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  • I'm going to see Blondie at Glasgow's piss hole;). I'll be heading through early- i'm aiming to be there at 12ish. And i will be leaving about 12ish as well:p.
    :p Oh it's my fault now is it!

    Cylce to Edinburgh from Glasgow! That's a lot. Actually it isn't really.

    I've been looking for a job no luck. It was my Dad's birhtday and i bought him a gift but he already had it:(. I feel silly now.
    Ill be through your way next Saturday:D.
    well were you the one she met a few months ago..she told me about it in a letter...
    But yes..she's really great..she send me a pice of moz's shirt from the edingburgh gig in february two days before mine in paris..i am so happy about that little pice's framed over my bed with the hot press magazine cover:D

    well..would be great if we would meet each other..when moz is back there..but i definitive think so..i mean..hey..he got his nr. 1 hit in your country..he hasn't got another opportunity
    but i hope he'll also come back to germany *prayertomyshrine* :D
    always nice to know new..great taste!!!
    so i see you're well known by sweet and tender, right?..
    She's lovley..isn't she?..
    Glasgow and Edingburgh is it far apart? i was shown quite before he showed us one of his fave vynil..diana doors..with so little time..yep..i got a brainstorming now:)
    pasolini..ah..well..thanks for advice;) me stupid call me plain..but who's the guy on your profile picture??
    i tried to figure it out..but i failed *rolleyes*
    greets miry
    Sorry i ran out of credit on my phone so i couldn't text you back.
    That's a shame you wont have any spare time in Edinburgh:(. I like the sound of a present- i promise to be a good girl:D
    I feel really sick and have dine all day. Also very tired. :(. But at least i had a couch to sleep on instead of a park bench:D. Thanks again:D. I'll buy you a drink next time we meet ... or give you money to buy a drink:p.
    Hello vivabob, how are you doing? I'm fine. Looks like you had a blast in Vegas & Hawaii. Btw, why does under your friends mine says break friendship? Kinda of weird. Talk to you soon, Jen
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