Tue, Aug 24 1999
Santa Barbara (10/6), Las Vegas (10/7) tour dates

These 'warm up' shows are now confirmed:

Don't know when tickets go on sale. A show in Phoenix, AZ is rumored just before these dates.

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Spencer definitely NOT in the band

Thanks to David Edge for the following:

Well, I ran into Spencer Cobrin on Mott St. in New York City over the weekend. He is definitely not in the band anymore. He wouldn't really give me all of the details, but... he said that it was a very bad situation... and that he was disappointed that he wasn't going to be on this tour. He alluded to a lot of inner turmoil in the band, and that he was at least partially glad that it was over. He has a new band called SONNENBLUME, which means "sunflower" in German. They will be playing at Acme Underground In NYC on September 4th.

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Y107 DJ wants his wine money back

Thanks to a.m. for the following: I was listening to Y107 in Los Angeles and one of the DJs was talking about how he saw Morrissey in a restaurant in LA. He and some of his friends decided to send Mozzer a bottle of wine so they asked the waiter what their most expensive bottle of wine was and they sent it to him. They told the waiter, 'tell him it's from fans and friends.' Morrissey apparently did not respond to anything, didn't say a thing. The DJ (don't know his name) started talking about how rude Morrissey was and kept saying he wanted Morrissey to pay him for his wine on the radio. I think Morrissey just doesn't like wine.

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More Bozmail - recording this year unlikely

From Bristol Nick:

...I sent an e-mail to Boz last week asking him about the next Moz record. He replied saying that he can't see Morrissey going into the studio before next year. He also said they've written a few songs but he doesn't know what the album will sound like.

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Placebo / Bowie chat mention (3/99)

From Neil H. Enet:

I found this in a Placebo chat (from Placebo Online) that David Bowie hosted. Here it goes:

Bowienet Chat - Placebo with David Bowie 29/03/99


Bowie: Another question "any Smiths influence? Your cover of Big Mouth on the tribute album is fantastic."

Steve: Yeah, Smiths influence, definitely. We still listen to them now. I remember discovering the Smiths when "How Soon is Now" came out, it blew me away.

Brian: I don't think there's a particular sonic influence, but I think there's a kind of lyrical one Morrissey was also very confessional.

Stefan: What was it like to tour with them? I mean, without Morrissey

Bowie: I wouldn't know! [laughter] I was terribly disappointed, I really wanted him to complete that tour. Morrissey started work with me a couple years ago, whenever it was two, three years ago? He did a couple of shows, then got ill, and we never saw him again, which is a shame. I really admire him very much.

Brian: So there is an influence, yeah. The Smiths were often a soundtrack to every rainy teenage afternoon. I grew up in Luxembourg, where it rains quite a bit he even wrote a song about Luxembourg.

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From Corey Wittig:

Not that it really matters, but I thought some people may be interested in the fact that "How Soon Is Now?" was played over the loud speakers at Woodstock between acts. I was not there, but my friend told me. They also sold Morrissey merchandise. I got a nice sticker. They also sold pins... I'm not sure if there was anything else. This is a little late, but since it isn't of much importance I guess it doesn't matter*l*.

From Steve, a link to Q's review of Public Enemy's There's A Poison Goin' On...:

...Chuck D once shouted the socio-political odds in slam-bang sportscaster's style, but now he sounds bitter and out of the loop, lambasting the vicissitudes of the record industry like a black Morrissey...

From CDP:

I heard on CFNY 102.1 Yesterday (8/21) that one of Morrissey's dates will be Toronto.

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Poll: Favorite Morrissey album

This poll was suggested by Stefan Krix and also Iwein.

Favorite Morrissey album:
Viva Hate
Kill Uncle
Your Arsenal
Vauxhall And I
Southpaw Grammar

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