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    Visalia, CA - Visalia Fox Theatre (Aug. 29, 2015) post-show

    more Trinity stories please..she is the worst :lbf:
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    So what's the deal with this guy? Why does he come here?
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    Sydney - Vivid LIVE, Sydney Opera House Concert Hall (May 27, 2015) post-show

    With that balding head of hers, my guess is she is in her 50s. Also she gets let in before the crowd and makes her way to the front on Jessie's side.
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    Morrissey postpones 013 gig (Tilburg, NL) due to illness; new date Mar. 29, 2015

    I'm feeling so bad for Moz's new number one fan Trinity right now who flew all the way from California for these shows.. Stay strong girl.
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    "Love Bites" - Morrissey fan documentary from 1995 on YouTube

    Since this video, she has lost a significant amount of hair on the top of her head and dresses in mainly track suits.
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    Anna Calvi to support Morrissey (London, Belgium, more?)

    When will Geezer pull her yearbook to make sure she is in fact 33 :lbf:
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    Kristeen's in hot water with the God lobby

    How long till she is forced to utter the words.."would you like fries with that?".
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    Kristeen's in hot water with the God lobby

    the internet says she is officially 49
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    Fifteen minutes with Mikey Farrell - Julie Hamill

    I'm not sure if its because he isn't particularly bright or because he is very guarded on everything he says, but Boz's interviews are usually the worst.
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    First time with Morrissey

    And yet ANOTHER thread gets derailed by Viva Hate, Crystalgeezer and their nonsense.
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    Kristeen Young is off the tour (updated)

    Can't wait to hear Morrissey's new single..Kick the singer off the tour :rofl:
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    Members Pics

    Re: not givin up on AP4 :horny:
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    Miley Cyrus covers "There Is A Light..." in Belfast

    Re: Miley Cyrus sings There Is A Light That Never Goes Out still sounds better than this guy :squiffy:
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