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  • Hi Bob, would love to meet up at some point. I'm going to Stirling and the Barras on me own. I'll be driving through to Stirling and back,(work next day) but I might stay over in Glasgow for the Thurs, Fri. It might just be easier than driving up and down 4 times. I'm sharing a room with Lottie from Wales in Manchester. I'm hoping to get up close which might entail lots of queueing. No definite plans as yet though. Are you going on the bus tour?
    hello Robert, I need advice!

    Do you know of Glasgow Green? Turns out Retrofest is being held there this year, so i need to know which hotel i need to stay at. Needs to be VERY close to the venue as I will be popping there and back for most of the day. (never doing a wee in a portakabin again). i would be wanting a top class hotel with breakfast and please be quick as its just been announced but would imagine the best will be booked up and sold out quite soon? Grateful thanks for any help you can give?

    Me xx
    Yes i am dear going to see Franz then:). What is this compromise matey?
    I called you.. whilest i working as i am a fantstic worker but as you said you had no bat.
    hope the new job is not stressing you too much. My new year was me and Jools and lots of wine, not to bad. I hate New Year anyway. The postie never put a card through my door so I didn't know to go and pick them up until I checked the tracker and saw that they had been posted. They only hold them for a week at the post office and I found out a fortnight later. I'm not too stressed as I have my birthday one and that's the most important one. Hopefully will get something sorted out.
    I was asking about meeting this week so it;s your loss mate i was gonna buy you lunch!
    Oh that's not a good time to be up, i am rejusting to waking up early for college- i miss sleep!
    I know i shouldn't be thinking about it as much as i am but i have a certain path i want to go down and there is nothing else i want to do and i would rather die than not do that ( which put's me in an awkward postion:p).
    I am just worried about the future.
    Ah i see, i have seen you a quite a few texts throughout the week and was pretty pissed that you didn't text back- hence the last one. But now i know why.
    How's the job going?
    I have just been at college and work not very exciting.

    You wrote on your own page love:p.
    oh why you upset ?

    no i havent got your txts , mind you my wee phone has been a bit underpressure .. i started my new job on monday there so i have been rushed all week . its been fun but its been meeting meeting meeting meeting all the bloody time

    so what have you been doing ?
    Hello, still here, hanging around. Had a pretty quite holidays, not to many family dramas so that was a bonus. I have dowloaded YOR but have not listened to it yet. Loads of very different opinions from folks so I'll probably pop it on the ipod later this week. I'm useless at being patient. Have pre-ordered the single and album from recordstore so Mr Morrissey is getting my cash anyway. Small drama with my second night manchester ticket, it's on it's way back to SEE as the postie never put a card through my door. :( How were your holidays? Any opinions on YOR? Go on spill the beans !!Take care
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