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    Preston's (Ordinary Boys) comeback

    Re: Preston's (Ordinary Boys) comeback. Thought The Ordinary Boys were a really good band, excellent live, this solo single is awful, couldn't believe just how bad it was when I first heard it.
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    Top 5 songs you want to see Morrissey do live but haven't

    I Know It's Over Reel Around The Fountain The Ordinary Boys Ouija Board, Ouija Board Hand In Glove
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    The Eureka Moment: What Got You Hooked?

    Lying in my bedroom listening to Hatful of Hollow and hearing Accept Yourself for the first time, one night late in 86.
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    'Something Is Squeezing My Skull' Single

    Pointless b sides for a pointless single.
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    'Something Is Squeezing My Skull' Single

    I've just pre ordered all 3 formats even though I am disappointed there's no new songs on there. Surely the live versions of TCM and Best Friend could have been put on the b side of one of the cds and then a couple of new songs on the other one? I've bought all the formats of his singles for...
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    New Manics Album: Journal For Plague Lovers

    Love The Manics, can't wait to hear the new album. Disappointed they aren't playing in the North East but am going to try to get a ticket for Glasgow, don't want to miss this chance to hear the songs on Journal ......, don't think they'll ever play any of the songs from it live again after this...
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    Will Morrissey ever reach the Top 20 again?

    I think he will quite easily get back in the top 20 again, although not with any more singles from YOR, but I think the top 10 is another matter, I reckon that is out of reach for him now.
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    What do you think of the 2009 setlist?

    Too similar to last year's setlist.
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    White Lies, yes or no?

    Really like their album. Know nowt about them, just heard it playing in hmv a couple of weeks back and had to ask who it was. Bought the album and was really impressed with it.
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    How Soon Is Now? @ Pittsburgh show

    Hell yes! Those four songs would be great!
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    No Roy's Keen on Maladjusted reissue - confirmed

    Was thinking something similar yesterday when I saw the tracklistings of the upcoming special editions of Radioheads first 3 albums, each one is 3 discs including original album, around 20 outakes, b sides etc and a dvd including videos, tv appearances etc. A lot more could have been done with...
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    How Soon Is Now? @ Pittsburgh show

    Maybe that's why it is still in the set after nearly 5 years, with the amount of less well known songs, b sides and so on that he sings he maybe feels there has to be something that everyone knows and will respond too. Personally I'm sick of hearing it and was never that keen on it in the first...
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    The other side of this I guess are the younger fans who are into Quarry onwards more than the older songs. After the Sunderland concert last year I heard a group of lads talking, they would be about 17/18 years old, and they were saying they wished Morrissey had sung more recent songs than he...
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    What are your favourite albums?

    T Rex - The Slider David Bowie - .......Ziggy Stardust........ Prince - Around The World In A Day Manic Street Preachers - Send Away The Tigers Green Day - American Idiot Meatloaf - Bat Out Of Hell The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses Tygertailz - Bezerk
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    How Can Anybody.... drop it?

    On the last tour (or certainly the dates I went to) the only ROTT songs he played were I Just Want To See The Boy Happy and Pigsty (two songs not 4-5) and Pigsty is still being played most nights on this tour so far.
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