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  • Are you going to be checking it throughtout the day?

    Can you text me if anything happens? Not that i can do anything since i'll be at work or college But maybe my mum could help, f*** i have no money on my phone:(. I'm going to hide in a hole and cry:(.
    Ah the Barras are better. WoooHooo. I have to be at this gig. You going to any other scottish ones. I'm thinking Stirling because I can drive there. If I don't get lost that is.
    We got two for the 22nd - which was all I was looking for so overall very pleased. Like that you started the Meet-Up thread - me and Mrs Chivas have never been to Manchester before so will definately need some info before we go and it would be good to meet some fellow forumites before the gig
    I was thinking she must been pretty old. These things are horid:(.
    I remember my Grandad died he was ill for years and when he died my Mum was in a horrible state, i didn't know what to do:(. It was horrible. I really hope things do turn out to be ok.
    Looking to get to the Manchester gigs - came into work this morning early so I could get as much of my morning work out the way so I can work the phone and Net like mad come 10

    Good luck mate - will definately be up for the Manchester meet-up whatever it is.

    Will check in with you later and see what you got
    I've just registered with orange for a presale but it might be restricted view. I'm waiting for an answer from Sonic who posted it in the thread. I don't know what to do AHHHHH
    I have tomorrow off so will be trying from home. If I have no luck with Manchester I'll give the RAH a try. I really prefer standing and it does'nt look like a big standing area. I'll have 2 pages open and hope for the best. Good luck !
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