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  • I did, I did. I managed to sleep for a couple of hours and then had to work for an hour. I should probably get some more sleep now that I'm done but the cats are tripping on catnip and cracking me up. They are having some serious smackdowns.

    I see you've discovered the Daniel Craig thread. ;)

    I love that picture of James Dean, by the way. :sweet:
    I always feel so alone on my threads. :rolleyes:

    Season Four was released on DVD today. I'm debating on whether I should buy it.
    Since I couldn't sleep last night, I spent some quality time hunting for new avatars.

    I've been a Hugh Laurie fan for over 10 years now, so the American accent took some getting used to.

    I rather like him scruffy, too.

    You should contribute to my Hugh threads. :D
    It took a while to get used to the American accent. Now it's weird when I hear him speak with a British accent.

    Here is an avatar for you. :D

    Hahaha, that's funny. And I had already been rummaging through google earth to make sure if there was a Westend and Eastend in America!!! We have a Westende and Oostende. This is Westende. I guess a girl lying on this beach must be a Westendgirl :D.
    Thanks for the compliment, you should see me without the tape though. :eek: :D
    Well my brother is doing well, but I don't see him that much, he lives on his own and rather introverted, unlike me. ;)
    Hello, Westie,
    Well yes, I was stricken with a severe case of err, "circumstances", vacation work, exams, getting ready for university etcetera etcetera... :tears:
    Good to hear from you :)
    And yes, that is me, my brother shot it, he's a photography student, and had to make an assignment on "muteness" :confused:. I was the quarry, because there was no-one else around and his dead-line was nigh. :D At first I was quite reluctant, but I was pleasantly surprised by the result, so... voilà, c'est moi. ;)
    Westie, I was wondering, I know an old song that goes like "Eastend Boys and Westend Girls". Can you explain what a Westendgirl IS? It is funny, for in Belgium we have a coastal town named "Westende" too. :confused:
    im not too bad, I am back at work tomorrow after 2 weeks off, so not looking fwd to that I can tell you. How are you doing?
    ooh yes, always good to be prepared. I'm wondering if I should really add earthquake insurance to my homeowner's policy! BTW did you see the mainpage? The setlist--agggh! TIALTNGO! I've still never seen it live, can you believe that?! (I missed the 2007 Hollywood Bowl show. :tears:)
    Hi girl, thanks for asking, I'm good! Glad to hear you're good too. Can you believe I didn't feel/hear it??!!! :eek: I was working in the lab w/David Bowie blasting and didn't even KNOW there was an earthquake! My coworkers that were sitting in their offices said the floor and walls were shaking. But we're all totally fine. :)
    yes, we are cheerful bunch:p yes i did...but didn't reply on the thread as i didn't have time or something!

    all great my dear:)

    but now is my home time. so Au revoir my dear!
    mondays....yes pretty bad aren't they, should be banned or something or put at the end of the week so we can plan for how awful they are:p

    yes, i did read somewhere, you liked it :o
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