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    Old tour programme scans

    a million thank yous.
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    Old tour programme scans

    Hello everyone. Haven’t been here in a long time.. hoping anyone can give me a little help. Anyhow, I’ve been looking for scans of programmes. anyone know where I can find good scans of kill and your arsenal tour programmes? I have the books themselves but most of my belongings are put away...
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    Your latest Morrissey/Smiths buy

    Beautiful! One of my favs so far
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    Your latest Morrissey/Smiths buy

    I doubt it’s an official poster. More than likely it was done by the record store to promote the single? Small in size like 12x18” it was rolled with a rubber band. I unrolled it a long time ago and it was a b&w image of the single. Nothing fancy really.
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    Your latest Morrissey/Smiths buy

    Very very nice. I still have these somewhere stored away. One of my copies is still attached to the back of the love life cd along with the store bag and small poster they were giving away at the time.
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    "Spent The Day In Bed" CD promo surfaces

    Whatever happened to that guy who sold you all those goodies?
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    Morrissey and Smiths autographed collections for sale - ask away

    you certainly have some gems there. especially the smiths ones...
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    Here we go again another fake

    all those signatures on that site are not morrisseys. although they look pretty close, certain letters are off(he has never done in that certain way) and his R swooshes are also angled off. whoever signed these record sleeves must've had a good time practicing because they signed it all similar...
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    Geniune hand signed Moz postcard from Vauxhall instore signing in London

    ahh, i see. haven't kept up. thanks for the heads up
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    Geniune hand signed Moz postcard from Vauxhall instore signing in London

    i don't know the person selling this item(madasun), but this signature looks pretty legit for its time. i have many signed items and some from that era look similar. anyhow, good luck OP
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    No One Can Hold A Candle - CD-R acetate promo

    also agree on this. both those inhouse cds you mention i sold here some years back. there must be many that have never seen the light of day or have only popped up once or twice for sale. one item that kills me and i still regret selling was a gold master disc of strangeways. came directly...
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    No One Can Hold A Candle - CD-R acetate promo

    although i agree with you, i wouldn't pay that amount for a cdr and cheap laser printed artwork. still, kudos to whoever got it! :)
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    Morrissey, You Are The Quarry Interview Disc 2004 on eBay

    all the interview discs I've encountered had the quarry artwork with a white border. maybe some discs got sent out w/out the artwork?
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    smiths record release/moz gig posters value?

    the smiths posters have very good value. but the morrissey one is somewhat more common.
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    Selling my rare French 7" 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out'

    beautiful item, but there is no way this item is mint/near mint with the discoloration, ringwear and bends/creases. i am sure you will still sell it for a good amount of $. GLWS
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