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    Suede 'Autofiction' NME Review - 4/5

    Well... It's so much better than I feared!! Early favourites: The Only Way I Can Love You, It’s Always the Quiet Ones & What Am I Without You? And That Boy on the Stage sounds so much better in the album context... I'm happy! :) (y)
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    Suede 'Autofiction' NME Review - 4/5

    I fully agree that they are still the best live band around! And these new songs will probably work well in a live setting...
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    Suede 'Autofiction' NME Review - 4/5

    "She Still Leads Me On" is definitely the least disappointing of the three... I'm hoping that the context of the full album will help.... Reading the reviews gives me a bit more hope...!
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    Suede 'Autofiction' NME Review - 4/5

    I find the three "singles" very disappointing... Hopefully the rest is better... I'm not surprised that NME likes it...
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    The Suede thread for Suede things

    So, what do you guys think about the three songs released from the new album?? I'm extremely disappointed! The songs are fairly basic Suede-by-numbers and they re-use all the familiar (woohoo) clichés,...but the worst thing is the attempt to go back to basics with a more direct rock approach...
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    The London gigs

    So, I'm new to this... I'm used to going to Morrissey concerts in Denmark with friends or travelling to concerts abroad with a friend or two... But this time I'm going to the London concerts alone... Are people meeting up? Where and when? Tell me where to go!! :)
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    So Moz can't get a record deal then

    I’ve remained relatively positive until now! Hoping and actually believing that things would change…. But now with the disgusting BOT-track and the ignorant hatred flowing constantly from Central, I really think that we’re close to the end! I don’t think we’ll ever get another album and the...
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    The Jam

    I've never really understood The Jam... But I haven't really tried either... I'll give Setting Sons a listen tonight... (y)
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    Rate the new Morrissey songs out of 10

    Oblivion - 7 Veronica - 6 Rebels - 6 Bonfire - 4 Telephone - 2
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    Greatest songs of all time

    The Smiths: There is a Light... Suede: The Wild Ones Love: Alone Again Or Neil Young: Don't Let it Bring You Down Bowie: Ashes to Ashes Joy Division: Love Will Tear Us Apart Pulp: Common People Madrugada: Majesty Kinks: Celluloid Heroes Jesus and Mary Chain: Just Like Honey My Bloody Valentine...
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    Morrissey - the lost album 2011-2020

    Side A 1 Jim Jim Falls 2 World Peace is None of Your Business 3 What kind of people live in those houses? 4 Brow of my Beloved 5 One of our Own 6 Home is a Question Mark Side B 1 Action is My Middle Name 2 Once I Saw the River Clean 3 Istanbul 4 Spend the Day in Bed 5 Kiss Me a Lot 6 Scandinavia
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    2nd Morrissey Gig

    Oct 23, 2002, Vega, Copenhagen…
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    Best album closer on a Moz LP

    Speedway There’s a Place in Hell… Tomorrow You Know I Couldn’t Last Satan Rejected My Soul My Hurling Days are Done Southpaw Oboe Concerto Margaret on the Guillotine I’m OK by Myself Israel At Last I am Born
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    Best 10th song on a Morrissey album

    There’s a Place in Hell… Tomorrow Satan Rejected my Soul Lazy Sunbathers When You Open Your Legs To Me You Are a Work of Art All the Lazy Dykes You Were Good in Your Time Kick the Bride Down the Aisle I don’t Mind if You Forget Me When You Close Your Eyes The Secret of Music
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    Best ninth song on a Morrissey album

    Let Me Kiss You I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday (I'm) The End of the Family Line Used to be a Sweet Boy It’s not your Birthday Anymore All the Young People… The Ordinary Boys Smiler With Knife He Cried Lady Willpower On The Street's I Ran The Truth About Ruth
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