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  • OHH I definitely read the Moz interview when the scans were posted on Solo! But it was definitely different looking at that full page b&w pic when it was in my hands. Porn...pure porn!!! :horny:
    :D thanks for all the messages! I haven't had a chance to read my Hot Press yet *gasp* I only stared at the Moz b&w pic for a few moments. I think I could happily spend an hour counting all the hairs on his torso. Is that weird? :p I think we're gonna get some US dates this year, I just feel it. He might not do an extensive tour, but I think he'll do a few shows here. He HAS to! HAHA that's so cute that your momma said that pics looks like you're standing next to Moz. What a happy thought!!! :D
    I got it today!!! :D *does happy dance* Wow wow wow...I opened it in front of one of my best friends and said, "LOOK, I didn't tell you about this!" He glanced at it when I slowly pulled it out of the envelope and gave me the BIGGEST EYE ROLL EVER. :p That b&w one on the inside is *ahem* pornographic! :horny: It's weird to see every little hair, but no scar! :tears:
    Westie, he wasn't in my mailbox today!!! :tears:
    BTW, is the article on Albert Hammond Jr any good? I like him alot, so please say yes. :)
    HAHA I've gotta be careful when I receive it. Can't be too excited, ya know? Don't wanna accidentally rip it to shreds trying to see NAKEY MOZ! :p
    :D Honey, OF COURSE I ordered THE issue of Hot Press!!!!! C'mon now, do you really think I'd pass it up?! Maybe it'll be waiting for me when I get home today? *eeks*
    Yes! thank you! lol. That's exactly why. Says she isnt happy in her "situation" and only I make her happy...yet doesnt seem to do anything about it. Why be with someone that doesnt make you happy instead of the one you really want? I know a few songs that have that theme
    True we can be too. Funny you mention that (marriage) I've asked her several times if she was married but refuses to answer me. She's an ex who I ran into recently and we started talking but she kinda goes back and forth on things.
    bring back the topless, pool side, moz in green swim trunks avitar! pretty please??
    well I have another race this weekend but it's just running, no swimming or biking involved. Just a 12 man team and we each have 3 legs and run 177 miles in 24 hours..it's fun, but then again I think I have a screw loose in the fun department of the brain!
    Well as of right now I'm a Pre-Law major. But it turns out I'm not an asshole so I might have to change it. Hahah I might just teach history at a high school and community college.
    Thanks, m'dear. I have to tweak 'my page' a bit more, but this is a good start. You've always been such a big help to me :) *hugs*
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