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    Depeche Mode’s ‘Speak & Spell’ released Oct. 5, 1981 — 30 years ago today

    Brilliant, didn't realise it was the same age as me though. My DOB 5th Oct 1981, can't believe I'm 30, can't believe this is 30 as well.
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    what are you eating right now

    Oh my god, that looks great. What is it? It says milky on it but it looks more dark chocolately than milky to me.
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    Post Whatever You Are Drinking At This Very Moment

    Options indulgence banoffee hot chocolate, very thick, very tasty and with only 60 calories and 5grams of sugar it's perfect! Although I did eat a few heaped teaspoons of the dried powder first, I can't help doing that it tastes so good so it probably worked out at more like 120 calories and...
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    Strange/unexpected Moz references?

    Did anyone see The National Lottery In It To Win It? This woman was asked 'Jim Morrison was the lead singer of which US rock group?' and she answered Morrissey.:lbf:
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    what are you eating right now

    A creamy mushroom pie with some chargrilled vegetables.
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    What other bands do you listen to?

    The Beatles, ELO, Echo & The Bunnymen, Depeche Mode, The Rolling Stones, Queen.
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    What odds on Mozza ever going on 'I'm a Celebrity'?

    I'd like to see him on Strictly or Dancing on Ice. Hmm..........Morrissey on skates......:love:
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    what are you eating right now

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    what are you eating right now

    I'm going to eat a big bowl of fruity muesli in about 10mins, yum.
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    Detox anyone?

    I would but I can't survive without coffee so I think I'll stick to my muesli diet for the time being.
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    your eduction level

    Re: your education level Why is it whenever I stumble upon polls like this on the net about education it always has college listed as "some college" ?? Some??? Some college?? What's wrong with just college? Pffftt..Americans :rolleyes:
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    what are you eating right now

    I'm on a muesli diet. I have it twice a day for brekkie and for lunch and then in the evening I have 2 slices of toast with either pb&J or nutella. Seems to be working. A good diet if you like muesli and I've always loved it. I don't have fresh fruit, yoghurt or milk in it either just muesli...
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