"Hello Gucci", interview in The Big Issue (Nov. 15 - 21) by Sean Smith
Posted on Tue, Nov 16 1999 at 8:04 a.m. PST
by David T. <[email protected]>
Thanks to Daniel for the transcription of the Morrissey interview in this week's Big Issue (UK). No new pictures:

He hasn't got a record contract, he lost a heap of cash to his former Smiths bandmates in court - and he feels sorry for Michael Portillo. But Sean Smith finds Morrissey is happier and better dressed than ever.

Hello Gucci - transcript

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I always knew Morrissey had tendencies for the gaudier, seemingly finer things in life. On the cover of the single "Tomorrow" he looks like Liberace in a speedo. The more flamboyant the better.

Buck toothed girl from Luxembourg
- Tue, Nov 16, 1999 at 09:53:22 (PST) | #1

"It’s like a very very strong private club"

Huh, exactly! Funny, isn*t it?!

elsberry <[email protected]>
- Tue, Nov 16, 1999 at 10:13:59 (PST) | #2


Maladjusted number two <[email protected]>
Lisbon - Tue, Nov 16, 1999 at 11:29:33 (PST) | #3

I love Morrissey No matter what! I can't wait to see him next month!!!

Interlude24 <[email protected]>
Long Beach, California - Tue, Nov 16, 1999 at 11:44:27 (PST) | #4

I will be in L.A. this week. Anyone familiar with his majesty's address?

Thank you ever so much...

Loud Loutish Lover <l>
Nowhere Fast - Tue, Nov 16, 1999 at 13:32:45 (PST) | #5

Loud Loutish Lover
I know that he lives somewhere off of Sunset Blvd In Los Angeles...up in the hills somewhere. That's all that I know =(

Interlude24 <[email protected]>
Long Beach, California - Tue, Nov 16, 1999 at 14:37:25 (PST) | #6

Morrissey has become such a nice, chuckly old man. God bless him.

- Wed, Nov 17, 1999 at 01:00:21 (PST) | #7

He's next door to Johnny Depp. Go stand on his driveway, you stalkers. Or walk on his lawn and peer in his windows, since he's not home right now.

- Wed, Nov 17, 1999 at 01:06:18 (PST) | #8

Not really a flattering interview ... heavy handed hints at homosexuality. Morrissey is like one's "mum", "a dandy" with a "slightly camp persona", and he chuckles like an "undulgent pantomime dame" Unconcious nastiness, no doubt, since Smith is nearly reverent at other times. Definitely, a homosexual himself, he probably resents Morrissey 'icy aloofness' in deflecting sexual questions, and not being 'out and proud'. Is that the only angle, really? Perhaps, by making such a fuss of it Morissey brought it upon himself. Then, again, as he once said, 'had there been sex, I would probably not have written'.
Morrissey deconstructed.

Glenn Gould <[email protected]>
- Wed, Nov 17, 1999 at 01:38:41 (PST) | #9

Well, I just can't see the problem with "heavy handed hints at homosexuality"... Did you ever listen to The Smiths?

Henrik Rydéhn <[email protected]>
- Wed, Nov 17, 1999 at 02:51:00 (PST) | #10

As a matter of fact I do -listen to the Smiths. That's why I prefer the coy, subtle ambiguity. Ever listen to Morrissey, dear Danish tart, or are you on all fours loving animals all night?

Glenn Gould <[email protected]>
- Wed, Nov 17, 1999 at 03:52:16 (PST) | #11

Steady on, girls!

Dab-Hand at Trouble
Newport Pagnell - Wed, Nov 17, 1999 at 04:27:14 (PST) | #12

"You're gonna need West Ham on your side"

When he's not wearing Gucci, he's wearing a West Ham Boys T-shirt.

and at the Forum last night he took that off and put on a Canning Town Boys t-shirt.

and sang "Here is West Ham, home of the brash, outrageous and free" to Hairdresser on Fire.

Which is strange for a Mancunian living in LA.

Ilford, Esssex - Wed, Nov 17, 1999 at 04:58:55 (PST) | #13

There is so much more revelant aspects regarding Morrissey's strong, well-developed and perfect Echo-like personality than the labels the press insists on attaching to him. Yet, just what is visible at first sight has space in magazines and newspapers, I think that the press should be kind enough as to concentrate just on his excellent artistic work, which is a true expression of his geniality, instead of causing (even more) useless polemic about him.

Patricia Oliveira <[email protected]>
Porto, Portugal - Wed, Nov 17, 1999 at 05:05:16 (PST) | #14

It isn't really surprising that Moz's bed time antics such a matter of interest to journos - considering the centrality of love, longing and sexuality in pretty much the entire Moz/Smiths back catalogue. For the record, I think that it is pretty clear that, in the words of the song, Morrissey rides a cock horse.

Moz has been consistent in his refusal to discuss his sexuality, and frankly, why should he? I can't imagine very much he could say which would add to what they lyrics themselves say.

