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    Morrissey At The Shrine... (Nov 26th)

    I'm row 15 orchestra. :-) Going alone, but i don't care, coz its MOZ!
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    LA tickets pre-sale!

    I agree. BLEH! Not fair for the fans !
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    LA tickets pre-sale!

    Boo! So I didnt get a pit ticket :-/ Anyone wanna trade their ticket for my Orchestra Seat? I'll add $40 plus my trade me! [email protected]
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    LA tickets pre-sale!

    If anyone wants to sell their pit me. [email protected] :)
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    US Moz Tours Tix will go on sale 9/9/11... Moz to appear on two US tv shows.

    hmmmmm Does anyone know if the Shrine Auditorium LA show will go on sale this week? I don't see anything on .....I'm a little confused? I only see oakland and escondido, but not LA date posted yet on there....Thanks :)
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    Request for Interlude ~ Siouxie

    Thanks vey much guys :) This song really captures what im feeling in my life right now.
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    Request for Interlude ~ Siouxie

    I know, I'm silly, but I have the vocal only, and would really like the Siouxie/Moz version....Im making someone a mix CD :D Anyone, please? :)
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    Pomona, CA (and Gibson) presale

    QUESTION: Why does the KROQ message say that the presale is at 2pm, but you go to the Ticketmaster page, and it says "Presale 10AM, 10/16" ANyone?
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    Southpaw Grammar is not very good

    South Paw Grammer would have been an amazing album had it only these songs: BoyRacer Honey You Know Where To Find Me SouthPaw The Operation Bestfriend on a PayRoll Fantastic Bird You Should Have Been Nice to Me Would have been short, and powerful.
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    You should have been nice to me

    Yes. I just picked up the reissue of SPG and I have to say its excited me about Morrissey like I haven't been excited since the 90s. It just takes me back to that time, that Morrissey style that we don't get to listen to anymore, and to listen to something from that time again, that we haven't...
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    Best Morrissey/Smiths songs about the snow/ski-ing etc

    Winter PUSH on Seriously, its Spring, Its 90 Degrees in Los Angeles. YAY!
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    Smiths Last TV appearance

    Lip Sync-ing haha. Funny to see morrissey do that. :P Anyway, if you know spanish, the italian makes sense. Thanks for posting :thumb:
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    Morrissey Hair Thread

    Well aren't you adorable ;)
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    brokeback mountain

    I really love the film.... yes, im gay, but that's beside the point There's alot of very poetic elements to it, lots of little hiden artistic things that I come to find each time I watch it. Now that's classic.
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