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  • I'm going to try for tickets to Manchester. I don't think I'll have a chance of getting the RAH ones. It would be great if I got both but the birthday one would be brilliant. Would be the first time seeing Moz in Manchester too. I'm getting nervous already just thinking about it. Are you going for all 3? Hope my computer doesn't crash.
    I'll drink beer while in London. I'm so wonderfully flexible, right? ;) Are you taking Jen to the gigs?
    Ah, it's OK. It's all swollen and discoloured at the moment, and so is the foot. (Ba-dum-tish!!). I'll be walking in a couple of days and driving soon after. Some ligament snd bone taken away. Thanks for your good wishes,

    Aww, just go ahead and pamper yourself, you must have earned it. :p

    No, I'm at home this week, not working.
    Being lazy, eh? Is the gym far from work? I used to go to a fantastic gym when I lived in Brussels, it was close to home, and just perfect, it had everything I needed. I'm still looking for something similar here. :tears: I do some jogging in the meantime, but it's getting colder by the day. And I also have a wii fit at home which I haven't tried. :o
    It was nothing important, i was just surprised to see you here so early. :) I'm fine, how are you, mister?
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