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  • Hahaha. Well, I heard it gonna be hot. So maybe some sunscreen and water. Oh, and don't forget your letter to Morrissey! I doubt it'll take longer than 2 days. ;)
    Aw, thanks Westie! You're too kind. Your "M" album is HOT. And your GIF background .... I just sat here for 10 minutes mesmerized. It's like those Modern Art installations you see in museums....on huge fiber optic screens. Except this one is Frinky, a work of art indeed ;)
    Oh I forgot to previously say that YES, Moz said in his interview w/Lior that he would be in Israel for 3 days. :sweet: I too hope he has a fabulous time and gets home safely! BTW I'm an idiot, I missed Project Runway tonight because I was talking on the phone w/my parents! I thought it was gonna start at 10! :p I think there's another viewing on in a little bit....watch out, you are gonna get HOOKED on that show!
    HAHA OK I think I'm leaving now. :D I don't think the video w/Lior has shown up yet...I completely forgot about it too! I hate my clothes smelling like food and stuff too. Whenever that happens I feel the urge to jump in the shower. I forgot to bring a pair of socks today so I have to stop at home before I hit the gym. *$#@! I'll be back in a few hours. Ooh you should watch Project Runway tonight if you have Bravo. I think the new season starts tonight!
    heehee, hi there! Hope you're having a good day! I'm still at work and instead of making the slides I need for a meeting tomorrow, I'm sitting here on Solo! :eek: I need to go to the gym too...I haven't gone since the end of last week! :tears: Please tell me to get off Solo right now! :o
    I love that gif too! You know you're gonna have to bring it back someday. :)
    bwahahahaaaa the background is cute! It's about 50 Mozzys all showin' off their chests. How could that ever be a bad thing??!!! :D Too funny!
    Hahaha And so nicely put too.

    I'm alright. Trying to survive this stupid heat out here. It's not too bad though. Yeah, today was particularly good cuz I got to play soccer for the 1st time in forever. I really needed that. You know how that goes But yeah I'm missing going to Puerto Nuevo, Baja California, MX cuz of work. Ain't work the best? What do you do? And yes... Morrissey on the radio is a rare occasion by itself so... hahah you're lucky.
    that sucks, atleast you didnt have to deal with too many dumb customers
    how was your 4th? I'm so hung over right now :o about to do it all over again in a few hours. Got a wedding to attend
    Yeah I found out I was preggers a week before I did my Ironman! WHOOPS! Hubby is very excited and Nico really doesn't get it quite yet but as soon as the gut starts showing I think he'll come around. Thanks for the congrats!
    haha there's one of me when I was like 5 laying across the carpet with both hands on my face asleep. As if I was watching tv.
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