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  • Can you PM me your email address? I'm really interested in one of your shirts and I, for some reason, cannot PM you on here.
    Nick, are you going to the UK? If so, which shows? Maybe I will see you. It's been a while....how are you? The blog site is looking good. - D
    Hi Nick, can you move your party up to NYC? LOL I'd love to come. Too bad we live so far apart. Good luck making the flyer. Let me know how it turns out and make sure to post a picture. I love adverts....esp. when they contain Moz. - D
    Diane and I misses you! Let us know how you are and don't forget you said I could stay with you if he makes up Florida!
    awesome! thanks for the heads up! how did you get in to the show? you had no ticket at all or not one of the ones for a pit or closer seat? i know they kept on trying to get us back to our seats but in typical mozfan fashion, we didnt move! haha.
    thanks again.
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