Years Of Refuse

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  • I'm afraid the mods are not allowed to delete a thread without a valid reason.

    In future you'd better ignore spam threads.

    Thank you very much for your considerations.
    It's nice to know I have an ally on here... my George Michael comments are the board are usually not too well received as you can imagine! Me too I was a Wham! fan in elementary school! I know Morrissey has never been a fan of George but the two of them have been my faves since I was growing up. It's nice to know there is a kindred spirit who has fabulous taste in music!!
    So glad you enjoyed George's show!! I went to see him in London, LA, Anaheim, Dallas, Houston, and two nights in NYC! I had the time of my life! Have you been a fan for long?
    Hi! I couldn't help but notice your George Michael "Waiting" quote at the end of your posts! Hope you are well!- Laura : )
    What is that biological formula? Uh oh, this looks like Comic Sans...I personally love it, but almost got ripped to shreds when I had it on my profile. I don't know why. I like it.
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