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    Wanted: West Ham Boys Club T Shirt

    I just found this one on ebay and its still active: I know that the one´s that the club sells are very different and this model is exactly as the one that mozz wore in the 99 tour, I...
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    £100 for a west ham boys club shirt??

    try this:
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    alma matters 12inch west ham boys club t shirt

    Try on ebay: Famous during "Shirtlifters (Shoplifters)" song, when Mozz threw it away to the audience, I tried to get it once but we...
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    Tour t-shirts for sale???

    I found this on ebay, the westham shirt was the one which Mozz used to wear back in the Oye Esteban tour everynight during the "Shirtlifters (Shoplifters)" song...
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    Request: Long Sleeved Moz Tees?

    I found this on ebay, just in case... I think these shirts never were manufactured w/ long sleeve
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