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    New Video - All You Need Is Me

    It's such a funny video. Morrissey looks fruity, his face keeps being filmed from the same angle. It's all very awkward, very dada.
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    Little kids love Morrissey

    aw, that's cute... And for some reason this particular song always makes me smile
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    What do you guys know about this picture?

    I'm still curious to know who took those. They're quite clearly obsessed with his nose.
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    Happy Birthday Moz

    Happy birthday love!
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    Sexiest Vegetarian 2008

    Re: Vote Morrissey Voted for Princess Superstar, there's something cool about her - but i don't find any of those women sexy :o
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    morrissey frink thread!

    that was profound ;):D
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    Blonde or Brunette

    Just make sure you don't go for caramel colors :) if you dye it blonde dye it real blonde.
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    Metaphorically speaking...

    ^^^ yeah it's the first time I see her looking that good
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    Mozzer's Left Eyebrow- your box is full

    ^^^ that was funny but pretty gross :sick:
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    QUIZ: Are you an online jackass?

    Re: QUIZ: Are you an online jackass?? somebody shoot me please
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    Federal charges in MySpace suicide case

    ^^^ old people, on the other hand, love to be told that
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    If Morrissey was an animal, which animal would he be?

    :) but isnt he in the snow on the photo? i think he only looks like a meerkat when quiffless by the way
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    morrissey frink thread!

    eheh, now everyone will know how twisted my mind is :)
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