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  • Hey Worm,

    just a quick word ( as ever) to say I particularly enjoyed your last couple of "Jonze" posts. Nice to see someone querying whether or not immigration has to fall into the unmitigated category of "good" or "bad". Didn't want to mention this on the forums ( for obvious reasons) but Enoch Powell ( I know, I know ...) once made a lovely comment about how the 1st World's moral debt to the 3rd World needn't be a reason to homogenise the f*** out of every single national culture.

    It's amazing how difficult it is to write that phrase without appearing snidely racist ....



    P.S. I somehow neglected to put this as a PM. Apologies for that. If the urge to reply strikes, please put it as a PM. Ta...
    Hi Worm, I've only joined this site and have seen alot of your posts. Are you a journalist or a writer? You appear to be based in the States. Who else do you like apart from the Smiths?
    Hello Worm,

    I note with dismay that you no longer seem to be active here. Well, nor am I, but that of course has something to do with the available company. I will say though that I greatly enjoyed our several exchanges, and that even though it has been my good fortune to find on various forums many truly rewarding discussion partners in the many diverse fields that take my fancy and which I consequently enjoy discussing, I have particularly valued our discussions. They could always be relied upon to be challenging, and to branch out into new realms. Which I am sure must have been infuriating for many people, but which I personally hugely enjoyed. If you should feel like staying in touch, you can find me on Facebook, here: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001560364450. If not - I wish you all the best, and thanks for consistently offering challenging insights. Don't stop caring about the right things. So few people do.
    hi...who is that man in your new avatar? looks kind of familiar
    greets across the atlantic sea...
    which gigs will you attend?
    I really, really hope you're ok, and just too busy for the likes of us. I might be on my way out to NY for the Bowery show, hope to possibly see you there?
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