties settlement it has been rumoured that both Craig Gannon and Sandie Shaw have been consulted their solicitors as to the whereabouts of their 'missing thousands.'

(back in Nov. 96 I saw this in the gossip section): Good old Morrissey is said to have admitted the person(s) he'd most like to undress are the Chanell [sic] Twins, identical twin transvestite supermodels from LA.

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