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  • Hey zoloft! Thanks for the bday wishes! Happy belated to you, as well. Hope it was happy :)
    i just saw you discovered your birthday thread! :)
    nice to hear you're better and hope to see your posts in the frink soon (or more often)
    -looking forward to them already ;)
    (have to encourage someone to post more pics, it's a bit dry there lately :D)
    hey, haven't seen you post on the frink thread in a while! just want to wish you a happy new year! x
    Oh my gosh, thanks! :) Not the most exciting of days, but like my mom always says, "They can't all be winners." LOL
    Hi sweet Colleen! great to see you on here too ; so now we're friends on fb and solo Forums! Love your username ; very clever! ;) hey! we also have 2 of the same friends on here as well! echobay and blue jag, neat! I figured you'd been on here for ages but you joined AFTER I did! :0 Bcnya, luv Kar
    Welcome back! That t-shirt has not been Photoshopped. According to Passions Just Like Mine, this was at Hill Auditorium in 1997 during the Maladjusted tour. "Morrissey came back on stage for the encore in a Michigan Swimming t-shirt. He would use it as an inspiration for his own "Morrissey Swimming" t-shirt added to the merchandise table later in the tour." :thumb:
    Hi Zoloft! Yes, that is my cat "Willow" on my avatar! She is adorable and very spoilt! I realy love cats, so much nicer than humans! Hope you're having a fab weekend. John.
    Hi Echobay,
    Oh, you are welcome. Oh wow! I'm so glad I held the sign up now! At the next concert I will have to meet up with some morrissey-solo people. Did you say anything to me? I got a lot of positive feedback. But I hardly looked at anyone as I'm shy.
    Hi Zoloft, thanks for the link to the vid of Scarlet getting her arm signed. I was at the Ann Arbor show, saw you with your sign on the way out.
    Oh that' ok. Ha! I totally understand. I was completely mesmerized too!!!!!!!!! After he tried to pull me up I almost started crying. I held back the tears and I didn't want to miss anything so I stayed composed (on the outside ;-).
    I'm so glad you saw him trying to pull me up. I wish I could have seen it from where you were! It happened so fast. I didn't want to pull hard on his arm. I'm a gentle person and didn't have a plan for Moz trying to pull me onto the stage of course!
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