A more interesting question is why he has made a trademark of a refusal to discuss his sexuality. Parochially, perhaps he doesn't want to upset his dear ol' mum; venially, perhaps he thinks that people won't buy his records. . . who knows?

The reality of the situation that any gay or bi artist faces is that the second the closet door opens, you morph into a "gay" act. Suddenly, the music loses its universal appeal. You have to appear on gameshows wearing a red ribbon and making bitchy comments, yadda yadda yadda . . .. As a singer, you are simultaneously applauded and pigeonholed (and when your str8 fans cheer you, what they actually mean is "aren't I wonderful and secure in my sexuality by virtue of liking this band"). Stipe is perhaps an exception to the rule, but then Stipe's songs are often so obscure and enigmatic that his persona hardly affects the impact of the music.

So I suppose that I'd be pissed off if Moz came out.

David T (a different one)
- Wed, Nov 17, 1999 at 06:10:37 (PST) | #15

Sorry, dear, I really didn't mean to offend, I just thought your message hinted at a disapproval of homosexuality. Plus I'm Swedish, but that's okay.

Henrik Rydéhn <[email protected]>
- Wed, Nov 17, 1999 at 06:30:58 (PST) | #16


- Wed, Nov 17, 1999 at 06:45:47 (PST) | #17

Does anyone happen to have that 'list of crimes' the NME published. I'd love to read it. It sounds like a great commendation. It's not on the NME webpage.

GlamSkin <[email protected]>
London - Wed, Nov 17, 1999 at 10:14:11 (PST) | #18

Henrik - I never heard you sing? Are you the star's twin or do you just pretend to be? I must have missed you at the last show.

here and there but never alone - Wed, Nov 17, 1999 at 13:33:03 (PST) | #19

If you aimed at confusing me... Well, you succeeded! Nope, I don't follow you, but I'd love to hear what you actually meant.

Henrik Rydéhn <[email protected]>
- Wed, Nov 17, 1999 at 13:47:25 (PST) | #20

Alot of Morrissey's gay fans wish he would declare his sexuality. It was well known in the gay haunts of the eighties that Morrissey's so called celibacy was something of a lie. A lot of gay men struggle in a straight world, and the more public figures that are 'openly' gay the better. Unfortunately most people don't have the intelligence of most Moz fans, and aren't able to see the subtle way in which he flirts the ambigueties of sex etc....

Damian Morgan <[email protected]>
Manchester - Wed, Nov 17, 1999 at 13:52:36 (PST) | #21


After reading the article, I am pissed! Is Morrissey suggesting that he left England because he is more popular in America? That is to be condemned to all holy L.A.

An Ugly Girl
Lost Angels - Wed, Nov 17, 1999 at 14:08:04 (PST) | #22

Henrik, I was suggesting that perhaps you shrink that fat head of yours. You are a bit too big for, even, your britches.

Ta ta ta la la la la la la la ta!

here and there but never alone - Wed, Nov 17, 1999 at 14:38:21 (PST) | #23

So sorry Henrik, that was the wrong post to the wrong name. I did not mean to address it to you, you actually seem cool. sorry, again

here and there but never alone - Wed, Nov 17, 1999 at 14:41:02 (PST) | #24

I'm getting so sick of people's preoccupation over the fact morrissey is currently living in the U.S. right now. Remember people this is a guy who has toured the world over and over. when you live a life like that geographical boundries start to take on less meaning. the guy has enogh money to go home as much, and whanever he likes. it's not like he moved to mars forever. relax guys, he may be your idol, but he's still a person. he shouldn't have to live somewhere to satisfy some UK zealots who don't buy his records any more anyway.

Niko <[email protected]>
Buffalo, New York - Wed, Nov 17, 1999 at 16:34:45 (PST) | #25

Umgardo, careful you don't cut your throat - with that dull tongue of yours. Do yourself a favor, though, and don't try to be clever. It doesn't become you.

Henrik, you proved to be a real gentleman, even if that also means you are a real gentle man. (Con)trite, I recant.

More, please, from the erudite lady who describes Morrissey as posessing a perfect Echo-like personality. Interesting turn of the phrase, but what does it actually MEAN?

David: the only reason one bothers with Morrissey's sexuality is because how very much, one suspects, it bothers him: it's centrality in his work and his world-view. But, sister, he's a poet!

Glenn Gould <[email protected]>
- Wed, Nov 17, 1999 at 22:43:45 (PST) | #26

Damian: In any case, Morrissey has effectively said that he doesn't identify as gay. Gay is an identity which (arguably at least) doesn't encompas all men who have sex with men (or "mwhswm/wwhsww" as a former HIV councillor flatmate of mine used to put it).

