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  • Oh you did?? Lucky. Hahah you're all, "Not lucky. All hard work." Hahaha Nah but i'm in college. Like 3rd year or 4th yr i don't even know. I need to check actually. Haha. And tomorrow i have my last final. B]
    I think I'm going to buy some Archetype picture ledges from Crate & Barrel and get my Morrissey shrine...I mean, vinyl collection...started. ;)
    :D I can't wait to see the pics! I have a feeling they're gonna end up on my walls somehow. ;) :D
    YES I DID!!! :D Ordered 'em last week and got confirmation a few days ago that they have been shipped. Should be getting them SOON!!! I hope I don't need lube to get them out...I am sooo excited! I am going to run over to my old roommate's house to listen to them on his record player. :sweet:
    Hey Westie! Man it seems like forever since I've been around here. My race is this weekend so after that I will have plenty of time to visit the frink! Tell everyone hi for me!
    Yeah! Like you don't know. I feel like camping out for it already. Hahah. Yeah I have it's released on vinyl too. Ugh, I wanna know which 3 are the unreleased ones already. Yeah the weather is pretty cool today. I'm over here in Moreno Valley so I'm glad it's not too hot cuz it can get as hot as hell sometimes.
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