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    Who is going to Paris?

    my ticket arrived in the mail today ... i'm so stoked to see him on a stage where brel and piaff stood before him. does anybody know if the venue has lockers where i can store coats and backpacks? i'm roadtripping from belgium and i'm going to take the first train out of paris the next morning.
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    Tickets for Lille

    can some link me with the registration page for that site? i can't find it ... :s
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    VIDEO 10-03-91 National Ballroom, Kilburn

    i feel a bit lame for asking this, but since i can't get on the passions site n is there someone that can tell me if 10-03-91 referes to the 10th of march or to the 3rd of october? thanx viva uploaders
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    i'm missing 4 songs to complete two boots, some help would be nice

    yes, track 15 it is. so, if someone could help us out...
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    i'm missing 4 songs to complete two boots, some help would be nice

    SN, thank you for your time and help. if i can, in any way, return the favor ... if anyone can help with 'meat is murder' ... for some reason those songs gave an error while extracting them with winrar.
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    i'm missing 4 songs to complete two boots, some help would be nice

    from smiths, the - 1986 - smith center, washington dc (08.08.86) i'm missing: 'meat is murder' and from Morrissey - 1999 - Pier 2, Bremen, Germany (16.10.99) i'm missing: 'Break Up The Family', 'November Spawned A Monster' and 'Hairdresser On Fire' thank you, and a late but...
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    The Smiths [LAST GIG] - Live at Brixton December 12, 1986

    i had to start over after the initial downloads canceled only five minutes in the session, the second dwnld took me about 6+ hours, but yessssss it was worth it. probably one of the best downloads ever. thank you verrrrrry much.
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    17 November 1995 - Wembley VIDEO

    you are welcome! but you should be thanking suparni, she was the original uploader. so all credits to suparni... part 1 (the last one): *Do Your Best And Don't Worry *Reader Meet Author *The Boy Racer
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    17 November 1995 - Wembley VIDEO (pt2) *Nobody Loves Us *Billy Budd *We'll Let You Know
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    17 November 1995 - Wembley VIDEO (pt3) *Spring-Heeled Jim *Dagenham Dave *Hold On To Your Friends (pt4) *Speedway *The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils *The National Front Disco pt 1 & 2 tomorrow, maybe tonight.
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    17 November 1995 - Wembley VIDEO

    hey dislocate, i'm uploading it for you , but since i have a very slow upload speed and those wembley files are 1 gig + it might take a few days, so just be patient ... but it's on it's way. in case someone wants to jump in and help, i'm currently uploading 'speedway', 'teachers' and 'disco'.
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    Sparks, NV April 28, 2007 - Video part I

    thank you to all the uniting uploaders and credits to mel as the original uploader/filmer ... we download only by the grace of you.
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    Req: Apr 30 - Dienze (Belgium), Brielpoort

    nonono ... for god sakes, don't be sorry!!!! srsly, like most people on this forum i owe so much to you, mozmal, suparni and many others, those are the people that should be given credit. i was not beggin for ... besides at one time i got it from someone else. i was just trying to explain why...
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