David T (a different one)
- Thu, Nov 18, 1999 at 01:27:45 (PST) | #27

Two Wilde quotes are in order, here:

"To define is to limit"


"Celibacy is the only sexual perversion"

Glenn Gould <[email protected]>
- Thu, Nov 18, 1999 at 01:58:06 (PST) | #28

Thank you for your kind words. One possible meaning of Echo-like personality could be the completeness of the process of differentiation, so awareness of the individual condition would be possible (thus here meaning the opposite of narcissist omnipotence). In ontological terms, that could represent perfection.

Extremely interesting quotes by Wilde, the ones you provided us with :)

Patricia Oliveira <[email protected]>
Porto, Portugal - Thu, Nov 18, 1999 at 10:11:47 (PST) | #29

david T(the other one) comment #15: Bravo, could not have been said better!

Niko <[email protected]>
Buffalo, New York - Thu, Nov 18, 1999 at 18:07:30 (PST) | #30

As I was reading the article "Hello Gucci" by Sean Smith, A thought crossed my mind...

Morrissey has been an advocate of vegetarianism as well as animal rights.
We have all seen him wearing his "I don't eat my friends" T-shirt,and we have listened to his lyrics about how meat is murder... So why is it that he has changed from passing out his P.E.T.A. pamphlets that promote boycotting fur and shopping at stores that carry products that harm animals, to shopping at Gucci?

I have been inside the Gucci store to see what all the hype about spending $300 on a polyester blend shirt is about and in case you didn't know, Gucci also has various furs available for purchase.
A "baby fox" mid length coat will run you about $16,000. But, if baby fox is not what you are looking for, they also have baby lambskin and goatskin.
This brought me back to the video for Interesting Drug, You know the one where you see Morrissey passing out flyers on how Fur is dead ... and how can we forget the baby seal getting bludgeoned to death for the fashion industry?
Even the Everyday is like Sunday shows the girl sitting at the
pier looking at the two old ladies wearing their fur coats in disgust.

Sean Smith's story mentions " He (Morrissey) used to wear NHS glasses and a hearing aid... Now the Oxfam pullovers and overcoats have been replaced by Gucci".

I called Gucci's corporate office and asked them how it is that they acquire the furs for the coats that they sell and I was told that they have a farm in Finland where they raise animals and kill them in a proper and legal manor.

From reading the literature from P.E.T.A., approximately 4.9 million
fur-bearing animals are killed for their fur by trappers in the U.S. Another 3.5 million animals are raised on fur "farms."
To kill the animals without damaging their fur, trappers usually strangle,beat, or stomp them to death. Animals on fur farms may be gassed,electrocuted, poisoned with strychnine, or have their necks snapped.
These methods are not 100 percent effective and some animals "wake up" while being skinned.

Unless the situation is that you have a sick animal in pain that can no longer be treated by medicine or medical attention, I cannot fathom the fact that killing for Fur or any other sick reason is proper or legal.

I wonder if Morrissey would be caught in a Gucci store with his fur is dead button on his lapel?
Or if he would hold a banner that read "We'd rather go naked than wear fur" in front of the Gucci store?
He cancelled a tour date when he found out the venue was formerly a slaugter house, but shopping at Gucci is okay.

What it comes down to is that P.E.T.A. is an organization that is dedicated to ending animal abuse.
If you are going to pass out the flyers and fight for what is right, by telling people to boycott businesses that promote harm to animals or go as far as becoming vegetarian, be a role model to your fans and do what is right. Practice what you preach.

Sure he isn't out buying a new fur coat to wear, but is the money he is spending going to help keep the fur farm going? Surely Gucci makes enough money to eliminate the furs they sell, but when people buy their crap why not keep selling it?

For more information on how to help end animal abuse go to: or

Death for no reason is MURDER

- Thu, Nov 18, 1999 at 22:43:19 (PST) | #31

Niko - thanks for the affirmation!

David T (a different one)
- Fri, Nov 19, 1999 at 05:21:15 (PST) | #32

TLS: You are a bit short sighted in your judgements. I have been a strict veg for eight years. What i think you fail to understand is that in our world economy it is impossible to not support something you don't like indirectly. Lets say you work at a box factory. Do you quit your job if you find out that the boxes are being sold to a meat packer? There's something called "dollar vote". in other words, shop at gucci, don't buy the fur or leather, photo copy your reciepts, mail them to the company saying what a valuable customer you are and that you find their bussiness of selling fur appaling. In a world of mass marketing and mergers where you don't even know who owns what it is useless to sit around a have a one man boycott over a crusade(and a good one at that) over something the world has yet to even consider. we have to spend our money with the people who have the power to change the things we dont like. Believe me the're listening.

Niko <[email protected]>
Buffalo, New York - Fri, Nov 19, 1999 at 14:51:12 (PST) | #33

TLS - less is more.

Patricia, I'm in love - with your mind!

Glenn Gould <[email protected]>
- Sun, Nov 21, 1999 at 00:33:46 (PST) | #34


U.S.A. - Sun, Nov 21, 1999 at 04:50:26 (PST) | #35

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